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The Singing Telo Woman


I was only 7 years old when ii started seeing things I didn't properly understand. I saw people who were floating around and had scary faces which gave me nightmares. I asked my great grandfather who they were. He told me that they were dead people and that I had a gift. I didn't really get it at first. The first couple of weeks I saw little kids and I would play with them. I use to have a little girl follow me everywhere. But she was mean and always bit me or scratched me. But that was just the first of what was waiting for me.

It was my last 3 days at Samoa and I was slowly packing my stuff away into my luggage. I decided to stop and sing for some reason. I sang something I didn't even understand. Then I saw an old woman who started singing the same song. She crawled from under my bed and as she sang louder, her face grew longer and creepier. I tried to stop singing but couldn't. I started crying when my grandfather heard me; he ran into the room and got me. The same thing happened the last 2 days after. My grandfather told me if I didn't stop singing with the lady in could've died or even worse because that woman use to sing that song and people got sick of it so they told her to shut up. So she took revenge on everyone especially young kids. I was scared. That was my last time at Samoa.

But still this day I see her and the song still plays in my mind whenever I think of Samoa. I can see other dead or scary things but never speak of them or else people might think I'm crazy...

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laniwilliams_ (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-18)
wow, this story really moved me, thank you for posting it ❤, I guess thing like that really do happen ay annie
tsukihime (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-14)
well... I too am sensitive to spiritual things... And I really annoyed of the dead souls scream and plea... -___-** and hope that they will leave me alone... -___-** well so far... Since I learned martial arts since Junior high I learn how to develop chi as well... And I think you should too... Because believe it or not... That's how I defend my self from the annoying dead souls... I use chi like a shield suround me and if I really pissed off... Sometimes I just attack one of them who really makes me annoyed to the point of anger... >.>;; yeah... I know I am a bad person... U__u

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