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This story happened almost 11 years ago when my parents just moved in from Genting Highlands to Kuala Lumpur. (BTW my dad was a police officer). I was 18 years old that time. We rented a single storey house in Gombak, it was a temporary house before we shift to another bigger house just few meters away from it. Nothing extraordinary happened when we firstly moved into the house. I had a fight with my mom during the day time over something I couldn't remember, I refused to have dinner that night and decided to sleep in the last room near the kitchen, I guess I fell asleep around 10pm, but in the middle of the night I overheard there were voices coming from the dining area which facing my room door. I heard my mom was cooking at the back, I heard the rest of my family members were chatting, eating, my little sisters were talking to each other, my dad was running through the newspaper. I was thinking "its morning already?" The sounds and voices going on and stop immediately when I open the door. Everything went quiet and the whole area was dark. I came nearer to the wall clock to check the time, it was 2.00am. I quickly ran back to the room and stay awake the whole time with light on until morning.

The next day I told my mom about what happened last night and she said that she used to experience once. She was walking from the living room to the dining area and saw someone just entered the room wearing white office shirt. It looked like a man, it was nothing in the room when she checked it out.

Few months later we shifted to another house.

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notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
9 years ago (2014-07-27)
Hi Suria! Thanks for sharing this, it was very interesting to read. I've read stories like this on here before and they always capture my attention. In my opinion, you might have somehow caught a bit of the past. I'm not sure how that works but to me, it's kind of like you travelled to the past in between sleeps. Just a thought, thanks again!

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