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Bad Dream Or Sleep Paralysis?


I recently stumbled on this website and I'd like to get your take on an experience I had two years ago.

First a little back ground. I'm a twenty-seven year old construction worker. I've never done drugs and at the time of the story I had and still have stopped drinking alcohol.

I'm what my mother explained to me is called an empath; I can pick up on feelings, emotions, and even experience them myself no matter how I was feeling previously. Like getting angry due to someone nearby even if I had been happy moments before.

I've had small paranormal experiences all my life. It ranges from whispers to feeling a presence and even seeing shadow figures.

This is my first experience with what I assume folks call sleep paralysis but I'm unsure if that's what it would be classified as.

One, day I came home from working a twelve hour shift. I had come back from working on an old house renovation. This home has been on the coast of Mississippi since about 1940 to 1950. While there the entire building felt heavy and almost depressing like someone turned on an energy vacuum and sucked it right out of you.

When I got home from work I was so exhausted that I decided to get straight to bed. I laid in my room all electronics including the TV off and slept for a bit.

I suddenly woke up do to a strange sensation, it was cold and I mean like cold fear gripping me. I tried to get up and look around but I couldn't move anything except my eyes. I tried forcing my body to move even mentally scream at it to move. I noticed the tv that was previously off before I fell asleep was now on.

I thought that was strange the tv was on a blue screen. Then I noticed this for lack of a better term crimson mist slowly spread across the tv and out of the mist appeared a horned black silhouette.

The silhouette seemed to be staring at me. When I saw it my blood ran cold. I began mentally freaking out ordering my body to move, but the most I could do is get my fingers to twitch slightly.

As I lied there slowly losing it I felt a warmth suddenly envelope me and what felt like a hand on my back. Then I heard, "Bojack, wake up."

The only person whoever called me that was my grand father but he'd been gone for over a decade when this occurred. I blinked and whatever spell or what have you I was under was gone - I could move again. I looked at the tv. It was still on but the mist and figure were both gone.

This is my first time experiencing anything like this at all and I'd like your take on what happened to me that day. I told this experience to my girlfriend now fiancé and she thinks it was just a bad dream.

What do y'all think if I may ask?

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Rajine (14 stories) (813 posts)
1 year ago (2023-06-12)
Hi Rattler27

I've had plenty of sleep paralysis experiences over the years, even then I still have no idea why it occurs, as much research as I have done I'm not able to find anything definitive, but when it does I usually just say a prayer, the last time I did have sleep paralysis, which was quite recent, was actually very terrifying.

But from reading your story and reply, I feel that there's a supernatural connection as to why you suddenly had experienced sleep paralysis and you and your coworkers constantly feel drained and tired.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
1 year ago (2023-06-11)
Hello Rattler, interesting encounter, thanks for sharing!

I will offer my take on what happened, perhaps it will help.

I don't believe anything followed you home from the job site, however, something of a strong and negative spiritual nature was spiritually and psychically attacking you and your colleagues at the home you were working on. Such constant assault on a person can leave them quite vulnerable to other negative entities floating around out there, just looking for someone who's compromised in such a fashion. That is what I believe found you in your home.

Many believe that a person's soul leaves their body at night to astral travel while the body sleeps. Most don't remember any of it except what they can recall in what seems like dreams.

When the person's soul starts to renter and reintegrate with the body, the first areas it lights up are the head/mind and heart, since these are the main seats of consciousness within the body. Sometimes during this process, a person can start to wake up before the soul completely comes back into the body. The person seems paralyzed because they cannot move, but that's because they are not completely back in their body yet, so their motor functions are still offline for the most part. Then of course panic ensues and fear actually halts the soul embodiment and slows down the person completely coming back into the body.

While this is going on, a person can hear voices, see shadows and entities etc, because they are still partially outside the body, their astral body psychic senses are still active, so they are still attune to what our natural senses can't pick up. It's also why when a person comes completely back into the body, they can suddenly move and the voices, shadows/entities vanish instantly.

