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My son is now eleven years old. He has never slept through the night unless he was sick. Not once. Not as an infant, not as a toddler, and now not as a young adolescent. He often has behavior problems in school, because he lacks focus and is prone to daydreaming and being cranky. He refuses to sleep in even a semi-dark room.

He has told me that the "Shadow Men" keep him awake. I tried not to be dismissive when he told me. I tried to assure him that he was in charge and should tell them to be quiet and go play someplace else. Shortly after this I gave him a flashlight to keep with him in bed and told him to shine that light right at them if they wouldn't go away when he told them to. Almost immediately after that he went through a phase of "night terrors". His nightmares were so frightful he was wetting the bed. He would insist that I lay in his bed with him until he fell asleep, most nights.

Now, as he is approaching his teenage years, things seem to be getting better. He still won't sleep in a dark room and has a lot of trouble falling asleep in what would be considered a normal amount of time. It's typical for it to take two or more hours for him to fall asleep. (Yes, I've monitored his sugar intake, adjusted his diet, even tried macrobiotic to cut out all chemicals and sugars!) Something is keeping him awake at night.

I am inclined to believe that the shadow people are to blame. I had similar experiences as a child. In fact, from time to time, I still sleep with the lights on. I need to learn to tune this out and I need to teach my son. Bad energy has got to go!

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lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-21)
Your son's experience with fear of the dark so reminds me of myself. I have struggled with this fear my whole life, but have only had one shadow people encounter that I recall, which is the subject of a post on this site. He is only 11, so hopefully this problem will fade (although it hasn't for me, and I'm 40). If not, perhaps some kind of bio-feedback or other therapy for phobias. I don't think these shadows can actually hurt people, so maybe try to reassure him that while you do believe him, whatever it is can't hurt him.
Puppeteer13 (131 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-25)
OH I like what I'm hearing from oters here but I must ask you to change your tactics just a bit. I fully recomend the smudgeing cerrimony but I also recomend camomile tea to help him sleep as to the spooks them selfs try laying down a line of salt around his bed for night terrors I recomend one more out of the native american tactis that being a dream catcher as odd as it sounds it actauly works please keep me informed I would be glad to help in any way I can

Your freind

- The Puppeteer
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-14)
Nichelle, I have an article on this site about how to perform a Native American Smudge ceremony. I would suggest you give this a try along with your son wearing of a cleansed charged clear quartz crystal. To cleanse the crystal you can smudge it or run it in a clear stream or river and then place in the sun to charge. It should be placed in the sun everyday to recharge and remove any and all negative energies even on overcast days it will recharge. If I can be of further assistance please feel free to ask.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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