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Bill And Charlie


This experience I had around the age of 14-15 years old.

My best friend I met in high school gym class. At first we didn't like each other for the longest time. She would always pester me and I would ignore her. It was a cycle of sorts. But eventually, after a month of trying, I became friends with her and found we both had very similar interests and yet we were almost like polar-opposites in personality. We became very fast friends and spent as much time as we could together.

After I had been to her house a few times, she tells me the story of Charlie. Around the time her house was built it was apparently built over a gravesite for a family that was never buried properly (no coffins, just bodies thrown in the dirt and covered to decay). Since she and her family had arrived at that house, she had been experiencing weird things happening. Objects moving on their own, doors opening and closing randomly, weird noises at night. Her parents and her brothers all noticed this too.

One day as she was home alone she had just finished taking a shower. She stepped out and saw the mirror steamed up but there was one word written into the steamed glass: "Charlie". This is when the family decided (after my best friend told them about it happening) that Charlie must be the ghost in their house. I just wanted to give you some background before I went into my story. By the way, the ghost (Charlie) has never hurt anyone so far as my best friend has told me.

One night I went to her house with her (it was a week or two after she had told me about Charlie). We played video games and had pizza, lots of typical high school girls hanging out things. Eventually around 1 am we got tired and decided to go to bed. We talked for maybe another half hour before both of us drifted off to sleep.

This is where my story happens from my best friend's perspective. I don't remember any of this happening.

My best friend says she woke up to a weird noise in our room, like someone gently tapping a plastic clothes hamper against the wall. When she went to wake me up she found my eyes were already open. I was not awake. It was either a deep sleep or some kind of trance.

Here is what she said I spoke:

"Who are you?"

"What is your name?"

"What?...I can't understand you..."


After that my words she said were completely like gibberish, like I had a loose tongue and was just letting it out and trying to speak around it. She picked up her flashlight and turned it on and tried to wake me up but her light caught something in the corner. She looked toward it... And it was a man.

She said he was tall and had very tan skin. He had some kind of hat on and what looked like farmer's clothes. She was scared but he just kind of looked back at her. She says he was mouthing words silently and that I was responding to them in my gibberish. As she watched he melded through the wall and disappeared and I immediately stopped talking. I apparently went right back to sleep.

The next morning she told me all about this and I was honestly freaked out. I had never communicated with a spirit through words (or gibberish for that matter) so it seemed strange to me. I'm not really sure what to make of this experience but I just thought I should share it and get some opinions.

NOTE: I'm not really sure who Bill was either. I don't know whether he was a family member of Charlie's or if it was a completely separate entity.

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Searching_Stars (guest)
10 years ago (2014-11-02)

Thanks for your opinion. As far as my family and friends have told me I have never sleep-walked.

I agree with you that it was probably just a random spirit and my talking had nothing to do with it.

It was just a strange experience I wanted to share.
elnoraemily (guest)
10 years ago (2014-10-31)
If there were not coffins, the bodies would have had to be very, very old. The bodies would have been removed from the land during the building process.

Your friend could have had a very active imagination. You could have been sleep walking and she interpreted it as possession by a spirit.

Taking someone's word for it can be a tricky in situations like that.

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