An entity passing through could easily take advantage of such a situation, with you being energetically drained. In fact if you read many cases of sleep paralysis (not all) the person is exhausted. It used the electricity in your TV to manifest itself and inspire fear in you. This in effect delayed you coming back into your body fully and it fed of the energy of your fear.

Luckily your grandfather was watching out for you and when he touched and spoke to you, it was from a place of love, which cancelled the fear, pulled you back into your body and ended the paralysis and the visitation as well. The entity left because, well there was no more fuel to be had. It's good to know there are always loved ones and guides in many forms watching out for us! Fortunately too for you and your co-workers that your boss pulled you off that job!

That is what I feel transpired, take with it what you will, perhaps it will resonate. To answer your question, no it wasn't a bad dream, you were very conscious of what was happening. Just remember if anything like that occurs again, you can always call upon you grandfather or angels or guides (depending on your belief structure) for help. Many stories on here state that alone instantly ends the episode. Good Luck!
Rattler27 (1 stories) (1 posts)
1 year ago (2023-06-07)
Hi sorry I haven't replied puttinging in over 100 hours a week doesn't leave much free time.

At the jobsite up until the boss pulled out for unspecified reasons with very limited progress. The entire crew 5 people in total went through a bit of a change at the job site.

We're usually a pretty active and lively bunch but anytime we worked at that house it was like someone threw our energy switch in reverse more than once we noticed a colleague sleeping on the job and others no matter how much coffee they drank seemed entirely drained.

As stated were lively we like to make jokes and safely play around while working but at that jobsite we were basically all on our last legs soon as we stepped in.

No one specifically stated anything odd but sum seemed paranoid I'd walk in another room where a colleague was and they seemed scared/ paranoid and ask if we were watching them.

I have no idea why the tv was left on rather if it was left on by the entity or by my grand father but and this is a tough southern man saying. I did not sleep in that room for almost a month I was so scared.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
1 year ago (2023-06-07)
Hi Rattler,

Trust your gut. To me it sounds like something horrible followed you home from the worksite that day. So many empaths run into something like this at some point or another. Reading experiences like yours makes me think some negative entities get off on scaring empaths. There's an energy transference theory about this where a negative entity will gain energy/power from the fear they generate. I hope having this experience hasn't put you off your abilities.

When I first joined this site there were a lot of experiences explained away by means of sleep paralysis. But I tend to think sleep paralysis encounters can be just as paranormal as any other encounter. It seems like a pretty easy way in for entities, both good and bad, to interact with us while we're in that state. What matters most is how you felt at the time, trust that.

Wish I knew what the significance of the tv turning on was, that's fascinating. Maybe your granddad did it as a way of confirming to you he was there.

Really sounds like your granddad had your back that day. Did you sense any mood changes in your home in the days after this happened? Don't know why I want to ask that, just curious.

Thanks for sharing.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
1 year ago (2023-06-06)
I see no reason why this has to be an exclusive or situation. Sleep paralysis -or- nightmare? It could have been both.

So here's what I think happened:

1. Something at the construction site attached itself to you.
2. That something did haunting things in your house, turning on the TV specifically.
3. Something woke you from your dream state, hence the inability to move since the human brain switches off motor responses during dreams normally.

So, I'm going with yes. It is sleep paralysis and a bad dream.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3161 posts)
1 year ago (2023-06-06)
Hi Rattler and welcome to YGS.

The fact that the TV was on makes me think that this wasn't an episode of sleep paralysis, we should keep in mind that spirits can affect electronic gadgets.

It is well documented that renovations to a building can trigger paranormal activity, since you don't mention having visited the building before the renovations had started, it's hard to say if it "felt heavy and almost depressing". Though I suppose, this could have been different for different people.
Did any of your coworkers feel the same vibe as you?

When spirits are present, it's not unusual to "see" them during our sleep, almost like if dreams opened a portal to another dimension, add to the equation the fact of being an empath and, in my opinion, it's possible that something follow you from that place and your grandfather came to help you.

Even if there was not a negative presence involved, perhaps your grandfather came to help you ending the sleep paralysis, something not nice to experience.
I think your GP has been keeping a loving eye on you.

Thanks for sharing.

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