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I came across this site after we had moved out of our house. I just wanted to share the experiences that happened to me and my family. If you are curious about the house the street name is the title and from my descriptions of the house it should be easy to find it out on Google maps. Well I hope you enjoy.

It all started about three and a half years ago. My uncle's mother-in-law had passed away leaving her house that she had since the 60's to them. Long story short they wanted to sell the house because (we'll just name her Ronnie) Ronnie had taken a reverse mortgage on her home. They wanted it gone so that they can pay whatever dues were to the house. So they cleaned out the house and it just sat on the market for about six months after she had died.

One day (after seeing the apartment we had been living in) my uncle suggested to my mom that we should be living in country road just until it sold. He said he needed someone to watch the house because they were getting tired going back and forth checking up on the house. My mother told us and we all agreed and started packing.

We moved in the day after Thanksgiving, because the night before we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my uncles. As we were moving our boxes my mother told us that she just had the weirdest experience. She was sitting by the back glass door and she was unpacking a box. She glanced up and saw a girl standing there. She quickly glanced back down thinking it was me. She was about to say something to me when she looked up and realized it was gone.

My uncle laughed at her story saying that was nothing compared to his. He said that about a month before while he was checking the house, he had been looking around the kitchen when all of a sudden he heard Ronnie call his name from the back room. My uncle is a big guy. If you were to see him you would swear that he was in the mafia or something. But the truth is he has a heart of a teddy bear. He said the moment he heard his name he ran out of the house and just stood on the street for about 15 minutes before getting the courage and locking the door of the house. My little brother then came out of the house shocked that everyone was outside because he had seen a shadow figure in my parents' room.

Before I go on, let me tell you a little bit about the house so that it is easier to see in your mind. The house is located in the middle of Alhambra and San Gabriel right in the little hills. Right down our street was a park with a tiny observatory. It wasn't a gated community but there was a gate down the middle of the street. If looking from above we lived on the right of it, our little N-shaped house.

Within the first week my brother noticed something. They had put up bunk beds so the two boys had more room. My younger brother slept on top. There was a huge window on the wall opposite on the beds facing the neighbors on the other side of the gate. For some reason my brother did not like the window so he slept facing his wall. While he noticed that the design of the wall seemed to make a picture. The next morning he traced it with a pencil and called all of us to look at it. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it (and I'm regretting it). It showed two figures. One looked human-ish kneeling with his hands in front of him. He was begging to the ghost like figure which looked like it was scolding him.

Within that same week I had a nightmare. Like everyone, I have had nightmares before but I had never had one about my room. In my dream I was sleeping in bed when I could see this black shadow hand come from under my bed and try to yank me out of my bed. I woke up and bolted out of my room, heart racing and everything.

After a month or so we were back into our normal routine. We would hear something and ignore it. I had another dream of my room still same story but this time I had gotten out of its grasp and woke up. Then we noticed that money seemed to be slipping through our hands. I don't know who but someone had brought up Feng-Sui to my father.

If you don't believe in Feng-Sui, it's real. When you walk into our house from the front door you see an arch from the wooden sliding doors being opened. Beyond that is the glass back door. This is bad because in Feng-Sui it means that when you bring it money it goes straight out. Which we learned in the end was the major reason the house was not selling.

My father is a big skeptic. But as we lived there he kept saying that something bad was in the house. My parents even told me that while they were lying in bed they would hear someone in the kitchen. My mother thought it could have been Ronnie since she liked to cook.

We had a beautiful cat with us at the time. I remember one time I was getting ready for bed when all of a sudden he was watching someone move around my room. I felt very uncomfortable and went to my parents' room. I told them what happened and started crying because I was afraid of going back to my room. They told me I could spend the night with them.

I was afraid of my room. My parents would notice I would sleep flush to the wall with the blankets over my head. It was just all the dreams I would have about my room. Then one night I had a horrible experience. I had awakened around the morning time I believe to something on top of my body. I could not move or talk and all I could see was darkness. I could feel hands on my neck and something pressing my hands and my feet together. I tried to open my mouth to scream or make a noise and every time I tried the pressure would build up. Finally it released and I ran out of my room almost tripping. My parents were watching TV and asked what the matter was. I told them of my dream and started crying showing them I could feel the hands on my neck.

I kept experiencing the dreams and whatever that was in my room. I even had one while I was taking a nap in my parents' room. I started to become afraid to go to sleep. I really did not feel comfortable in the house we lived in. My cat had died around June a week or two after my birthday. A little before my birthday he had become sick and I was heartbroken. I had him since I was a baby so he is quite old. He had later died under my bed. So I was not going through a good time. A week after my cat died my father was sleeping in bed when all of a sudden he felt fur against his leg as it was coming up his body. He said he didn't panic because he believed that it was my cat since he liked to sleep in their bed.

