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II used to live in a female dorm at LBJ. At the time it was five of us girls inside the bay area. The girl in the fourth bed was just getting out the shower, (she takes her showers at night) and she was just in her closet. When she went to return her towel and shower items to her closet, her closet was already unlocked. She tried to pull it open but it was a heated force keeping it closed. Every time she tried to pull it open, the handle was a little heated and she couldn't open it.

A few weeks later, we heard walking upstairs. Now staff had already come and locked upstairs and lights were out. The treadmill started running and it lasted until the next morning. We all agreed to pay it no mind. Well my best friend Keynada and I are shower buddies at this point due to forces. The first shower in our bathroom didn't work. We went to the end showers. While bathing, the first shower came on and we were looking around thinking it was a joke. But all the other girls were in their bay area. And the shower didn't go off until 15 minutes after my friend and I got out. And then came the bumping in the walls.

It all went downhill when Sanquisha (a dorm mate) was lying in the bed and we all heard knocking on the boards behind our heads, and the pictures that was hanging up on our poster boards were all over the floor.

My boyfriend and I live on campus. It was Valentine's Day and he got me an array of gifts. I received a bouncy ball and a lot of things too. Well I left all my gifts in the drawer and locked it with a key and lock set. Nobody had the spare key but my boyfriend, and he wasn't allowed in the female dorms. Plus he was with me the whole time. When I returned to my dorm for dorm time, all the gifts were spread out on the bed. And the ball was at the end of the bay area near the door.

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hunnybunny201 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
It seems like your ghost just wants to hang out and be part of the group. Wouldn't your friends want to see what your boyfriend got you, so maybe the ghost is just trying to be your friend. 😉
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
Campuses and Military bases seem to be notoriously haunted. The last episode you described convinces me of it. But I would caution against letting fear catch hold of anyone. This spirit doesn't seem to be terrorizing anyone, just trying to be a part of the action. That's all. 😊


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