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The Singing Lady And Unlocking Doors


I really need your help on this, so please bear with me if I'm not as good as other writers in describing what happened. This happened 2 or 3 months ago.

I was on my laptop, reading stories on here when all of a sudden I felt like I needed to use the bathroom. I closed the site and went to the bathroom; half way through my business I heard singing. Not singing, more like humming. The type of humming that a lady will do when she's sewing. I wasn't scared; I just sat there fascinated by how beautiful the sound was. After a few minutes it stopped. I went out of the bathroom and ever since then everything has been quiet until now.

It was my sister's birthday and she was going to the mall with her friends so it was only me and the housekeeper. I was sitting on the laptop on the dining table and next to me was the sofa the housekeeper was sitting on. After 15 minutes, she asked me if I heard anything, I told her no. She told me that she heard the door unlock (it was locked, I'm 100&% sure I locked it myself!) and that when she looked the door was open! I told her that there's probably something wrong with the lock. Half an hour later, I went to my room to watch TV. While I was watching TV, the door slammed shut by itself. This was the same door that I mentioned in my previous story.

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lonestar2680 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-14)
I live in an apartment building in which we have shared walls. Was in the toilet one night and heard noises of a baby crying only to realize it was coming through the AC ducts from the adjoining apartment (The building is centrally air conditioned). They had a newborn in the house so that was explained, but was a bit scary until common sense prevailed. Sometimes, my doors slam shut if our air-tight windows are even the slightest bit open. Would you be living in a similar setup?
ghost_hunter101 (1 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-13)
I agree with ClaudiaLove because most ghosts do things multiple times if they want attention. They probably want to be known because I for sure wouldn't have much social time if I had been dead and couldn't talk to anyone for all eternity. Try to ignore it, but now that I think about it, you probably shouldn't. Just tell her or "it" to leave you alone because it isn't funny or it is freaking you out. If you talk to her and let her know you know she is there, she might feel less eager to get your attention.
ClaudiaLove (1 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-04)
From my personal experience I have learned that spirits just want attention. I doubt she is trying to harm you or scare you. If she wanted to, she would have definitely gathered enough energy to do so by now. She just wants attention, she's probably just having fun messing with you. I think she just wants to make you smile. If the humming is annoying you or she does something else to make you feek uncomfortable, kindly ask her to stop, out loud. It always works for me.
One particular night my bed kept shaking and vibrating and I kept hearing strange noises. I was extremely tired and wanted to go to bed so I just said "Could you please stop making all this noise? I'm trying to sleep and I would appreciate it if you held off with all of this until tomorrow." and it stopped.

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