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My sister had a property on Des Voignes Road in Denison, Tx. It was recently sold. I had visited her for years, and had even lived there twice. Nothing "unexplained" ever happened until my second time living there. This time, my wife and I lived in a thirty foot camper, under a metal rv cover, beside the guest house, out behind the main house. I don't know what changed, but for that year and a half of living on her property, I had many "unexplained" experiences happen.

One of my experiences lasted around one and a half to two hours. It was around 1:00 p.m., in August of 2020, 104 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. I was in the rear of the camper which was the bedroom. All of a sudden, I heard voices of what sounded like about seven or eight people coming from the other side of the guest house from where my camper sat, and the voices came around the rear of the guest house and up to my rear camper door talking the entire time, all of them at once, but not understanding one word they were saying. As soon as the voices reached the back door, all of the voices stopped. The rear door doorknob sounded as if it turned, but didn't ever release. The doorknob never physically moved. I was looking right at it the whole time. The door never opened. All of a sudden, the voices started talking again, all at once. Instead of just going directly through the small piece of privacy fence which was blocking a physical person from going from the front door to the rear door on that same side of the camper, the voices, talking continuously, as they went quickly around the camper to the front door, same side of the camper they were just at, all of the voices stopped talking all at once. The sound of the front door doorknob began "jiggling" vigorously immediately back and forth, but never physically moved. I was looking right at the doorknob the whole time. The door never opened.

As I was going from the rear to the front of the camper following the voices, I grabbed my Glock 9mm. Immediately after the vigorous back and forth "jiggling" noise of the front door doorknob stopped, which lasted a few seconds, I opened the camper door, Glock in hand, and no one was physically there. I ran outside circling the entire property. No one was there. I went back inside the camper and started going over in my head what all had just happened!

I sat there around fifteen minutes and then I heard something outside towards the front of the camper. I went outside and found myself standing in the opening of the yard. All of a sudden, I felt like I was the only physical person on earth. The wind picked up immediately, then stopped and came to a dead quiet just as quickly as it had began. Being close to town, just outside city limits, you could still hear train horns and police and fire sirens from there. During sirens, day or night, you'd only ever hear about two dogs within hearing distance howling. Suddenly in one direction, directly in front of me, it sounded like fifteen to twenty dogs started barking all at once, and kept barking continuously. Within what seemed like about thirty seconds, the sounds of fifteen to twenty dogs started barking directly behind me with the barking still continuous in front of me also.

In what seemed to be around thirty seconds, barking of fifteen to twenty dogs started barking directly to my left. Now what sounded to be around 45 to 60 dogs were barking continuously from 3 even directions around me. In what felt like around thirty seconds again, now the sounds of another fifteen to twenty dogs started barking from directly to my right. Now, what sounded like 60 to 80 dogs barking continuously from four totally even directions around me was happening. From the other three directions, the barking never stopped from the beginning of all of this experience. As soon as the barking started in the fourth direction, all of the barking stopped after what seemed to be just a few seconds. During all of this activity, it seemed that I was the only physical person on earth, and felt like time stood still.

My sister had been home so I went directly into the main house to tell her all of what had just happened! I had to stop at the restroom first. It was on the opposite side of the main house from where all of the activities had just happened. The restroom had a window with a pink curtain. You could see silhouettes through the curtain but not full detail. All of a sudden, I heard sounds of feet running, coming around the house from where all the activities had just happened, coming towards the bathroom window. The voice loudly said, " He's inside" as it sounded like it was running around the main house towards the restroom window. No one ever passed the window. Within less than one minute, I looked through the curtain, not opening it, saw a light, brighter than daylight, dancing with a wavy, back and forth motion. Remember, it's mid day and not a cloud in the sky, and 104 degrees. The light began next door from the other side of their property at their driveway. Dancing across that property, getting bigger as it danced in it's motion as it got closer. It started out about softball size, and when it got to the edge of my sister's property fence line, which is where it stopped, it was about basketball size. I immediately leaned to the side of the window. In a few seconds, I leaned back in front of the window. The light, bright as the sun, was gone.

