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A Little Girl, On One Side Of A Main Road


This particular incident that I am going to narrate has happened with my maternal grandfather (Nanaji) in mid 1950s, when he was around 18-19 years old. He was born in a Nagpur city, of Maharashtra state. This is his one of many real life experience that he once narrated to all of we Grandchildrens, during our summer vacations in Nagpur...

One day my grandpa and 2-3 of his friends of same age of 18-19 had been to one of their friends' farms at the outskirts of Nagpur city. The farm had a house built for the family on one side of the farm from where other parts of the farms and main road connectivity were visible from the house, that day they all had planned to spend that night in farms. At night they all dined together, had long chats, discussions about their future plannings,careers,marriages etc and general miscellaneous discussions and arranged the wooden cots in a series at drawing hall itself, instead of going to sleep in separate rooms.

At around,3:00 am in the morning as per my grandpa, he woke up to drink water as he was feeling thirsty & apart from that it was also summer night and any group member from Nagpur might know that the heat during summer is almost intolerable as it may go around 40-45 in a temperature scale, so next he drank water and then he alone went out of the home to smoke his "BEEDI", (A type of desi cigarette). My grandpa had this unusual habit of smoking beedi at odd hours, and until his death in 2013 he sincerely followed this habit.

While smoking he walked upto the main road and as he continued to smoke he noticed a little girl of around 5-6 years old sitting on one side of a road. Since it was an early morning time and was quite dark for visibility, but from a handful of distance she was clearly visible. He found it quite unusual and went to her and asked her in a marathi language, "AE PORI, ITKYA RATRI EKTI ITHE KAI KARTE?,MAAI-BAAP KUTHE AHET TUJHE?, ITKYA RATRI YEVDHA LAHAN MULI LA JUNGELAT KASA KAI SODLA?, MURKHA KUTCHE". In english if translated it means,"HEY GIRL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE IN THE JUNGLE AT THIS ODD TIME? WHERE IS YOUR PARENTS? & HOW COME THEY LET YOU OUT ALONE?" to which she didn't replied.

Once again, raising his voice my grandpa asked her the same question. This time the little girl spoke and revealed something shocking about her,, that I am literally shivering while writing and was shivering back then when grandpa narrated this experience of his... So, the girl replied him in a marathi,"MAJHA NAAV XYZ AAHE, MAJHE AAI AABA MI AANI AAJI ITHUN GAADI NE PHIRAYLA CHALLO HOTO ANI AAMCHI GAADDI LA DUSRYA GAADDI NE THOS MAARLI, TYA THOS MADHE MI MELE"... If translated it means, "MY NAME IS XYZ, ME MY PARENTS AND MY GRANNY WERE PASSING BY THIS ROAD & OUR CAR WAS HIT BY ANOTHER SPEEDING CAR AND IN THAT ACCIDENT I DIED". My grandpa didn't believed in her and took her lightly thinking that the girl is a little child and might be joking...

To satisfy his doubts, my grandpa further asked her,"KUTHE RAHTE TU? MALA TUJHA PATA SAANG, MI TULA NEHUN SODTO TUJHYA AAI-AABA KADE". In english it means,"WHERE DO YOU LIVE DEAR?, PLEASE TELL ME YOUR ADDRESS, I WILL DROP YOU TO YOUR HOME". As he asked so she after some silence replied that she lived in a xyz area of a Nagpur city and after done replying she got up from the spot where she was sitting and began walking away from my grandpa.

As she began walking, my grandpa too began following her thinking maybe the little girl wants him to take her home, after walking few distance, suddenly my grandpas friends came running searching for him shouting,"HARISH,HARISH WHERE ARE YOU GOING HARISH?" Let me tell all that Harish is my grandpa's name that I forgot to mention. My grandpa got distracted by sudden shouting from his friends and turned back to reply them that,"he is taking this little girl to her parents in a city".

When all the friends finally reached next to him, they all asked," where's the girl? & "which girl he is talking about?" To answer them he turned back to show the girl, but found the girl was nowhere as if she vanished from there, but he kept calm and searched for her nearby but in vain, she was untraceable there. Now this time my grandpa was little shocked but he didn't further reveal anything and excused himself by saying that he was just walking by roadside and went back home to sleep.

As the night passed, he didn't really sleep but kept wondering about the little girl and where did she vanished within a blink of an eye. Next morning he left the house without his friends excusing himself, by saying that he has some important job at home to complete. He came back to his own home and at home also he didn't tell anything to his parents,i.e (my maternal great grandparents). He sat home for a while, had breakfast, got refreshed and then took out his bicycle and set out to search for the family and the address of the little girl had mentioned. But that day he didn't find the address. For next 2-3 days he searched for the address while coming back from his duty. But all went in vain.

