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Paralysis Sleep And The Voices From My Head


This is the first time when I publish my story on an website, please excuse my English, I don't know it very well. The reason why I am actually do this is because I am looking for some answers.

How to begin... So it all started when I was eleven. It was morning and suddenly I felt trap in my body. Is difficult to describe this feeling or should I called experience. But I couldn't open my eyes and my body was paralyze and in the same time I was awake. I could hear everything was happening near to me, like a coma or something and I started to hear voices, demonic voices inside my head and it felt so real. I started to panic and in the same time I was trying to get out from that state and from that day it happened to me constantly. But I am 24 now and sometimes it steel happens to me.

When I was young this thing happened pretty often but now is happening once a year or twice a year. I told some people about this and they just told me to go to a psychiatrist or they told me to go to church.

I could tell you a lot of stories of what I heard or what I felt. I with start with one of the story that I experienced. I was sleeping next to my boyfriend once and suddenly I started to hear him talking and he just couldn't stop talking. I was wondering in my mind, "What the..." I just close my eyes and he was sleeping and now he's talking alone?" It just didn't make sense but in the same time I was in that state blocked in my body but I couldn't realize is happening to me again. In the next second I just realize that is not him who is talking and in that moment I heard a big scream in my ear. I could feel the energy. I wake up immediately and you know when your ear is pressured to a big sound you here a constant "eeee..." (I am sorry I don't know how to explain in English but I hope you understand what I am trying to say.) I looked at my boyfriend and he was sleeping like a baby.

Now I what I will tell one of another experience. My mother brought me a saint icon from my grandmother who passed away (it happened a long time) and that icon is like 200 year old and is something that we give from generation to generation. She put it to my room and the moment she put that in my room I felt so strange and I couldn't sleep anymore there. I tried to sleep there for like three days but I was having a restless sleep and bad dreams. Also, every morning I wake up with bruising on my hand, on my belly and on my legs. I tried to say to my family and they listen and we just couldn't find an answer so my mother put away the icon from my room and I felt more better.

And I continue with another story. I was in that state and heard laughing angels in my head. I got freaked out and all the laughing started to sound demonic. Another story, I tried to speak in my head with the voices and they start to be more loud and more scary and I felt like I was falling infinitely.

Feel free to leave me comments and maybe by having discussions here I will find some answers. Thank you for reading.