I opened the pink kind of see-through curtain. I looked over to the other side of the next door property, at their driveway to where the light began. Right exactly where the light had began, stood what they portray aliens on TV to look like. It was around 6 to 7 feet tall, skinny, long neck, and medium tan in color. It was a solid, even, color. Only the outline shape and color inside. No detail features such as ears, eyes, or nose. As soon as I saw it, not scared, but "dumbly" letting the curtain go instead of watching it. I leaned over away from in front of the window. Within just a couple of seconds, I moved the curtain and looked out and it was gone.

I went to the front of the house to tell my sister, who was sitting in the living room, what all had just happened. My niece had just moved out of my sister's house. She had two tall windows in her room, and had left a dresser in between the two windows and a mattress on the floor under one of the windows when she moved. The door to her old bedroom was in the living room next to where my sisters recliner sat. I started telling my sister about the activities. All of a sudden, I hear voices coming from my niece's old room. Then the voices stopped. I went into the bedroom which my niece had just moved out of, only a couple of feet. Then I heard a loud voice start talking outside, not understanding a single word it said.

There was a dresser against the wall in between the two windows. I laid down on the mattress, under the window, ear to the wall. Also, it was a brick house. The windows being high windows. All of a sudden, I hear a loud voice down by my ear nearly at floor level, coming from outside. It sounded as if someone was shouting something to someone next door. Of course loudly, but not understanding a single word. I couldn't see the other window due to the dresser in between the two windows. I'm on the floor sitting on the old mattress. At the other window I can't see, starts the sound of like an old house window, with the window being almost painted shut. Like you'd have to raise the window but it wouldn't raise all of the way due to the build up of paint so you'd put the window down, then raising it a little harder each time until it raises all the way. It did the up and down sound four times. At this time, being very tall windows, even though all of the unexplained activities had been happening back to back around an hour now, I'm thinking this time it really sounds like something physical happening. So after the sound of the window going up and down for four times now, I'm thinking someone has to be on a step stool outside due to the tall windows. So I'm thinking they're about to get the window open and possibly fall into the house on their head. So I get up off the mattress, which is on the floor and I look around the dresser to see if they have a weapon in hand. Basically to see if I need to run or fight! I look around the dresser, straight at the window. No one there, but the sound of the window going up and down a fifth time happened while I was staring at it. Then the sound of that stopped. The window never physically moved. I was approximately 2 to 3 feet from it max when the fifth time it sounded like the window went up and down happened.

That was all that happened that day that was unexplainable. There is more about the sound of the window going up and down five times. It will actually tie to some of my other unexplained experiences I had during the last year and a half of living on my sister's property. The window sound of "up and down" five times has to do with some of my other unexplained experiences happening by/in 5's.

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lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-14)

My sister doesn't think she had abilities spirit wise. My niece and I experienced most things there. My brother in law never experienced anything there he said.

And my sister felt touching same time as my niece once and saw an old lady in the kitchen.

Word is my niece did a Ouija board years ago. She said she's seen 2 demons inside the main house and one outside. I never saw that when I was living there.

I was wondering about the dogs barking in 4 even directions.

I haven't read on it, but I've heard that Indians would pray or whatever to the north, south, east, and west.

That's all I could try to relate that to. But I heard one foreign language person, sounded maybe from England, and all of the rest of the voices were American.

Wow, I didn't know the drought exposed graves! I don't read up on this stuff, I just tell what I've experienced. It's crazy though... When something like this happens, in a little bit, you realize it's not physically happening and then, even if back to back experiences, the next experience still gets the benefit of the doubt that it's real, but, lo and's not physically happening again! What a trip!
CantunSEEit74 (4 stories) (62 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-14)
Did your sister have any abilities. Some people have a line of spirits waiting to be heard. When Lake Texoma was filled many cemeteries were not relocated and were flooded over. There are some pictures from the 2011 drought from the Oklahoma side showing grave markers from the 1880s still standing in a flooded cemetery. It looks like property is around 20 miles from lake, did Iron Ore creek go through her property. Very interesting but also kind of disturbing encounters there with a group moving around. Also, Choctaw and Chickasaw and others were roaming this land before being forced onto reservations. Between the lake dead and Native dead who knows what's moving on that property. There sure is a lot working cemeteries on your side of the lake. Take Care
lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-14)
One last thing! I promise (fir tonightanyways! Lol!). There will be three experiences of mine on the five's issue. One's already posted. One's still waiting to be published.

