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As the title suggests this is about moving into a new home and I'm pretty sure it comes with ghosties.

Most of this narrative was written before the move. There's a bit at the end which was added today, 30th March.

Since I moved back to Australia I've wanted to live in my childhood hometown again, sentimental soul that I am. But this area is now posh and expensive, plus I'm renting. Nevertheless I've been determined to make it work.

It's been a long process. Didn't renew the lease on my current home. My plan was to secure a place and move around April or May. But the landlord decided to sell my current home. So my plan was brought forward. There's a rental crisis in Australia right now, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned. Against the odds, and after much exhaustive hard work, stress and sacrifices I did it. I actually did it. Still can't believe it. Think I need to sleep now for about a year. Erugh moving mountains sucks! But I believe it's well worth it.

Okay background and grumble over.

Signed the lease on the new place on Tuesday and picked up the keys the next day. I'm paid up on my current home until April so I can move at my own pace, thank goodness. On Thursday I went to the new place to sort out where everything was going to go and also tend to the garden. We had a heat spell here over a long weekend, last weekend. The garden in the new place is sublime want to protect it from random heat waves.

On that Thursday I was inside checking out where power points are and working out where best to put everything. There was this banging sound which I thought was a neighbour and completely ignored. I don't remember which room I was in when it started but it kept up. Nothing more to say about that except that when I was in the garden I didn't hear banging. Not sure if I would hear it from outside though. I haven't officially moved in yet and I'm not familiar with the way sound travels in this place. I was so focused on power points, furniture placement and such that I didn't click the banging was very obviously inside, not outside.

Today, Saturday, went to the new place. This time to start the condition report and take measurements and photos for the piano movers. For those who don't rent a condition report is a snapshot of the state of a property upon a new lease.

More banging. This time I noticed it. I was going around room to room looking for things to photograph for my end of the condition report. Found a couple scuffs on walls and "Andy" scratched on the bathroom wall, a stain on the tiles in the bathroom, nothing major. But there was this banging inside. Today I was in one of the bedrooms when it started. Bang, bang, bang. When I'm focused on a task it really takes a lot to pull my attention away from it. So I was aware, but not paying much attention. When the banging started I went to check I'd locked the front wire door. The place was stuffy when I arrived, wanted to let some air in. Front wire door locked as I'd left it. Went back to inspecting. More banging, more ignoring from me. When I got to the kitchen I was looking in the cupboards and this was the source of the noise. I slammed a cupboard door. Yep, that's the sound. How cliche can a ghost get? Kitchen cupboard doors, come on.

Just as I was leaving I thought I heard a voice. This was in the lounge room. Like it was in the room. I wondered if it was my voice as if maybe I'd let out a sigh without it registering. It was just odd whatever it was. It wasn't any word just a voice or a drone, like a sigh or yawn.

When I first found the listing for this place one of the listing photos was the lounge room showing a bar. Like a liquor bar. I don't drink, but who cares its dope. Got lights, shelves hanging from ceiling, mirror, stools bolted to the floor, its swanky. Someone obviously really put some love and care into this bar. Anyway when I first saw the listing I jokingly thought 'wonder if that bar's haunted' then I thought 'I've been spending too much time on YGS'. Can't say the voice or whatever it was came from the bar but it was the same room.

The history of this place built between the 1920's to 40's, weatherboard, tin roof. It would've been one of the original homes in the area. It was likely painted up in the early 2000's with a retro theme keeping with the era of the home. The rooms are all different colours in a vintage theme; dark red, terracotta, green, dark blue, pink bathroom. The exterior is a cream with dark red and green accents. I remember this house from being a kid but I couldn't tell you if the exterior paint job was exactly the same. Only that it's a white/cream weatherboard. The last people to live there were the landlady and her family. They were there since the early 2000's. At the lease signing the estate agent talked about the landlady and her family and the history of the garden. She talked about their pride for the house and how the lady has some health problems. Possibly an overshare on the agent's part or maybe the landlady wants this known. Don't think it's my place to divulge the finer details on the internet. But to summarize the landlady really loves the home and garden.

On my first visit after getting the keys I didn't notice "Andy" next to the toilet paper holder. Now hoping someone in that family is named Andy because if ghosts can scribble on walls I don't want to get the blame!

Before I left today I did a pretty darn good cleanse of the place lest this ghost/s be a problem.

Just quickly before I sign off here I had a similarly 'no build up, straight to the point' style happening when I moved into my current home. On the first night I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Standing at the sink with the bathroom door open, behind me is a hallway. A feeling came over me like I was being watched from the hallway behind by something really not nice. I also had a strong feeling the power was about to go out, even though the weather was still and calm. Well the power went out right then and there. I turned around to face whatever I felt was in the hallway behind me and said telepathically 'F - off' in a calm but defiant manner. The mood subsided and the power came back on. All in the space of about 10 seconds. Never had any issues after that. Massive relief.

