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House Making It Hard To Remain A Skeptic - Part 2


This is the second part of my story. If you have not read the first it can be found at

I'm not sure how many parts there will be in total. At least one beyond this one, breaking them up for ease of reading and to make sure I give each occurrence a detailed description without felling like I'm droning on. That being said, part two: "Bumps in the Night"

I have experienced a condition known as sleep paralysis once in my life prior to moving to this house. I was living with my then girlfriend in an apartment in Baltimore. I had seen documentaries on the phenomenon and when it happened I knew what it was, but it made the experience no less terrifying. I woke up in the middle of the night unable to move or speak and kept hearing noises and seeing flashes of light coming from our living room down the hall from the bedroom. At first I thought someone had broken into the apartment but once my mind cleared and I remastered my motor skills I realized I had just experienced sleep paralysis. I mention that story to explain that I do know about this condition and its effects on my perception.

So, one morning about a year ago I wake up as I usually do, slowly, groggy. My fiance is already up getting ready for work. Suddenly, I am ripped off the bed, onto the ceiling and dragged into the corner of the room. I felt the sensation of suddenly being lifted, the disembodied hands on my body, quite vividly. Then, I woke up... I figured it was just a late REM cycle dream. I've had those before, brain trying to cram that last minute dream in. So, I start to slowly get back to waking up, when again I am ripped from the bed into a corner of the room, then wake up again. This happened maybe three or four times. The final time I woke up I could barely move or speak. I managed to flop myself up to my knees and elbows and clung to the sheets for dear life. Finally, I was able to make noise, not words, just noise, at least enough so my fiance stopped prepping for work and come see what was wrong. According to her, the only time I changed positions was when I rolled over and clung to the bed. I was lying perfectly still every time she passed me, which in itself struck her as odd. I am a violent sleeper especially after just falling asleep and as I'm waking up. I change positions about once a minute I'm told. She had been up for about a half hour and checked on me every few minutes, I hadn't changed positions once in that time. When it happened I figured it was just sleep paralysis, but the more things happen in this house the more I think this was not a normal dream.

Another occurrence that has to do with me sleeping happened maybe six months ago. My fiance and I are asleep upstairs, my friend, the one from the computer story, is asleep downstairs on the couch. I am awoken in the middle of the night by loud banging on the side of our house. I am an extremely heavy sleeper so for a noise to wake me it has to be loud. At first I'm not even sure I actually heard anything, thinking maybe I had dreamed it. Then I heard a sound similar to a dog running across a wood floor, only we don't own a dog, and it sounded like it was running on the side of our house. For about 30 seconds this went on, then silence. My fiance did not wake up, she is a light sleeper, so I thought I had imagined the whole thing. A dream hanging over into me being awake? I could easily get a second opinion. So I make my way downstairs and see my friend sitting up on the couch looking around.

Me: Blonde, you hear something?

Him: Banging right?

Me: Then a dog running on the side of the house?

Him: Yeah...

Me: Want to come check outside with me?

Him: Nope.

So I went alone to see if something was indeed on the side of the house, which there was not. Don't really know what I expected to find, or what I would have done had there been some giant beast clung to the plastic siding. Nothing else happened that night. We all just went to bed. My fiance, who is convinced there is nothing wrong with this house, said she heard nothing and didn't believe that we did either.

Nothing further has happened while sleeping, but there are more stores from this house including a third witness (in case it was not obvious I change the names I use.) Once this gets posted I will work on getting the next story up. As always comments and questions are welcome, I will respond as quickly as I can.

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