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Experiences With The Man In My House


I am new here and I wanted to share my story/stories of the experiences that I have had since my family and I have been living in a house that we began renting about 11 and a half years ago.

My little brother died some 13 years ago in an accident (He was hit by a drunk driver) we lived at that apartment for about 2 years and then moved to a two story apartment which was one house that they split in two. We had just one of the apartments for a while and my sister and I shared a room until I was stable financially enough to rent the upstairs apartment where I reside now with my dad and daughter, my mom stays downstairs with my youngest sister.

When we first moved there, my sister and I shared a bedroom that was at the back of the apartment. It was always cold and had a damp feeling, I never felt comfortable in that room and neither did my sister. I was 17 at the time and it was the first time that I had experienced sleep paralysis. At the time it felt as though someone would enter the room and I would see the shadow of someone come at my bedside and take my blanket off of me. I would be between sleep and awake and it scared the crap out of me. I never told my sister or my parents and it just went on and off for a few years until I moved upstairs.

Now this is where things got scary. I got pregnant and my boyfriend of 5 years at the time came to stay with me. After I had my daughter, I would find myself feeling afraid to go to sleep. My daughter would keep shuffling in her crib all night as though someone was bothering her. One night my boyfriend woke up hearing the pages of the bible we kept at the bed head blowing left and right even though there was no wind or breeze in the room, and as he opened his eyes, he told me that he saw the shadow of a man standing at my side of the bed looking down at me. That same night I too heard the pages of the bible moving and was in and out of sleep hearing the person enter my bedroom and hear him whispering to me, I was frightened but could not move or get up.

For years we would have these experiences, sometimes they would die down a bit but then it would start again. I would wake up to pee and see the shadow right at the back door. My boyfriend woke up one night and as he walked out into the corridor, saw two bare feet walk into the living room. He came straight back to bed.

As my daughter grew older and I eventually had my son, she would tell me that she would wake up and see a man standing by my cupboards. My kids dad and I broke up and he took my son with him (we still have a good relationship but because of work and school this arrangement seemed best at that time) my daughter and I would share experiences of waking up and seeing someone in our room, (we sleep together).

This has been going on for years. The entrance to the attic (if you would call it that) is in my bedroom. A few nights I heard loud thumping up there. I can't explain it. My dad heard it too in my presence.

You see shadows in the corner of your eye. Things go missing and then reappear (this I can blame on my kids sometimes) The entire house is eerie... And then it just stops for months.

The scariest part of this story is what I never experienced. My mother started sleeping alone when my father moved upstairs with me, they separated but my father being the man that he is could not imagine leaving us, he only has us, his daughters. She started telling me on mornings that when she took off her television she would hear as if someone entered her room (her door is usually open) and stand at the foot of her bed and she would hear it growl like a big dog. This went on for weeks and she seldom took off her television in her bedroom.

Not long after is when things really got weird, one night while sleeping she feels someone get into the bed with her. She's half awake and finding it hard to get up from the bed, it was as though it was sucking out all of her energy so she could not move. It lay on the bed with her. My mother would get up in the middle of the night and feel her self being cradled in this "entity's" arms. I guess after a while she stopped feeling threatened and got accustomed if I should say so to this. We all got accustomed to strange things, noises and shadows. It has become a part of our everyday lives.

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Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-12)
You're welcome my friend. I wish your next house is just what you want, and peaceful. Take care Trix.
randomassociate (2 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-10)
Hi Trix, Thank you very much for your advice and I do agree that I do not believe it wishes to harm us. I also think that because of cultural and religious beliefs people do many different things and I would rather not interfere with what may or may not have already done. Cleansing the entire house is a great idea to keep everything at bay at least until I am capable of owning my own home some time soon. Thanks.
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-10)
Hi randomassociate, I would recommend a house cleansing of the whole house outbuildings, attic and if there's a basement well that too. Go and look on Rooks' page, his cleansing method works well. If you do his cleansing method it will get rid of all the negative energy and you will be left with whatever is still there to deal with.
Remember ghosts are not always negative energy. If this man is stuck in that house because of what his family brought upon him I feel you must try and get him to cross over. To keep a spirit against its will earthbound is a very cruel thing to do like some of those people do. You can also put down some ground rules out loud with respect.
I get the impression that this man is trying to get your attention. In a way he might have got attach to your mother because he cuddles up with her. It doesn't seem that he wants to hurt any of you. If you think all that years staying there and no physical harm is done. He only scares you.
It's up to you what you want to do. This is only my advice of what worked for me after I had some experiences within my own home. To be honest I do a house cleansing every 3 to 6 months and it works.
Take care. Trix,
randomassociate (2 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-10)
[at] MandyNicole, I have done some cleansing in my bedroom mostly, to protect my self and my daughter especially from whatever it may be. Where I come from (Trinidad) when building a new house, some people, nearly all actually bury 'something' in the foundation, some people do a 'prayers' that keeps a family spirit in the house to protect it and to keep the family prosperous, if it is not done correctly or completed, the spirit becomes miserable and interferes with whoever lives in the house. In our case we're renting this home so we are not related to the spirit. Someone of the Baptist faith told my mother that the spirit may be in love with her, that's probably why he sleeps with her. In my case he may just be toying with me, frightening me, maybe because I am susceptible to depression and emotional upset. And there are only women really in our house with the exception of my father who has not had any experiences in years in the house anymore.
MandyyNicole (7 stories) (183 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-09)
Yeah. I don't think ANY of this can simply be chalked up to sleep paralysis, given all of the other experiences, from you and from others. However, I think (my personal opinion) that spirits (or entities or whathaveyou) can CAUSE SP by catching us off-guard, somehow. If you're bothered by it, you can always try a cleansing or smudging.
randomassociate (2 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-09)
I doubt that I can attribute all my experiences to sleep paralysis. I mean I have been up and not no where sleeping and seen this shadow person. And me and my daughter awoke to the same thing hovering in one corner of the room. I never told her what I saw but she told me and what we saw were identical. But as mentioned before, there is a time when it all just dies down.
Satistraption (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-09)
Man I could not go through what you guys have gone through. I'm still a non believer even though I had a small experience but I doubt that if I went to your apartment and spent a night there something would happen. It's most likely just sleep paralysis. But if there is an entity really messing with you guys then good job for staying strong. I'll pray for you.

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