Around the third or fourth time it happened when I would wake up and feel something on top of me I decided to do some research. I was completely surprised when I found out I was experiencing an amazing phenomenon called Sleep Paralysis. While I was reading some of this stories on the site a lot of them went through SP as well. For those who don't know what SP is, it's one your body awakens but it's a false awakening and you are paralyzed. You either feel something on top of your body or you hallucinate.

I was so happy when I find out what it was. I told my father about it and he said he experienced that too when he was a boy. He said it would scare him until one day while it was happening to him he became aware of it and he started to float out of his body. He said after that he never experienced it again.

After I had discovered what was bothering me for about a month I did not experience it and I thought whatever it was had left. Then one night I woke up (not even sure if it was SP or a dream or both) to find something gnawing on my right ankle. I could feel it moving my leg back and forth. I felt the teeth biting into my flesh. I woke up and ran out of my room crying. I believe that was the last time I experienced anything in my room.

I'm sorry if I can't recall dates or times that it happened I never thought that I would be writing it down. I remember one night I was going to say goodnight to my mom. I stood at the doorway to her bed seeing her in the covers from the light on the dining room. I crept in quietly so I would not wake her up and stood right near her. It was pretty dark in the room so I couldn't see her face I only saw the blankets move as she breathed. I said goodnight to her as she moved her feet or something like that. I then walked quietly out of the room. I said goodnight to my brothers who were watching TV while my father was passed out on the floor. As I turned into the hallway that led to my room I walked right into my mother. I was shocked because just a minute ago I said goodnight to her in the bed. The first thing I asked her was why she was there. She told me that she had gone to the other bathroom to brush her teeth. I told her that I had just been in the room saying goodnight to her. She said she hadn't been in her room at all because she was checking the laundry in the garage. Even to this day I still wonder who I was talking to that night.

My mother had a lot of things happen to her. I don't think she would ever tell us everything that happened to her, but she has told a few stories. I don't know if this took place after or before the above story. She had been lying in bed trying to go the sleep when all of a sudden she felt someone touching her body. She looked over to my father who was turned away from her passed out. I'm guessing she asked it to stop and it did. She would see things in the house when no one was home. I remember one time she took a shower and the water was taking a really long time to drain. She was thinking in her head that she wished it would stop during this because she was tired of the drains not working probably. All of a sudden she heard a gurgling noise and the water suddenly swirled around the drain and was gone. She was silent after that wondering who was in the bathroom with her.

The last story she had told, she had woken up in the middle of the night to use to restroom and used the other bathroom so she would not wake up my dad. She used it and as she was washing her hands, from the wall mirror opposite of the toilet she watched the little lever to flush the toilet move down by itself and flushed the toilet. She then said the whole walk back to the bedroom was painful because she felt someone behind her and she was praying to get to the bed okay.

A lot has happened in the bathrooms now that I think about it. My brother was brushing his teeth with the door open and he saw something from the reflection of the mirror walk by the outside of the bathroom (which is why my family always wondered why I liked to brush my teeth with the door closed). Another thing, we had running water (which is also really bad in Feng-Sui) in all the sinks. Above in the brother's room the ceiling on one part was collecting water and started to soak up and have little pieces fall to the ground. I think the scariest thing that happened in the bathroom was the master bathroom's door. I had always noticed that interesting pattern on the door but I never really thought about it until a few months before we moved out.

My parents were fighting and I used the restroom in their bathroom. As I sat there listening to them I turned towards the door and noticed how the two patterns showed almost two screaming faces. Combine that with my parents fighting it gave the experience an overall creepy sensation. When I was done I interrupted them and told them if they ever noticed the two screaming people in the bathroom. They were confused and asked me to show them, which I did and started crying. Thankfully I took a picture of this door and hopefully you will be able to see it. If not I will put a link in the comments below so that you may see it.

The longer we lived in the house the more the activity seemed to increase. During that time when I was experiencing my dreams and SP I would try to stay awake a long as possible so that when I would go to bed it would be like 2 or 3 in the morning. I really didn't mind staying up it was just when I had to go to my room that I did not like. I would always feel that someone was following behind me or waiting for me outside the bathroom door. Even when I did make it to my room I would close the door hoping nothing would come in.

My cousin would sleep over a lot with my brothers. He said that one night after they were playing their video games they went to sleep. It was only the cousin and my younger brother that slept out in the front room. One night while my cousin was sleeping he said he heard someone whisper his name. We told him the house was haunted, which he thought was cool, and kept staying over.

My father experienced only 3 things in the house. One time he was up late and he saw Ronnie run around the corner into the hallway that led to our rooms. She only looked like a blur to him. The second happened when we were moving out of the house. While my father was cooking one time he thought he saw someone in the backyard and he went outside to investigate. He looked everywhere but couldn't find anything. He swears he saw it.