But this ghostie or ghosties in the new house don't feel like that one I just mentioned. I don't mind living with ghosties as long as we respect each other.

Oh also today I was in the driveway leaving, watching some butterflies in the garden. I don't know how many but there were quite a lot dancing around a huge pine tree in the front. They're those orange and black butterflies that are found in various corners of the globe. I don't know what they're called. Anyway I was having a nice moment enjoying the shade of the canopy and just like that Deja vu. I dreamt of that moment about a year ago. That angle, this front yard, that moment. Except in the dream the weather was overcast and there were no butterflies. Today the sun was filtering through all dappled and golden.


This is after moving in. I've been here since Monday 25th.

There's been a few bangs here and there but nothing as major as before. I've noticed the cupboards in the bathroom make a similar sound to the kitchen. So it's anyone's guess where the banging was coming from.

Monday night, first night, was in the kitchen about to go to bed. Power went off. Just like the previous move. Odd coincidence perhaps. No ugly feeling involved this time. Power came back after about twenty seconds.

On Tuesday had an electrician over to do some safety checks, routine stuff organized by the estate agent. I told the electrician about the power outage. After some questions he said it was more likely the entire area, not the home. This makes sense because when the power returned I turned the lights off again to see if there was much street light coming in. There was quite a lot of street light coming in, which wasn't there moments before. So must have been the area, really weird coincidence huh.

Also on Tuesday morning as I was getting up I could hear a voice in the room. I think male, but can't be sure. Just a soft voice, I was still half asleep and wanted to get ready for the electrician. Couldn't say what the voice said, but it was talking quite a bit as I was waking up stumbling around the room looking for socks.

Then a letter came for the landlady. It's got 'To the trustee of Landlady's surname family' on the envelope.

Anyway I think that covers everything so far. LOL just noticed a new title on YGS about a rental home with a free ghost! This I must read.

Thanks for reading.

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Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
3 months ago (2024-04-15)
Tweed, these past few years have been really hard on everyone. Like many others, Rex and I lost family and friends during the pandemic. It's taught us that life's too short to dwell on the dark side. Let's leave all unpleasantness and misunderstandings in the past.

I just noticed that my link about the Monarch butterfly didn't turn out properly. So, here it is again for anyone who wants to know what the butterfly looks like:

Rex thinks the beeping sound at the time of the outage was from something with a battery backup, probably the smoke alarm, which is connected to the mains. He's the technician, so I'll take his word for it. Though the idea of a ghostie playing a prank on us sounds more fun.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
3 months ago (2024-04-15)
Jubeele, so glad you're still active on here. I owe you such a big apology. A couple of years ago I was going to send you an email about my less than crappy attitude towards you but I never did because there was a bunch of stuff happening and I was busy BUT that's no excuse really. As you know there's a quite a few idiots who like to waste everyones time on here and I lumped you in with that mob. As time went on I could tell I was so wrong and just because someone is really nice, doesn't mean their hiding something or over compensating for dodgy behaviour. So I am sorry I didn't bite my tongue and give you the benefit of the doubt. If any good has come of this it's that I'm now a bit less cynical and not so quick to jump to bad conclusions about people in general. So, ah I guess you taught me some humility. Looking back I've been a bit of a know all cow to quite a few people, mostly offline, and I've been working on changing that. A big part of that change has been you. You've had a big impact on me.

Okay, I think that's enough sickly sweet back peddling and sucking up from me!

The monarch butterfly, that is the one I was thinking of! I don't know if it was them but it looked like them. Haven't seen any since that day, unfortunately. But so many cabbage moths this year, don't know what that means. I know gardeners hate cabbage moths but I kind of like them.

Don't get me started on the housing crisis. Ugh capitalism at its finest. I grew up in rentals and we always had good landlords and well maintained housing so it wasn't always this way. Seems over the last twenty or so years 'investment properties' have turned people into the step sisters from Cinderella. It's less and less about profit and more and more about arrogance and a struggle for dominance.

"My mother believes that every home who has ever housed the living, will develop a certain awareness." THIS! I've always felt homes and their gardens have some kind of soul and I really love your mother's take on this.

I don't know what to make of the power outage coincidence. Oddly I was half expecting it to happen, though not at the time that it happened, unlike with the previous place. Do you know what made the beep sound at your place? Never heard of anything like that.

Thanks for your insight, all the best to you too!
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
3 months ago (2024-04-14)
Hi Tweed,

I think the orange-and-black butterfly is the Monarch butterfly, also known as the Wanderer. They are mainly found in North America, but have been known to be seen in Australia. Wanderer Butterfly - The Australian Museum.

The housing situation is pretty bad in Australia these days. It is good that you managed to find a place. My mother believes that every home who has ever housed the living, will develop a certain awareness. Loving households will have a loving house spirit, and the same will apply to unhappy homes. If the previous occupants loved the house and the garden, it is likely that there is a house spirit that is protective of the home.

