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Hollenbeck Park Ghost


A little history.

When my dad was young I'm not sure exactly what age I'm guessing about 8 or 9, he would be lying in bed ready to go to sleep and from any dark, shadowy corner a woman dressed in all black with a veil over her head would float over next to him kneel and whisper in his ear. He never understood what she was saying but he was definitely scared. This happened for a very long time always peeked through a hole in his covers but never had to courage to get up or talk back. Around the same time my dad was having some unexplainable experiences. Sometimes he would look at someone and instead of seeing a face he would see a skull, he knew shortly after they would die. Now my dad has always been able to see and hear paranormal things but has brushed it off as his imagination. He is a very religious man whom believes in god and refuses to admit or indulge in anything having to do with the paranormal. So since I am his eldest and I have been the only one from my siblings that has seen anything my mom would jokingly say that my dad passed his "GIFT" of being able to see or understand that of the beyond to me. I think she's right.

Me and my boyfriend like strolling down the freeway of downtown Los Angeles at night on the weekends because I like to look at the buildings and lights in downtown. One time I had an idea as we were heading back home from our cruise that we should pass by what was before Linda Vista Community Hospital which was open in 1905 closed in 1991 according to Wikipedia. It served as a hospital for the Santa Fe railroad workers but closed due to the amount of lawsuits they had. It is said to be haunted and was featured in Ghost Adventures along with being the scenery of many other horror movies.

Well we stopped by parked in front and got off. For years people "teens" have broken in to see the "haunted" hospital. You would be able to walk all the way to the windows and around back and for those who were going in, sneak in through a window. I personally never went inside I always observed from the outside and once when I went with friends they said to have seen a woman in the window staring back at them I never saw anything.

To our surprise the hospital was gated and under construction with a security guarding. The hospital will become an apartment complex with seems a bit crazy because they aren't even tearing it down just remodeling it to make it into apartments. I saw some teens hanging around like they came to the hospital with the intention of going in and were surprised like us to see that there was lights and construction going on. As we were admiring the hospital I told my boyfriend "the hospital isn't even haunted, there is nothing there," and looked back and said the park is more haunted than the hospital.

Right across the street from the hospital is Hollenbeck Park it's a pretty small park but big enough for a lake with ducks and paddle boats. My dad would bring us there when we were younger since we live nearby, we would roll down the big hills and feed the ducks bread. I just kept having like flashes, short flashes of someone trying to get out of the water as if they had been drowning and were trying to swim to the edge I couldn't tell the sex just a figure completely soaked in water. I could feel pain and had knot in my throat, the saddest feeling came over me. So since it was about 10 pm and fairly dark I told my boyfriend if we could quickly go down near the lake. I had not been to the park in about 5 years. We were walking and talking when I stopped and gasped in horror! Next to the lake in a little corner on the floor were a lot of candles, I knew someone had died not so long ago. I looked at my boyfriend and he looked at me in shock there was no picture no letters no posters just a lot of candles. I took pictures of all the candles and headed home since it was close to 11pm.

On the way home I asked my boyfriend if he thought I was crazy and he looked at me dead serious and said no. Next day I looked up any deaths in that park and apparently a woman had been found floating in the lake this year a mother of several children which had been homeless for some time now and apparently had been using drugs there was no foul play or so they said but was all the information they had. There was no way I could have known it was just like a feeling that came over me I cannot control it and it does not happen often but when it does I am the only one left in confusion. I felt saddened I could feel her pain. I was shocked but decided to keep it between me and my boyfriend since my parents would never believe me. Was it a coincidence I don't think so at least not after what has happened to me in the past.

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