The last thing that happened to my father was when we were moving out. I was at work so I was told this after he picked me up. My mother had gone to storage to put some boxes in there. While she was gone my father had wanted to go into the garage (what he did not know was that my mother took the keys and locked the garage) which he thought was open. He went to the front opening and tried the door, jiggled it and pushed in and out. It was locked. He then went to the back way to try that door as well. It was also locked. So he decided to look for something to help him open the lock. He was looking around the back yard when he found a piece of tape. He thought it might help him and walked back to the garage door. As he was rearing around the corner to my window he watched as the garage door swung open. He thought nothing of it thinking my brother had found the key and opened it from the other side. He rushed over to the door and peered inside the garage and called my brother. My brother answered and my father realized he was on the hill the whole time.

My youngest brother had three things happen to him as well. One which happened when we first moved in. Then the other two stories which I am going to tell. The same day the garage door opened for my dad, my brother experienced something that night. He was taking something out to the car and as he was out there he felt something following him. He heard someone walking behind me and he hurried back inside the house.

Before I tell you the next story let me give you some background. This story happened about four days before we moved out. Most of the furniture was already gone and my brother's room was cleared out except for a makeshift bed which he slept on since his mattress was packed away. My other brother was off on a school trip and wouldn't be back for a few days. So since he had this big space in his room I decided to put my blankets and pillows and clothes of bags to make some more room for me. I thought nothing of it. They had taken my bed as well so I was sleeping in the front room. The first night I left my stuff in my brother's room nothing happened. The seconded night was freaky for my brother.

It was a Saturday night (but I learned what happened on Sunday night and I refused to sleep in that house anymore). My parents had just taken their bed and put it in storage as well so all three of us were having a slumber party in the front room. We begged my brother to come join us but he said he rather sleep in his room. I'm still surprised that what happened to him didn't not make him come straight over to us. He said he was awoken around one in the morning to the house creaking. He thought nothing of it and tried to go back to bed.

All of a sudden he heard a light tapping at his window. The window that he never liked since we moved in. Suddenly he heard someone on the carpet. Like they were wearing slippers and shuffling their feet on the carpet. He heard this rustling noise coming from down the hallway almost as it was coming from my room. He knew that it is none of us because we were all fast asleep. It kept getting louder and closer as it walked toward his room. It was pitch black in his room and he was just looking at his wall. He heard it walk near his bed. He decided to see what it was and he took his flashlight and shone it in that direction. Suddenly whatever it was took off running in the direction of my stuff almost like it was hiding. My brother had enough of this and put on his headphones and listened to his music on full blast. He said that even though his music was still loud he could hear it walking around the room until he fell asleep.

After he told us that story my dad and my brother and I slept over my aunt's house. My mother and my brother slept over there. The next morning we moved and the only unusual thing that happened was one of the garage lights blew up. Thankfully no one was near it to get hurt. I am just glad that we are out of that house. Sorry for the long story, didn't mean it to be that long.

I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions you can put them in the comments.

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valkricry (47 stories) (3206 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-05-29)
Interesting pictures. I can totally see what you meant about the design in the wood looking like screaming figures. Thanks for sharing!
pmadison (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-29)
To logan: yes the house is sold, I heard that they were going to remodel it.
pmadison (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-29)
Sorry for not posting it sooner but here is the link to the pictures
Shady4u (2 stories) (188 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-28)
Hey there! Creepy story really. I believe there are more than 1 spirit in that house, one of which was Ronnie. I guess she was the one your mother experienced since the entity seemed helpful. I don't think what you experienced was sleep paralysis. Whatever was in there apart from Ronnie, did have harmful intentions. Your brother's experience was the creepy most, really brave of him. Good to know you and your family are at peace now. Don't forget to post the link of the picture taken. Be blessed.
mysterious_sunset (1 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-28)
Ok now I really enjoyed this story, good thing it was that long. I don't know if you meant it to be funny, but it was funny to read this. I had a laugh, like really your cousin knew the house was haunted and it was cool so he kept staying over? No disrespect here I see it was very scary I know I wouldn't be able to take it and stay over a place like that ever. Thanks for sharing it was awesome to read everything! Much love and take care ❤
blondiexisxmex (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-28)
i like how you made it possible for us to check our your old house on Google maps:3 made it more relatable, great story!
Nonnaihr (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-26)
Can we see the link to the pics? And your realy brave to have even stayed in that house after the first encounter. And one more thing have you ever thought about the patterns making pictures on the wall and the door, it might show what is happening at that very moment?
troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-26)
Very chilling tale, pmadison! This one is going to keep me up late into the night. Thanks very much for sharing this with us.
Mini (13 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-25)
Do remember to post the link of the pic of the screaming figures. Great story of the accounts that occurred.
logan (3 stories) (222 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-25)

That is a great account, thanks for putting it all together.

Your brother is really brave, he slept in the room even after he saw what he saw is amazing. Has the house been sold now?

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