Finally after searching the address and the girl's family for days, he found it and finally he was standing on their home's door, there he met the parents of the little girl, and enquired about her and asked whether the little girl has returned home or not?

At first the family was little confused about how come this unknown young man know about his daughter? To which my grandpa narrated the whole incidence he experienced that night. Now at this moment the girl's parents finally revealed the truth to him that, indeed a few months ago they were passing by the road and suffered an accident by another speeding car and got crashed on the spot where my grandpa sighted the girl sitting on one side of the road, and in this accident the parents and granny survived while the little daughter of theirs died leaving them heartbroken and she was only 6 and a half year old...

Revealing this the family emotionally broke down, my grandpa to felt bad and pity for the little girl, he comforted them, sat there for a while with them, prayed for the peace of girl's soul. On his behalf he paid a homage to her, shared his address with the family and assured them that he will try visiting them once in a while, as the family felt an emotional connection with him as he witnessed the sighting of their daughter's soul and he also asked the girls family to visit his home to meet his parents. Bidding a final adieu he left and returned back to his normal routine life and after that he never witnessed anything unusual and he didn't even paid his visit to his friends farm again after this incidence.

So,friends this is it,, hope you all like it and I heartily apologize if I went too long.

Thank you... _/\_

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robo (15 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-05)
only words I understand is ratri means night I n tamil good read
saamri (1 stories) (11 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-02)
Hello sam,
b'coz when grandpa narrated us his experience, he didn't reveal us the identity of the little girl, he shared his experienced exactly the same way I wrote down the story... So I introduced her to you all as 'xyz', even the address grandpa didn't revealed before us... The only detail, I know about this story is the city where this incident happened 😊
SAMthedude (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-21)
Ok thanks LG... And sorry for my silly question 😒. I am really naive.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-21)
SAMthedude - it doesn't mean that the girl's name was XYZ, the O/P used these letters to protect the family's identity.

I'm sure you have seen the letters X, Y and Z in mathematics class, meaning that it can be any number, right? It's the same in this case, it could be any name. 😊
SAMthedude (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-21)
Hi saamri,

Your grandpa was very kind to help that little lost soul. I pray that girl and your grandpa spirit to RIP.

But something seemed a little odd to me, if it's ok to ask then I can't get it why she said that her name is xyz. I mean she gave your grandpa the adress to her home, but why she kept her name secretπŸ˜‚. Or is it her real name, did your grandpa ever asked about it?...

I am just curious πŸ˜‹. By the way, I liked your style of writing it's simple and justifiable.

Keep this up bro. I really enjoyed this.
Looking forward to your next post.❀
saamri (1 stories) (11 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-27)
Hii rajine,
Yes, just wish both r at peace... Grandfather passed away peacefully in year 2013 of month march (summer)
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-16)
Such a touching story I hope that little girl and your grandad is at peace.
saamri (1 stories) (11 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-13)
Hello all, glad that you all liked the story... I m really honoured to have your opinion on this experience... 😊
Serenflipppity (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-11)
Hi Saamri,

Your Grandfather did what a friend of mine calls an Act of random kindness - Ark, like with Noah in the bible. (Please readers, don't start a religious debate over this comment, as I merely mentioned the bible to explain my friend's thinking. Thank you)

My nephew has a favourite saying: "If each one helps another, there will be less pain and suffering in this world.". Your Grandfather has without a doubt done both, and more.

Thank you for sharing.
BeautInside (3 stories) (326 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-11)
Hi Saamri,

I must agree with lady-glow. I've also noticed that in many stories from India the contributors run for their lives when experiencing what seems to be a supernatural encounter.

So your granfather's attittude is indeed surprising. I can tell he must have been a very kind person by trying to help the little girl. He didn't think twice about the strangeness of the situation, I could bet most of the individuals would start running for their lives after hearing the little angel saying she died at the spot... 😊

Thank you for sharing your experience, trully enjoyed reading it!

God bless. ❀
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-10)
saamri - this is a very interesting experience. So sad that the poor girl had such an untimely and tragic end to her life.
Perhaps she didn't know how to get home and was stuck looking for her family at the last place where she remembered seeing them.

I find your Nanaji's actions a bit surprising, since it seems that it is common in stories from Indian contributors to run away when they encounter a person in the middle of the night, but your Grandfather didn't hesitate on helping the little stranger.
Perhaps someone paying attention to her was the only thing she needed to finally cross over.

I really enjoyed reading your story; thanks for sharing. ❀

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