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Our House Might Be Hounted


In the following story I will share some of my experiences. Some 10 years ago my family bought a big unfinished house in a small village beside a lake. That summer we finished the house and in the spring we moved into the house. The village was maybe 20 minutes drive away from the city we used to live before and without any friends it was really hard for me to move into an unknown area, luckily I was finishing my studies at the University in the city where we used to live and my girlfriend was also there so I spent a lot of time near my old home.

Driving home to the village at night was always uncomfortable and strange. In the following years on that road passing through the village there were several fatal car accidents that happened on a weird occasion. And here starts my story, in the evening I drove to my girlfriend to the city, I heard in the radio that on the way was a fatal car accident where a young guy died. I felt sorry for him while passing the site and thinking how that happened because it didn't look that bad.

Well later that night I was driving back home the same road and at the site of the accident I saw a young guy standing. I thought it must be a relative or a close friend showing his respect. Few days later I was reading the newspaper and on the page of the obituaries I saw that guy's picture and a note from the parents that he tragically died in a car accident. That moment I suddenly froze... As an engineer I didn't believe in ghosts and paranormal but that made me think. Time passed and everything was normal again.

Then my parents decided that they wanted to change the architecture of the house and started a rebuilding project of the house and strange things started to happen. Our dog never barked at night before but now it was quite common. During the night she even came to the second floor scratching the doors of my room to let her in. Me and my sister started hearing something like moving chairs in the kitchen but when going down stairs everything was quiet. I heard a loud scream coming from the basement, cold breezes in the room and similar things.

One day my dad asked me to do something in the basement and not to forget to close the lights. Ok I double checked and all the lights were off. After a few hours my dad called me if I intentionally didn't close the lights. I couldn't believe it and I started to think that our house is haunted. Nobody believed me at home until my sister and my mum were alone at home making dinner in the kitchen and suddenly a coin fell to the ground in front of them. After that there was always something going on, like things disappearing and later reappearing on common places and things like that.

In 2011 my girlfriend came to me when my family was on holidays and told me that she was pregnant. We were sort of celebrating and making dinner when I heard footsteps in front of our house. Someone grabbed the handle of our entrance doors, I opened the door but nobody was there but the handle was still turned down. I closed the door and calmed my girlfriend, she was upset and telling me that she always feels uncomfortable at our house.

Later at night our dog came again to my room and my girlfriend said "your house is haunted" and I was like come on... Ok, I said if a ghost is in our house give us a sign, thinking nothing will happen. Man I was wrong. That second a loud bam came from the 1st floor. I and my dog ran downstairs looking what happened but I couldn't find what caused the bam. It sounded like a closet fell over. My girlfriend drove home that night and again my parents didn't believe us.

Later we got a little baby boy and I moved from the house to my girlfriend's place. Last summer my parents asked me to watch over the house while them being on holidays. My girlfriend didn't want to so I was alone there again. After 2 days my grandmother joined me and during the night I heard a conversation. Thinking it's a TV, I checked the guest room where my grandmother was but she was sleeping. I checked the house and the garden but nothing. Next morning we talked about that and she said she heard it too but thought that I had a conversation over the telephone and I thought it was the TV in her room. Next night same thing, funny you couldn't understand the conversation or determine where it was coming from. The house is indeed big with 3 floors but we were alone at that time.

Now I started renewing some rooms in the second floor this year so that we could stay over the weekends with my son sometimes. When I take my son that is almost 1 year old to my old room he starts to shiver and is looking around the room with excitement becoming almost hyperactive, if I take him out he starts to look back to the room like observing something. Last Sunday he was again with me in my old room shivering in front of a clock and observing it. I took him out and when I returned alone the clock wasn't working anymore. Funny there must be something my parents house but strange thing is nobody ever lived there before us.

Let me know what you think. Thanks

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nanahaha032 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-29)
It a good story this is a probability but someone might have died in those area that you live in. For example someone might have died in a lake a very long time ago. The guy that died might just be a warning to scare you. 😐
Tayfix (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-27)

Thanks for the comments. Well the thing is, the houses in the village are max. 30 - 40 years old. Before that there were only fields here. I spoke to a few neighbours if they know something about the land here and they don't much. Might be something that happened a long time ago on this property. Well my parents are not into something like cleansing, especialy my dad doesn't want to hear anything spoken about the house being haunted. I asked my mum and sister if anything strange happened while me not being there and mother said one day she was prepairing something for her work and she heard the bathroom doors slaming, she went there and closed the door. Went back to the computer and the same thing happened, barhroom doors were slaming again. This repeated four times. Then she had enough and left the doors, not closing them anymore. I will be doing some research when I'll be staying there over the weekend. I guess this will be arround next month.

sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-27)
Hi Tayfix, quite a few experiences you have had. First the guy on the road, then the encounters in your house. You have to do some research like asking the villagers, about the land on which the house is built as rockangel suggested. That could lead to some clues to identify the problem. But what about your parents. Did or do they have experienced such encounters? Why don't you try cleansing method. Well you have to do it continuously for a while. You can ask your parents to do so, that would be more appropriate. But I will tell you, villagers have a great sense of nose for paranormal activities. If your house was built on a land where there were certain activities, then they might know about it. Try to find out and if possible, post it in the site, so that some more suggestions could be given. But, until such time, there is nothing wrong in trying cleansing method by your parents and you.

Regards and respects to you.

rockangel13 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-01-26)
Wow, that was an excellent story. Maybe you could do some more research on the house. Perhaps the land on which the house is built or something like that... Check with the village people as well. Take care 😁


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