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Is My House Haunted Or Am I? 2


I'm sorry in advance that this is so long. This is my second story carrying on from my first one with the same title.

I want to do my stories in order so this one happened when I went to university in Cheshire, England. I do believe that this may have been a different spirit than the one in my house as it seemed more friendly (most of the time), it seemed like it was just curious.

I first noticed it when I would be laying in my bed going to sleep I would hear what sounded like the papers on my desk shuffling around but I could never see anything actually moving so put it down to hearing things. I noticed other strange things but never really let any of it get to me as it was very mild compared to what had happened at home.

I will describe our accommodation first as it will be helpful, we lived on campus which was set up into corridors with 8 doors to each corridor and an emergency door (Alarmed) splitting us from the next corridor, and we had a kitchen in the middle which had a glass panel on the door.

One night we were all talking in the kitchen when we all seen what looked like a person walk past the kitchen door so one of my friends ran to open the kitchen door to look out to see who it was but there was no one there, (now all the doors for our rooms and to get out were those fire doors that slam shut after you go out them) she turned and asked had any of us heard a door close and none of us had and we all just looked at each other, then I said 'you know I have seen that quite a few times and I always go to check and there is never anyone there and I never hear any doors closing' I did expect them all to laugh at me and tell me I was crazy but I was surprised when they all admitted to seeing it too. Throughout our year there we continued to see this 'person' walk past no one ever seen anything other than a dark figure no clothing or hair to define who it could have been.

The next experience was when I was going to sleep one night facing the wall, when I heard what sounded like someone talk in my ear (it definitely was not English) but I assumed it was my boyfriend at the time and turned round and said 'shut up i'm trying to sleep' but when I turned around and woke up a bit more I remembered that my boyfriend wasn't staying with me, I got quite scared and sat and watched films all night to calm myself down and I asked it several times to leave me alone as it was scaring me (it did as I asked and I didn't have another experience in my room for about 3 months) although they continued in the corridor.

The next experience happened to one of my friends and was when we all came back from Christmas break, one of the girls is from Austria and she brought us back these animal hats with our own unique animals which we wore around our rooms and corridor. She said she was in her room and decided that she wanted something to eat so went to the kitchen but stopped just before she went in as she could see someone standing in the kitchen looking out the other window wearing a giraffe hat like ours except NO ONE got a giraffe hat! She stood and looked for a moment and said the 'person' never moved an inch and she thought it was someone she didn't know so went back to her room where she decided that no it was our kitchen and she has a right to go in so went back and the 'person' was gone, now there was not enough time for her to go into her room turn around and come back out and not even see a door close never mind see the person leaving the kitchen. She also said it looked like a male (there was only one boy in our corridor and he was still in Ireland at the time).

The last major experience I had was when I had come back after being at the bar (I promise I had 1 vodka and coke, not enough to have any effect on me what so ever) my boyfriend had bought me a nightlight that projects lasers and lights onto the walls and roof, and I really loved it so I sat on my bed and turned it on, it changed lots of colours but when it came to the red colour I was stunned to see a persons shadow on my wall, now I was laying on my bed there was no one else in the room! I was frozen with fear but when it changed colour the shadow went away, so I took a deep breath and thought what was that? Then it came back round to red again and there was the shadow on the wall again, it was an actual person shaped shadow, I freaked out and started to cry and somehow convinced myself to check one more time incase I was over reacting and when it came to red there it was on my wall, I lept out of the bed pulled the lead from the wall and turned on my main light. That was one of the scariest experiences I had, this was also the first experience I had since hearing the talking in my ear and asking it to leave me alone.

The colour red made me think that it was angry, was it angry cause I had asked it to leave? Why was I having paranormal experiences at uni and at home?

Does anyone know what this one could have been? Or what it wanted?

I have more experiences from my home from after uni which I will post soon.

Thank you for reading

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Molly_23_boo (3 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-22)
Thank you for all your comments:)
[at] seafordMuse I never knew that about the light frequences, that's very interesting.
[at] rookdydin No I don't think any students have passed away as the accommodation was nearly brand new but the campus is on what looks like would have been an estate for a wealthy person in the past so maybe there is some history there, I must see if I can find anything. With regards to the figure in the corridor, it was almost instantly that the corridor was checked as one of the girls was at her cupboard near the door at the time so she definitely would have seen if anyone had left even if it was just the door closing over.
I am no longer at uni, this was about 5 years ago now so I wouldn't be able to get any photos or things like that unfortunately.
I will definitely keep you's up to date if I find anything online about the history though.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-22)

Welcome to YGS. You have related some intresting experiences. First I will say I agree with Seaford Muse. Seeing the shadow in the red light had more to do with the spirits energy frequency than its mood.

Second, odds are the spirit in you UNI Housing is not the same as the one you have experienced at home... You said it yourself... It felt different... In cases of paranormal experiences I have found that our gut feelings about the spirit entity are correct... There is fear of course... But that fear is based on the fact we do not understand what we are experiencing and not anything the spirit or entity really 'feels' like.

Time for some research... Has a student passed. Away in your corridor? Start a Journal... Have as many of your friends that are willing to start one as well. Strange events should be recorded so they can be investigated and compared... Remember EVERYTHING NATURAL AND MEDICAL (this means drugs alcohol as well) have to ruled out before the paranormal can be considered.

I do want to ask this... You mentioned that a number of people saw a person walk past the kitchen door and when someone checked no one was there... How many people saw this? How long after they passed was the corridor checked? Just because no one heard a door close does not mean one did not... We sometimes do not hear sounds we are familiar with... Especially if are attention is focused on other things... Just a possibility that needs to be considered.

So, Journals...Research...PicturesEVP's if your up for attempting them. Please keep us posted and should you feel the need to shield yourself of cleans the Rooms please look on my profile I have a method posted there which may help, it has helped other members.


howwilliknow (1 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-21)
I think it's impressive you could make it so long. I'll be working on a story for ages and it only turns into a little paragraph! I really enjoyed your narration and look forward to more of your stories.
SeafordMuse (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-21)
Keep in mind also that, just as spirits can be heard at different sound frequencies... They can be seen at different light frequencies. I don't think it meant anything angry at all... It was just the light frequency at which it could appear to you.
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-21)
Molly- Welcome to YGS. This is a very good place to find some answers. Has worked for me many times.

So, I think the dark figure walking past the kitchen might be a residual type haunt. Meaning it's like on a loop replaying over and over. Non-intelligent. Non-interactive.

Now that one that showed up with the giraffe mask is totally different. That would be one that does interact and would be considered an intelligent being. To me it seems as if they want to be included in what was going on at the time. I'm sure it wanted to part of the group.

Now that last one I'm going to let someone else elaborate. Could be the same one with the mask or that had been in your room. There are too many options to be specific for me on that.

Great story! Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing.

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