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When I was in High School, I worked summers at a seaside resort. I had tried several jobs my first year but settled into a fun house based on Edgar Allen Poe's stories. The second day I noticed footsteps coming down the long passage way that stopped. Finally I looked and no one was there. I didn't think anything of it. After about a week other people started talking about strange happening, nothing violent or really freaky. There were strange lights, the sound of keys rattling and the disappearing footsteps. They seemed to occur in two different areas more so than any other place. We then started noticing two distinct behavioral pattern, Edgar and Allen. Allen was more playful, shining lights in our faces before disappearing. Edgar just seemed to walk around and around, up the front stairs and passed the graveyard scene.

The second year a runaway showed up and was immediately the target of Edgar and Allen. She had a bandana that was double knotted hanging from her belt loop. When it was found in the graveyard scene, it was still double knotted and her belt loop was intact. Every time she was inside the house, she fell victim to some harmless prank. Finally, she started dating one of the guys and was sitting on his lap, making out, when a 2x4, used to bar the door at night, flipped over and knocked her out. The way it was in the corner, it should have slid down the wall. Flipping over was just impossible for the angle it had. But it gave her a nasty bump and, I think, a mild concussion. Two days later I saw a hand pull behind a curtain and felt something VERY wrong. The scene was constructed like a box on its side. The front was the only way in or out. I screamed louder than anyone had ever heard me and some worker came running. Once they arrived I went into the scene, but it was empty. I then sat and meditated and asked why this was happening. I saw two visions. One was the runaway biting a guys hand and the other was her hitchhiking, and I felt it was September. I asked her not to hitchhike in September. Two nights later a guy associated with the haunted house, but not an actual employee inside, invited her to a party.

When she arrived at the house with him a bunch of guys came out and raped her at gun point. She said later that she bite a guys hand and that is when they put the gun to her head. They felt that, since she was a runaway, she wouldn't press charges because then she would get sent home. A few weeks later, in September, she was hitchhiking back from a Grateful Dead concert and got picked up as a runaway by the police.

It was the only time Edgar and Allen had ever been violent, and it was to protect her. Only one other person knew about the visions I had. No one knew exactly what I saw except a girl named Dottie. She said she never told anyone but was a little freaked about how I knew in advance about the other girl biting the guys hand.

By the way, someone said they had done some research on it and were told that two worker died on the site when the original structure was constructed, some 25 years earlier.

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Ace45 (17 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-10)
How did they protect her? You said it hit her but she still got raped so I don't see how she was protected
NeverEndingStory (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-10)
Where is the actual address, or can I just google it? I'm a huge fan of Poe and would love to visit this place with my hubby. Plus if it's haunted it gives me another chance to test out my ghost hunting skill. It's been a few years since this post are you still active on this site?
Fragmaster (1 stories) (17 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-17)
I was confused through the whole thing:P but I thought I heard something about a girl getting raped 0.o
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
16 years ago (2007-01-18)
wow, that's the wierdest thing I ever heard. It seems you have a sixth sense, because mainly those kinds of people can see ghosts and actually be able to hear what they say. Of course, ghosts have been made to be heard and seen by many people sixth sense or not. well thats the weirdest thing ever. well have you seen the movie Gothicka? that's kind of related to what your going through, well, hey I also have two stories up here and they are, A grandfather's experience and The haunted Blue House, just in case you want to read them and post your opinions well by cause I gotta go post more comments!!!

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