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It Followed Us Part 2 - New House


This part of my story picks up from where I left off in my first story "It followed us". Its a bit of a long one so I do apologize but hope you will take the time to read and comment.

In my previous story I stated all the strange things that had happened and eventually seeing something that really scared me, which led us to go visit the local Hindu priestess. As with anyone who ever visited some one like this, you sometimes get the feeling that they are just saying what you want to hear and add "Fuel to the Fire".

The priestess had advised us to do a prayer which she presided over, and blessed us and removed any evil entity that may have attached itself to us. After the prayer was complete there weren't any odd noises anymore and even life got a bit better. Mom got a new job, she and her "boyfriend" became more serious and were talking about getting married.

With that we decided to move to a bigger place and decided that we should find a house that would accommodate us as well as my mom's boyfriends' kids as well (2 daughters who lived with their mom but visited on weekends).

It was a great move, everyone was happy, my sister and I still had to share a room, to keep a spare room for guests (we found a 3 bedroom house). But we had our own bathroom so we were delighted (teenage girls need their space). Things were going good; however, my mom's boyfriend started having some issues with his ex-wife which started causing arguments between my mom and him. Eventually they would argue every night, and maybe it was the atmosphere but the house started to seem to get darker.

To explain the house, it was a three bedroom house, you walk in through the lounge area which had huge windows that made it very bright. The kitchen to your right also with huge windows that allowed a lot brightness and light, which led down the corridor to the bedrooms. Each room also had huge windows which brightened the home.

As they continued to fight, it seemed like the light could not get in and it almost seemed like it was constantly dull inside the house even when it was bright and sunny outside. Things got really bad and eventually mom asked her boyfriend to leave.

A few weeks after he left, we noticed strange knocking and scratching sounds on the walls and cupboards. I would start to see out the corner of my eye shadow people move around. Sometimes after school my sister would go visit my aunt who lived on the same road as us (a house away) and I would go home. As I would walk past my mom's room (her room door would be slightly ajar) I would catch a glimpse of a someone sitting on her bed looking towards the wall. I would walk into her room to find no one there.

At night I used to study in the dining area which was close to the kitchen. From there you are able to see through the kitchen into the corridor towards the bedrooms as it was open plan area. The lounge area to the bedrooms was carpeted. And if someone woke up at night you would be able to see when they switched on their room lights.

Over the next few months I would study or read until early hours of the morning. I would hear someone walk up and down from the lounge to my mum's bedroom. I could hear someone drag their feet on the carpet towards my mom's room. I used to get quite freaked out because I never used to see anyone. Sometimes I would go to my mom and wake her up and ask her if she went to the lounge, I would also check with my sister. It was neither of them.

As time went by, my mum started to get ill. She would become very ill suddenly and we used to take her to the doctor to find that she recovered when she was away from home.

My sister and I started to notice more shadowing figures. Things started to move around, stuff would go missing and you would smell foul odors in the house sometimes. Mom was eventually hospitalized and when she got home my aunt and her family, who lived close by, decided that she will get her church pastor to come pray for my mom and bless the house. *My aunt had converted to Christianity many years ago.

After the blessing, mom felt much better and the house felt lighter. The pastor said that no evil would be able to enter our home and to also pray for protection.

Things were going well for a few months. Then one night I went to sleep in the guest room as I was reading until quite late and I heard faint knocking on a window. It sounded like it was coming from my mom's room. I went to my mom's room to see that she was awake and said that she woke up because she heard some one calling her and asking her to open the window. The knocking sound had stopped by then. She told me that she has been hearing this for a while now... I told her not to worry and that I will come sleep in her room, as she still was a bit under the weather.

That night while we were sleeping, I heard a loud banging against the window. I woke up so freaked out, said a few prayers, got out the bed and lit some Frankincense. In the morning when we checked the window we found that it had cracked. We got it replaced. But once again the dragging sounds on the carpet and scratching and knocking on the walls started.

We would hear cupboards open and close, doors open and close, feel cold drafts when it was super hot. Mom got more sick and still the doctors could not diagnose her. My gran decided to come live with us to help out.

Eventually gran, who is superstitious, said that maybe an evil spirit was feeding on mom's energy. Gran called a relative of hers who was also a "Hindu priestess or temple aunty" (somewhat of a psychic). This lady came by and confirmed my Gran's suspicions about an evil spirit. Once again we went through the process of blessing the house and doing a ritual of removing this spirit, etc.

Again things were good for a while, then a few months later I started to see the shadow figures again. Mum was much better and back at work. Mom was a hairdresser and made lots of friends and she was glad to be back at work; however, she fell sick again. By this time I was seeing shadowy figures during the day as well. Mom made a new friend who claimed to knowledgeable about all things that go bump in the night. She knew about ghosts and demons etc. *That's what she claimed.

