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The Studio And The Old Well


Same as a usual Friday night hobby, my friends and I went to the studio to practice our very unprofessional acoustic music.

I played a Cajón (wooden box drum), my friends played guitars (Spanish flamenco guitar and low toned folk guitar, they used to perform on the street when they are still in school) and the other guy who became my friend recently played a tin ukulele (which sound really like a mandolin), all of them are married and they usually call me "O único cara solitário", the only lonely guy... Yes, thank you for laughing.

"Ei, cara solitário" (hey, lonley guy) called the flamenco guitar player (whom I will address as T) and he threw me a magazine with good looking fashion models, "Qualquer greves?" (Any strikes?). I threw the magazine back to him and said "muito engraçado" (very funny). T is the first one in this group who got married and he is becoming a father this coming July. The folk guitar player (whom I will address as E) came by and slapped T on his back, the two were good friends before meeting me and still is very friendly with each other. The ukulele player (whom I will address him as E.A) chuckled and strummed on his instrument.

I switched on my PC and tried to connect it to the internet, but somehow the line was very busy during that night. We played "Maria Maria" (a song of Carlos Santana). We re-arranged some notes so that it is playable by acoustic instruments, we were doing such thing since we finished our high school, sometime we will be so lazy that we just copy some professionals musicians from the YouTube, no, we do not make any YouTube videos or preform in public places so no trouble what so ever. We prefer to hide inside the old studio LOL

That night we cannot connect to the internet and so we finished up early, T and E went straight home leaving me and E.A to do the after tidying. E.A asked me if I was upset on T's joke on the way home. I laughed and told him that I am not the kind of person with a weak inner person, E.A told me that T had been big headed ever since his marriage. I told him I knew about it and thanked him for caring about me. I swear I am not sad about that I am still single, really.

When I reach home, I realized that I have forgotten my car key in the studio and so I had to go back to the studio ALONE... It was not that far away but really the street lights were dim and the building where the studio is in was very very dark.

I turn on the lights of the main entrance. It will take a while to become bright, but I did not wait until it become completely bright, I dashed in and hoped my keys were not stolen. I opened the studio door before I turn the lights on I saw my keys and went inside to grab them. The moment I went in I smelt some animal beast like smell, something like a dog or a cat. The light became bright enough for me to see around the studio but there were no trace of any animals, I thought it could be some mice since the building was old. So I sprayed some anti-pest powders at the corners so that our instruments would not be munched. Of-course before I go I remembered to close all the windows and lock the door too.

Next day E called me and said that the studio smelt odd, I told him that I sprayed some anti-pest and so there maybe smell. He told me it was not that and told me to come to the studio.

It was noon I saw E.A and T on the way to the studio and told them what is going on, T laughed that E might be just lonely and wanted a lunch jam, Ha! Big faced...

We all went to the studio and saw E moving out all the instruments, I asked him what happened and he said that the studio smelt like some meat has gone bad. I went in and opened the window and found some stain on the wall near the window. I told E.A to come have a look and asked him if he remembered if there was any stain on the walls, he shook his head, T bluffed again, and said it could be the leaking of the toilet, E said the toilet was not functioning and there is no watering running through building (we did not get people to fix the water pipes since its already very old). E.A told us that he knew of an old well where the building and the neighbor's water was from. Something tickled my forehead and I felt that something was not right.

E.A brought us to the old well and we found that there was a construction going on. We found that they have just covered the well with a piece of thin wood and the water was badly polluted. I suddenly remembered what my grandmother said about places with water, the spirits of the water... I was not trying to make my friends believe what I said but when I wanted to speak of the water spirit story that my grandmother told me the well collapsed, breaking the stone floor around it, fortunately no one was hurt but I felt that something is "dead" or "gone". All the sudden I felt really sad and angry at the same time of not being able to help, as if I have just witness someone dying seeking for help but just left them to die.

E.A had his hands covered his mouth looking at the situation in a shock, T seemed to be shocked as well, E and I tried to get close but were stopped by the workers. E was a Native American from a tribe called the Blackfoot, his family had moved to Brazil some decades ago, I have heard that those tribe too have deep relationship with nature. I am not sure if it was because of that, he began to blame the construction workers for ruining the old well, of course those workers did not listen and just told us to go away.

T patted E's back and said "A água não está funcionando de qualquer maneira!" (the water is not fuctioning any way), E shook off T's hand and went home in anger. E.A asked what happened and I tried to explain in a simple way that might have something to do with the well. T hated my stories about what my grandmother used to say, I am not forcing him to listen but T went home too, frustrated.

E.A said he understands the way we felt because he was shocked too. He told me he had seen so many things breaking off and going bad, but he have never felt so shocked. I am not sure whether to consider this as something super natural or simply just a coinsident but I just want to share this very strange experience and the feeling and sadness of men polluting the once an important water source.

Love from São Paulo


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roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2017-05-01)
AzraelX, I think you got it wrong.

I was meant to say that the old well may have a spirit, not of a dead person or whatever, but the nature's spirit. This story that I wanted to share is a moment of sadness occurred by man-made pollutions. Also, the toilet is not functioning at all and there were no good water flowing the building, it's normal there since no one else is ranting any room there.

AzraelX (8 stories) (115 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-01)
Quite narrative.
But, It took you 6 paragraphs or in the 7 th paragraph that you noticed the bad smell.

So it is a fact that the water in the well is polluted and stinking. It is the same water that gets collected in your toilet lush tanks, in your water tanks etc. These would naturally stink inside the studio.

If you look for the most reasonable reason for the stink, then the answer would be - the stinking water that was collected in the water tank/toilet flushes etc in the studio.

Now, if it would have been like - the water flowed out from the tanks by itself and you witnessed it... That would have been paranormal. But to tag a stench /stink as paranormal requires more convincing paranormal occurrences.

Perhaps you could try to stay a night in the studio alone or with your friends and check if something paranormal occurs there.

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