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The Haunting On Deer Park


In late 2006 I finished my time in the US Army. I was young and wanted to enjoy my newly found outlook on life outside the Military. This new outlook was indicative of me enjoying some family time. This was family time that I had not had in years. So I moved back to Massachusetts to be closer to them. My mother suggested that I move in with her until I had a stable job and reserved income to stay ahead. I was opposed​ to it at first until she told me that the third floor was done over and would be perfect.

In October of 2006 I moved in. My brother and sister also lived on the third floor but that was not a bother for me. I had been in the house only one other time before that. It was when my mom was moving in. I always felt weird in there but never thought anything of it. Now I am full on living in this house, and everything feels slightly off.

The first incident was in early November. I was shaving my face. I do not know what happened, but I lost about an hour of time. It was long enough for the shaving cream to start to breakdown. I did not realize how long I had been in the bathroom performing this activity until I had got out. My brother scowls at me and says; "An Hour, I thought you guys in the army were supposed to be quick." I laughed at first until I looked at the clock to see that it had been almost an hour. I thought it to be strange but did not think to hard on it. I was a very skeptical person at this point in my life.

My second incident began about 3 nights later. It was about 10:30 pm. I was in the bathroom and I could hear what sounded like footsteps. I peered under the door the best I could to see who it was. All I could see what appeared to me to be as, two shadows of what I had to assume were legs. I blasted the door open quickly. I had to open it quickly, because no one was supposed to be home for about 3 more hours. I was now officially worried that someone was intruding in my mom's house. I was still skeptical enough to assume it was a person; whom else would it be.

I was quick enough to grab my bat, and I began systematically​ clearing every room. No one was to be found and all the doors were still locked. I chalked it up to nerves, and the house being old. Most of all I felt that I was just genuinely being paranoid. I was still trying to get my bearings on being a civilian, so I was a tad bit weary all the time.

The next day I am on the 2nd floor. That is where the main kitchen, dining room, living room, main bathroom, and main bedroom was. My mom is gathering my brother and sisters cloths up. She is walking up the stairs and my brother and I hear a huge slam. She comes down the stairs saying "f**king Carl," As she comes into the dining room. My brother is looking right at her and she drops her basket.

Carl goes why were you swearing about me for? My mom tells us that when she got up stairs right to Carl's door the door slammed hard in her face. I being the only rational one asked if the window was open. My mom said that she did not know, so I went up to investigate. With my brother in tow we ascended the stair case. My brothers room was at the top of the steps. I opened the door expecting to see an open window, but it was shut tight and locked. Being that it was November now in Massachusetts, of course it would be shut.

I was still the one saying it could have just been a draft, and that we should just let it go instead of speculating. So everyday leading up to our first major event was plagued by shadows, knocks, and footsteps. I still try to brush it off as just mere coincidence and old house. It is now the 2nd week of December. It is about 3am I wake to hear my brother shouting NO, and that he cannot and will not stay here anymore. I run in to see if everything was ok, and he tells me emphatically no nothing is ok.

I walk him outside helping him with his bags. He just grabbed​ the things he could see, and nothing more. We are outside the house and I ask him again what happened. He looks at me and says that I wouldn't​ believe him. I told him to try me. He agrees and begins to tell me what happened. He details hearing a rustling sound that woke him. He thought it was our dog Cimba so he tells me that he rolled over to tell her to get out. He said that when he rolled over he saw what looked like a naked person run real fast through the wall. He said that startled him but what came next is what scared him out of the house.

He said it looked like the person who ran, was being chased by something. He described it as being grotesque, gruesome, and he said it was crab walking through the same area of the wall. He said it was like something out of a horror movie. I asked him if it was possibly sleep paralysis? He said it couldn't be, because he shot up out of bed when he saw the person, and he got the full effect of the monster that was behind him. My brother never stepped back into the house after that night.

He said to me that he could never go back in, and that the house scarred him. A week passes and we spend Christmas at my aunt's house, because of this incident. A couple days after Christmas, my mom and I are watching TV. We are watching a show. It is about 11:30 or so AM. Something draws my attention. I look at the doorway to see what looks to me like a person wearing a giant hat and cloak. This "person" at the time blocks out the sun, and takes up most of the doorway with it's height and stature.

I look away for a moment and it is gone. My mom reacts immediately to ask me if I saw that as well. I said I did and I grabbed her pistol, and asked her to lock her doors while I search the house. I run through every floor and every door. All the doors to get in and out of the house are still locked and dead bolted. I come up with nothing and no solution or answer to what I/we just saw. I come back and ask my mom to draw what she saw and so do I. We compare the drawings and they are almost identical. I am now officially scared. My mom and I go to the dining room and start asking each other a question or two about it. Like for instance its eyes or any distinguishable features. We write it all down. We compare the answers and all our answers match. I am scared, but also have to be tough or get bullied by whatever it was. For the days leading up to my final encounter.

The house felt like it wanted me out. The house now to me felt like it was alive in a sense. With the constant footsteps, shadows and knocking almost all hours of the day it was enough to drive you mad. One night I am laying down to go to bed. My bedroom was right outside a street light. This light had lit my room up pretty well for the most part. I am laying on my side facing my window. As I lay there I begin to here what sounds like faint whispers. While the whispers are going on I start to see the light from the street light start to retreat out of my room.

As it got closer to the window the whispers got louder. When the light finally made it to my windowsill I heard "let's get him" right in my ear. I sat up and yelled at whatever to get out of my room. When I said that I heard a loud crash from within my room. I jumped fully out of the bed and turned on the lights. I look around to find a softball size hole in my wall, about 6 to 7 inches above where my cable box was. I went into work the next morning and put in my 2 weeks.

I have only been inside that house one other time since that incident. That was about 3 months after it, because my mom had sold it on a short sale and she was moving out. I have driven by the house on occasion visiting my mom. Just trying to look at it gives me anxiety. Good luck to any one whom tries to investigate it. I do not know who owns it. The house has changed hands 2 times since my mom. Also as a bonus when I left my mom got new carpets put in all the rooms. She told me years later that when they pulled my carpet up they found a door it had hundreds of nails in it. She said it looked ominous.

The house in this story is real and the events are accurate.

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Caz (342 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-21)
Wow Fred...I've had a few scary moments in my life, but if I'd seen what your brother did, I think I might have died of fright, right on the spot. That naked figure fleeing through the wall made me wonder if perhaps someone was murdered in the house. Did you ever think of checking?
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-20)
I think the missing time in the bathroom is pretty disturbing, has that happened any other time before the house or after you left?

I wonder about the renovations, maybe if they aren't to 'its' standards, the ghoul gets annoyed? Sure seems like it got what it wanted, everyone out!
Argette (guest)
7 years ago (2017-05-19)
Thanks, Trentinray, I see that now. Guess I was too eager to get to the scary details when I read this the first time.:)

I'm not sure I'd want to know what was behind the door-in-the-floor. Just sayin'.
trentinray (3 stories) (67 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-19)
Argette- Yes, I believe his mom had just re-done the third floor before he moved in.
Fred- I enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing. I think as Argette mentioned the remodeling most likely upset your unknown house guests. I hope everything has went well since then. I take it your mother didn't open the door in the floor, I am curious as to what was down there!
Argette (guest)
7 years ago (2017-05-18)
Thanks, Fred! That was quite an experience.

I did look up the house on Zillow. My question for you is: Was any sort of renovation or remodeling work going on during the time you lived in the house?

When we moved into our house, which is a few years older than yours, we had some of the same experiences. It's not unusual when an old house is "disturbed" by renovations.

Thank you again and welcome to YGS.

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