(I sent it in yesterday morning around6:15 am), and the third experience of the "five's" issue will probably be written tomorrow and sent in. That second experience is taking them longer to approve than the first one.

lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-14)
To everyone,
I do have another experience still waiting to be published. It was one of my experiences that happened in five's. It happened in town at my dad's house. Something followed my from my sister's I think.
lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-13)
I really appreciate you taking the time to read about my experiences that mid day. I've had very few other unexplained experiences ever happen in the daytime. Thank you and you take care too!
lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-13)
I apologize for taking your comments wrong. I'm new to this site.

Also, for everyone... I have three more experiences that happened in five's at my sister's (used to be her property). I have many other ones. Just nothing else in five's. It repeated itself 3 different nights. It was like a recording. Sound by sound. I'll probably post that tomorrow.

I've been putting up fence today out here at my place on the lake. I'm old! Lol! Well,57. Anyways, going to shower and go to bed early. Thx for everyone's input and questions. I really appreciate it!
lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-13)
My sister and brother in law sold the house about 3 years ago. Someone bought it to "flip it". She told me she has heard footsteps and seen an old lady in the kitchen before. And my sister told me my niece was being touched a lot and my niece was around 16 years old at the time, very immature.

She sister said my niece was being touched a lot and she said my niece would go sit in her lap and my sister said she would start getting touched also with her in her lap. I was touched only one time, outside one night, during my living there.

It felt like a finger tip and it was on the side of my upper left arm like where you'd get a shot at the doctor. Firm pressure but not hard. Only lasted enough to push, then quit. Nothing else happened that night. Oh, my brother in law never experienced anything so he said.
Rajine (14 stories) (798 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-13)
Seems like there's a lot of ghostly activities going on there, perhaps the history of the place would help in understanding why it's so haunted, and by the experiences you has, it sounds like there's more than one ghost there.
Kindly_refrain (16 stories) (196 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-12)
Sorry lwgrn4real66, I did not all intend on casting any negativity or doubt on your account.

I said that it veered into new territory, and it did, but I meant it in a positive way only. I truly enjoy reading most stories on this site but yours stood out with some new types of experiences such as the chorus of dogs, the multitude of voices outside, etc... And all in the daytime. Stories like yours really keep my interest.

With few exceptions I take these accounts at face value. The whole field has already "veered" from the "norm" so who am I to cast my doubts on these experiences. Besides all that, I have had my own occurrences that defy the status quo.

You lived it and were kind enough to share it and I thank you for it.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (138 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-12)
lwgrn4real66: This is a truly fascinating account. Apparently, your sister has just grown accustomed to it, I guess. I, certainly, wouldn't be.
Has she ever offered ANY explanation at all to you for what could be happening there, or why it could be happening? I look forward to any additional posts you submit to this site. Incredible read!

Take Care! 😊 😊
lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-12)
Her reaction at the time? Nothing! She's lazy.

She didn't get up out of the recliner to go to the room where I went into to experience that part. Not everyone present sees the activity. So they say.

I don't know any facts about who, what, or why about these kind of experiences. I just know EXACTLY what I've experienced. I do apologize for the last comment.
lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-12)
My sister's reaction? She knows her house is haunted. She told me she's seen and experienced things there before. An don't try to "Shrink" what I experienced. And veering to new territory rapidly? Guess you're just a skeptical. Who knows why these things make or don't make sense. But, Rhanks gor your input! Follow my other experiences I've had. All I know is what happened to me. I don't go off anyone else's experiences. Please let me know where you saw the experiences you're insinuating I copied. Thank You!
Kindly_refrain (16 stories) (196 posts)
2 months ago (2024-04-12)
Many of the accounts on this site have similar themes to each other. Yours certainly has a few of those elements but then veers to new territory rapidly.

Wow! Very strange.

You say that your sister was present in her house at the time. You did not, however, mention her reaction. Was her experience the same as yours while in her house?

I am looking forward to your other accounts.

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