We later found out that mom had lupus and that it was not a well know disease at that time. Mum, who was tired and frustrated of being ill, sought out advice from many people and also herbal remedies, etc to help her. Then one day her friend came over and told her that she could help her. She insisted that her lupus was an evil spirit sucking her life away. I feel at that point my mom was desperate for anything to help her and had become paranoid and afraid of being in the house.

Sometimes when mom was sick I would stay in her room, and sometimes I would see shadowy figures crawling up the walls and hover above her. We had seen so many priests, etc by then. It was just scary and we all were at our wits end.

So this "friend" came by and said she wanted to try one thing. She said that she will bury mum's illness, so told my mum to go outside in the garden barefooted, walk around and come back into the house. She said she will then sweep the dust off my mom's feet while "chanting" that she was sweeping away the evil and with it the illness. She then insisted that she and my mom go to the cemetery and bury this evil. So at midnight that's what they did.

My sister and I were not very happy about this and I definitely did not trust this lady. I definitely thought she was a bit "off". The next day mom said she felt a bit better, but I think it was just her mind helping her feel at ease. After that night we never saw her friend again. I told my gran what happened.

A week later mum got more ill and went to hospital. Gran, who was weary about what my mom did, called her relative who was a priestess again and told her to come by and bless mum at the hospital.

That night after she blessed mom, she told gran that what the "friend" did was wrong and was like burying mom before she died. (A lot of superstitious, out of this world stuff!). That night mum took a turn for the worst and never came back home...

Gran still says that mom's friend helped the evil spirit kill her. She says it was not her friend but that the evil manifested itself into this woman and came and took her life away.

After her funeral, my gran and aunt and elder cousins stayed over at our house. All of experienced what I still cannot really describe. It felt almost as if there was a wind storm in our house. It was like all the evil and shadow spirits left that night. I did not see anything or hear any knocking after the funeral.

We all shared this experience and have still mentioned it once or twice over the years after mom's death.

I believe that she was not treated properly for her lupus which led to her death but still wish I could find out what was really happening and whether the illness was attracting the "evil spirits" or if the "evil spirits" brought on the illness.

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Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-15)
Hi I believe it could have been your mums bfs ex wife that did that to your mum
dido (5 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-09)
Hi guys, just read the other comments now...

At Savagepotato: I had consulted with a psychic/medium who informed me that some one did target my mom but cannot reveal who it was in order to not cause any issues within the family. I truly believe that it was either my step mother or her mother. Reason being is as the years have gone by she has given me reason to believe that she is capable of doing anything to my family as she is a very negative & jealous person.

At Yogg-Sothoth: The boyfriend maintained a good relationship with us, and enquired about my mom a few times after the break up, showed genuine concern, even now 12 years later he still keeps in touch with my gran to check on my sister and I.
Yogg-Sothoth (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-07)
Have you ever thought it might have been the boyfriend, you said it was gone before until they started arguing. The first time seemed more directed more towards you and your sister, the other one was clearly after your mother. Maybe the boyfriend felt spiteful.
savagepotato (2 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-16)
I'm sorry to hear about your mother. May she rest in peace. I know not whether the spirits brought the disease or the disease brought the spirits, however I know that sadness, anger, and sickness are telltale signs of demonic possesion, I find it odd that all activity ceased after her death, as if their mission was done, it makes me believe that the spirits were sent there, perhaps by some otherworldly power or maybe by a human being who wished your mother ill, she could have been marked for death by someone.
dido (5 stories) (20 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-13)
Hi, I have questioned whether it could be my father or his wife. I know both of them although I don't maintain a relationship with either as I do not think they are the nicest people out there.
I remember when my moms and her friend came back, I was appalled and since I tend to voice my opinion to much without any tact at times, I said what a stupid thing to do. Anyway no one was impressed.
I know it seems like something out of a movie, but it is true and some times real life is scarier then movies. Thank you for your comment:)
Nightwish13 (2 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-12)
firstly I'm sorry for your loss. Evil spirits/demons definitely latch onto negativity... And also cause it. It is odd that the first priestess you went to said someone hexed your family. As to who it could of been... How well did you know your father? You said they divorced when you were 3 but never mentioned him again... I'm not trying to be rude just he was the one that popped into my mind as someone who could be responsible... I do not know the details so it may be a wrong guess... Also yes that so called friend of your mothers either was evil or very stupid. One thing I grew up knowing is that you never take anything out of a cemetary or leave anything behind... I hope you and your family are well and your mother at peace. I must say this sounds like it could be from the movies. But it doesn't mean I don't believe it. I know evil like that exists.

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