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A Chance For Charlie


I've noticed after taking the time out to sort of a catalog, the events that have occurred throughout my life, thus far with my last story that I've left some out that have sort of been pushed back by my subconscious perhaps, since I was so young when they occurred I didn't know they were supernatural...

Anyway, I've said on a couple of posts that my experiences started at the age of seven. The most terrifying and significant ones have. However after reading other posts and stories I've been reminded of events that I've experienced, entirely unrelated to the one that has been so dominant in my life (the subject of the last story).

When I was five I lived in an apartment with my mother in San Diego. I had nightmares every night. My mom's room was right next to mine. She recently remarried after my parent's divorce and my new stepdad did not allow me to sleep next to my mama's bed like I had before on bad nights. My bed was in front of my room's door. We had a mouse in our apartment we could never seem to catch and I was always terrified that it would run into my room because I could not sleep with the door closed.

One night, I was in bed, staring out the doorway as I always did, so I could tell if the mouse would run in and as I was staring a black figure darted past the doorway. There was a nightlight my mom left on for me in the hall and the figure blocked out the light for a split second as it passed. It was definitely too big to be a mouse but it was not shaped like a person either. It was lower to the ground. It was so fast and "blurry" for lack of a better word, that I have no way to describe it. We didn't have a dog or a cat or anything so it wasn't a pet running by either. It scared me so much I used to sleep by my mom's door at night, asking her to let me in but she never did. She thought I just didn't want to go to bed. I had no idea what it was but it scared me and I suppose looking back that could be my first paranormal experience.

Later on in my life, my best friend Lizzy's grandpa was very sick and had long been battling cancer and heart problems simultaneously and they knew he didn't have much time left. The family left him alone for a little while to get groceries came back home and found him on the back porch dead. He had passed away. I think it was a heart attack but I don't remember. Every time I had ever gone to her house you could hear his machine to help him breathe (idk what it's called) but it's like the treatments in the hospital when someone can't breathe. It was a very loud, distinctive, raspy breathing noise.

After he died, a couple months later I had come over to spend the night at her house. Her grandpa never really talked to me or anything while he was alive always waved and smiled but that was about it. I walked in and was standing in the living room (where he used to have his bed) since it was easiest for him to get around only downstairs, and my friend Lizzy left to get her shoes on because we were going to walk to a friend's house who lived nearby. I could hear his breathing from his machine as if he were still there. It was very clear, if I had closed my eyes I could have guessed he was sitting right in front of me. I never mentioned it to her when she came back in the room because I didn't know if mentioning him would upset her or not.

Later that night, when we were lying down about to go to bed, she turned to me and asked me if I had heard his breathing. I told her I had and she started crying. She said she wishes he didn't have to wait there (because the family was having trouble affording the place and would soon have to move, leaving him behind) and told me that sometimes she hears it upstairs too (where he never went before). She couldn't understand how he could make his way up there now and I told her that I didn't think he was in pain anymore and he comes up to check on you. She started crying again and we laid there listening for the breathing and she told me memories she had with him growing up for the rest of the night. This experience is the only experience I've ever not been scared in. It was comforting to think he somehow could make it up the stairs now when before he couldn't.

My bird died last year. He was killed by a new dog that we had gotten. My bird Charlie escaped his cage, which he often did, seeming to want to surprise us when we came home by sitting on the couch's arm sleeping as he normally did. Coincidentally the new dog had pushed the back door open which was not properly locked and got to Charlie. My bird's wings were clipped wrong when he was a baby so he couldn't fly. As I mentioned in my last story posted on here, I had dreams the whole week, every night, before the event happened. It occurred about a couple weeks before I could come home again from college. I didn't get to say goodbye. I felt guilty because I never told my mom the dreams I was having and then it was too late. I had the bird since I was three. I never viewed him as a pet, He was a cinnamon cockatiel and he sang with me, ate at the table next to me, sat on the shower curtain rod while I showered, talked to me, cuddled up next to me, watched TV with me... He was truly unique and beloved. The event left me extremely depressed for a long time afterward, it had followed the death of my dog who had heart problems and I felt overwhelmed being back home for the first time with both my pets gone.

One night I was home alone. I was stepping into the bath, trying to relax and clear my head and I heard Charlie's chirp and his wings fluttering like they did when he'd jump from the towel rack onto the floor to walk over to the bathtub and visit with me like he did before when I was taking a bath. It was the high pitched chirp that always meant he was excited and was the one we heard when we would come home, he'd chirp excitedly. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and I knew he was there with me. I like to think he was taking the chance to say goodbye because I haven't heard from him since.

These events, I did not put with my last post because those all, I feel have to do with the same ghost. These were other events I've experienced.

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tmeyer09 (2 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-31)
I hope it was painless yes. He was very human, the sweetest bird. Thank you for your commentary.
TerriLewis123 (1 stories) (93 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-31)
What an amazing story. I'm so sorry about your little bird, Charlie, but at least he had such a wonderful life with you. And it was probably over very quickly. The other day, we had a little puppy at our house, & I heard this little chirping sound as if in distress a little. I looked over and the puppy had caught a little bird. I got the bird & held it. It didn't look injured, but it couldn't stand or fly. The next moment the little bird was dead. Perhaps his heart stopped from fear, and perhaps the same thing happened with your bird, quick & probably painless. I never knew birds could be so human. It does seem that they are very smart. Take Care.

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