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Haunted Recording Studio In Richmond?


The recording studio that my story took place in is located in the city of Richmond on Broad street near the VCU campus. It's situated in a section of large 2 story buildings that are very old. When you walk in the building, you instantly feel the history and sense a "unique" energy. The studio consists of two large rooms, each used for recording. The front room is divided from the back room with a balcony that has been enclosed and houses the recording control room above. Underneath the balcony are smaller rooms used for equipment storage and sound isolation recording. The large back room is where we did most of our recording. It has a small stage and stairs leading down to a basement.

My band contracted with this studio to record a CD of 10 songs. The first day our goal was to record all of the drums and bass along with scratch track vocals. The drummer set up on the back room stage. The guitar player set up in the large room in front of the drummer, and I was in the isolated room underneath the balcony. We started recording at noon, and the plan was to continue until midnight. Each time we finished recording a song, I walked alone upstairs to the balcony to the control room to listen to the work that we had just accomplished. For convenience sake, I walked through the front room and up the stairs to get to the balcony.

At about 11:00 that night, I was walking up to the control room through the large front room which was now very dark. I was suddenly struck by a distinct feeling that someone was watching me. This was followed by a sense of cold. I shrugged it off and continued upstairs. Each time that I traveled through this part of the building however, the sense that there was something there got stronger. I didn't share this with the others at the time. At about 11:35, I was coming down the stairs in the front room, and I saw what I thought was a dark shadow pass by the base of the stairs. I quickly backed up and went around the other direction through the balcony. Everyone was tired and we were having equipment problems so we decided to stop for the night. I turned off my gear and went home.

The next day I returned and immediately turned on my amp. Mysteriously, the amp would not work. I later found out that over night, it somehow tripped out on a short circuit. I'm a master electrician with 33 years of experience, and I know that this was very, very odd. I mentioned how strange this was to my band mates, and I told them that I had some strange experiences in the front room. Two of the others also admitted to having strange feelings while in there late at night. Then one of them said "did you see the blood stain and blood trail"? I said no, show me. Sure enough, stained into the wooden floors is what looks like a blood stain. Coming from the stain is what looks like a blood trail. In fact, you can follow the blood trail from the stain all the way to the railing that goes down into the basement. On one of the steps at the bottom of the basement is what also looks like a blood stain.

We recorded there more times during the evening, but we all avoided going into the front room. Personally, I surrounded myself energetically with white light and tried to protect myself from any negativity, but the feeling was, stay out of the front room, and that's what I did.

I don't know how much of a ghost story this really is, it's not all that dramatic, but there does seems to be physical evidence that something violent happened there. The equipment malfunctioning was very unusual but the sound engineer told me that it happens frequently to musicians. Also, I'm not the kind of guy to get spooked but I was a little freaked out. I think that this studio would be a great place to investigate paranormal activity. They already have very expensive sound equipment in place for recording sounds and noises. If there is a non-physical entity there, he/she is not happy, and really could benefit from someone helping them find the light.

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Cloudzuc (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-27)
Hi RVA... You say this isn't a dramatic story but it still sent shivers down my spine. Sometimes the unseen and felt are the scariest in my opinion. The blood trail leads to all sort of interesting possibilities. I hope these spirits find peace. The idea has always bothered me that there may be spirits that haven't found peace because isn't that what we all want in the end?
johnnycashmuse (guest)
10 years ago (2014-05-24)
Hmmm...Haunted recording studio? Dosent suprise me in the least. As I currently work in one in Nashville myself that has at least 4 ghosts that several people and myself have encountered.
Could be your place has a imprint or a risidual ghost. More like a memory in time. But it to sounds like more than one there the shadow upstairs (1), the weird blood trail maybe has a ghost connection (2) and the electrical problem causing ghost, maybe a former technician/sound board worker or someone who set up and maintained the amps and instruments etc, possibly a roadie type (3).
Either way it sounds like they could have been there a while.
I think the only thing that could be done is a cleansing of the building but as it isn't your place that is probably out of the question.
That would sure make me a little on edge.
Thankfully the studio where I work, our ghosts are fairly nice, as 3 of the 4 are musicians, though none died in the studio and 1 is a former sound tech. Who died at the board over 30yrs ago.
Like this story.
Letum (1 stories) (17 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-23)
Good story, thanks for sharing!. Many old buildings have some kind of *lingering* feeling from when that space was used at another time. I'm glad you nor your band members were hurt in any way, and thankful it was just the equipment that were messed with. I do believe in surrounding oneself with the positive white light to protection. If nothing negative happens, all the better right?! Its very kind of you to want someone or a team of investigators to look into this place and possibly help this *spirit* to cross over and hopefully find peace... Thanks again for the post...Letum*

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