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buthaya (8 stories) (41 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-02)
Welcome to YGS Jess,
Now, about that religious item, is it blessed before it was given to you? If not please have it blessed by a priest. Any religious item is useless if not properly blessed. Some spirits can attach to sush items. So do not get the idea just because you hold some religious item, that will work like in movies.
LexzOnne (2 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-02)
Hi... My grandmother told me something about demonic possession. She told me that when she was a child she had moments when she couldn't move her body or she could hear two voices arguing in her head. She went to a priest and asked him about what she had experienced. He told her that she was in danger. He explained her that the voices that were talking in her head were demons. The moments when she couldn't move or talk were when the demons tried to capture her body, to make it like a marionette. I experienced something like this too. One morning, I couldn't move, I couldn't call my mother, but when she came into my room to see if I'm sleeping, all of this stopped. I could move again and I told her what happened. Also, Anneliese Michel is maybe the most famous case of exorcism and demonic possession. She had the same feelings: she couldn't move or talk, she could hear voices inside her head. When she told to a priest what she was going trough, the priest told her that she was possessed by a legion. In the time of possession, each demon was able to take her body's control and speak with a different voice. I don't want to scare you, and I know this sounds very creepy, but you might me the target of some demons. You said something about that saint icon... Put it back to your room. You felt strange because the entities that were watching you didn't support the icon. I hope I helped you...
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-10-27)
Hi Jess, welcome to YGS 😊. Your English was fine.
That high pitch noise in your ear could be tinnitus. If that happens very often you might want it checked out by a doctor. But the voices are quite another matter. As lady-glow pointed out they could be part of the sleep paralysis (SP).
If you wish to purify the icon (remove any built up negativity) the easiest and non-destructive way (since I don't know what the icon is made of) is to bury it in salt for a few days. Sea Salt is best, but regular table salt works fine too. Traditionally, we let the item lay buried for 3 days, so that the salt can absorb all negativity. At the end of 3 days, simply remove the icon, and brush off any clinging salt. Then dispose of the salt.
You might also wish to keep a journal of when these things happen to you. There just might be a pattern, like being stressed over something, or even something you ate.
belinda86 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-27)
Hi my name is Belinda. I am not sure what you're experiencing but all I know is that I have experienced the same thing but only twice. Once when I was six in my room I lived in Toronto Don Mills area which is in Canada so 20 years ago. I was in my bed we lived on the fifth floor my room had a balcony attached to it and I could clearly see the light from the street lights in the parking lot which was behind my building because I had no curtains in my room. My first experience was a little different though I have to tell you what happened in the night because its part of the story. I was in my bed my closet door was open to my right side which was just past my door. I saw what looked like a dark shadow figure in my closet with a hat wide type of hat which to me looked like a witches hat just not pointy. I was really scared you can imagine I was only 6. Anyway I saw the figure slowly coming out towards me from the closet and somehow I got the guts to get up and turn on the light. I think I did that because I was always logical even as a kid and I wanted to prove there wasn't anything there. I turned on the light, and saw my raincoat hanging over the laundry basket. I brushed it off kind of laughed at myself and went to bed. I forgot to mention the figure had red eyes I don't know if its relevant I just don't want to leave out details. Anyway so I still felt uneasy but ended up going to sleep somehow. I woke up the next morning only I couldn't open my eyes the sun was shining. You know when you close your eyes really tight looking in the direction of the sun and then you see like orange specs or flashes or whatever I don't know how to explain it, that's how I knew the sun was up with my eyes closed. Anyway I also couldn't move I felt like my whole body was a dead weight I couldn't lift my arms nothing I struggled like this for what seemed like hours until I finally was able to get up and my nightdress was wet I remember it had teddy bears on it irk why I remember that but anyways it was soaked. My second experience I was around 21/22 I was at my friends apartment where she was staying with this guy I ended up kind of seeing for a bit and his mom. They were just friends anyway. Everyone was gone I was the only one in the house except his mom I believe. I was in his room the bed is one of those massage beds you can turn on the massage button. Anyways I started to doze off and I heard his voice call my name in my ear and when I opened my eyes he wasn't there so I was like whatever weird the tv is on maybe I'm just losing my shiat. I start dozing again this time I hear like hundreds, thousands maybe of voices whispering in my ear but not together like overlapping each other if you can get what I mean. Anyways so I open my eyes I'm scared shiatless. I'm like okay you know what its nothing its just in my head so then I start to doze again this time I hear the voices and feel scratching on the bed like someone took their hand made like a claw and dug with their nails and dragged it across the bed. At this point I'm freaking out so I call my friend who tells me it was probably squirrels in the wall. I know what I felt and no way I wd feel squirrels in the wall on the bed scratching like that. I even checked the massage buttons to make sure everything was turned off. Anyway sorry I have no answers for you but those were my experiences with that I have had a lot more but just not pointy with feeling like I can't move or hearing voices. I hope things get better for you I don't know how to make it stop I wish I could help you but you're not alone and you're not crazy.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-26)
Welcome to YGS!
Firstly, your English is fine... I hope mine is good and clear enough to explain what I think about your experiences. 😳
It seems to me that you are experiencing sleep paralysis, it is normal to hallucinate and to have vivid dreams during an episode of SP but it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with you.
About the icon, since it has been in your family for such a long time is possible that some of the energy of its previous owners is attached to it and that energy might be negative. I do not think the icon would hurt you, but some negativity would definitively affect the surrounding environment; -have you considered to perform a cleansing on this icon? That way you could follow the tradition of passing it to the next generation safely.
The voices in your head seem to be part of the SP, but if they become frequent and bothersome a visit to the doctor would be convenient.
Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

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