We've also lost power recently at our place on two occasions. Each time, there was a loud beep and a complete power outage for a few seconds, before coming back on. It happened to our neighbours as well, so ours could be due to a momentary interruption in the power supply. But your power outage could very well be your house spirit or a visiting ghostie, trying to get your attention.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. All the best in your new home.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-05)
lol Lady Glow well I may have an update already.

Replying on phone sorry if this turns out unreadable
I've been streaming movies on the SBS on demand thing we have here. Last night and the night before there was a loud beep through the speakers while the film was playing. Both nights it happened once during both films. Movie sounds still present but a loud beeeeeep for about two seconds over the top, kind of drowning out the film sound.
Tuesday I watched Fargo (original movie) no beep.
Also Tuesday watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape. No beep.
Wednesday Kill Bill vol 1 one loud beep.
Thursday Kill Bill vol 2 another loud beep.
Tonight I didn't stream anything. Not because of beeps just wanted to sort through some books instead. If anyone in Aussie is streaming Kill Bill on SBS and recieving a loud beep please let me know. Otherwise maybe someone's trying to say hello. Don't know 🤷‍♀️.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3165 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-05)
Hi Tweed.

Don't take me wrong, but I hope your house is haunted, that way we will be reading more of your always interesting, entertaining, well written and wonderful experiences!

Perhaps the spirit was aware of your sensitivity from the very first time you enter their space and was trying to get your attention.

Great read. Thanks for sharing.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (153 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-03)
Hi, Tweed, Linjahaha here! I enjoyed your narrative, & am glad, for your sake, that it appears to be harmless. Hope it stays that way for you.
I'm glad that you read my account about the new rental house with a ghost. The landlord never acknowledged to the young couple that there was any paranormal activity going on, but I believe that he was well aware of it to begin with. The rent was extremely reasonable for such a lovely house. That was the initial warning sign. Caveat emptor-Buyer beware. A truer word was never spoke. However, it did all work for for them in the long run. I really hope that all goes very well for you in your new home. Please, keep us posted. Once again, a good read!

Take Care! 😆 😁
Rajine (14 stories) (835 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-03)
I suppose even resident spirits are concerned about who will be roommates with them, from the looks of it 😅, but I'm glad that everything seems to be calming down.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-03)
Rajine, definitely a bit more than I bargained for lol. I think they're pretty harmless whoever they are. Things seem a lot more settled so far, paranormal speaking at least. These ghost/s might have been concerned about who was going to be living here and decided to act up.

Twilight, I love the thought of someone sighing because they were fed up I wouldn't take them seriously lol that's a really cool theory and makes a lot of sense. It's very possible they were trying to warn me of a couple of serious faults with the place. Which brings me to an update of sorts. This week it rained really hard here and the freaking roof leaked all over my recording equipment. To say I'm angry is putting it mildly. I put the estate agent on blast for this. The other little chestnut unearthed was when the electrician said the place has no darn safety switch. Which the estate agent said they hadn't received the report for. Estate agent put on blast for a second time. Safety switch was installed today and the roof is being fixed as soon as the weather dries up. I can't believe the landlady and her family who lived here before me didn't know about the leak because it's HUGE. All the rain from the other day has pealed off what looks like a cheap patch job of wallpaper over old water marks. It leaked from the light bulb, the roof and the wall in one room creating a pond on the floor. Unfortunately I didn't know until after it had been raining super hard for about six hours on my desk with my expensive kit on it. Such is the state of renting in these modern times. A lot of sharks out there. Ghosts I don't mind. It's the living I can do without. On a lighter note it's really cool to be here again. So maybe said ghost/s were trying to warn me of the faults? Don't know, that'd be nice though.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (322 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-02)
I can't help but wonder, if the possible sigh, you might have heard, when trying to leave your new home, after you was going through it, and had heard the bangs, if you had actually indeed heard a sigh, that wasn't from you, I'm curious if it was whatever is there, either getting upset that they had failed to get your attention the way they were wanting, or if it was a possible warning of some kind, that a ghost may have been trying to warn you of. I think it's possibly more of my first thought, of it trying to get your attention for whatever reason, verses a warning, well, I hope at least. From what you described so far, it hasn't came off negative really, so it's possible it may have just been excited to have new people moving in, and wanting some attention. I'm very interested in learning how your new home goes for you, and can't wait to be updated on it. I'm happy you were able to find somewhere in your hometown area, to live, within the time frame you had though. Thank you for sharing your new experience in your new home, and hopefully with any updates you may have, it'll be more of the harmless nature, and nothing too negative.
Rajine (14 stories) (835 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-01)
Hi Tweed

It seems like you got a bit more than you bargained for with said resident ghost/s.
So far it seems harmless, hopefully with time it'll cease completely, but a good regular cleansing now and then should help.

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