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Is My House Haunted Or Am I? Part 3


I am hoping to get the rest of my stories into this one piece so it may be quite long, I apologize in advance. I have two previous stories by the same name, this story is a continuation of my paranormal experiences that have occurred so far in my life.

My last story was based at my uni in England, these next stories are based back at my house in Ireland which I share with my mum and dad (who are complete non believers) and my two sisters (who agree that something is not right with the house.)

I am going to start with when I was home from uni for a holiday (I'm not sure what holiday it was for,) I had just arrived home roughly 15 minutes and was sitting on the sofa with my boyfriend at the time chatting to my mum who was sitting on another seat, she was showing me the big frame that contained our photos from our family photo shoot that we had done 3 months prior. She was so happy with it and it had been hung above our fireplace in the living room.

My mum was saying how she was annoyed that she had forgotten to take one of my brothers teddies with us to be in the photos to represent him (he passed away in 2005, aged 5.) She asked me did I think that he would be annoyed with her and I told her that of course he wouldn't, then somehow the conversation came round to me being afraid of the house. At this stage I was the only person who had experiences so no one else believed me and thought I was just being attention seeking.

My mum then said as she was leaving the room 'aw I would love to have a ghost in the house' (what a thing to say!) finishing the sentence as she reached the kitchen at the top of the hall, the second she had got the words out the big frame came off the wall and crashed to the ground smashing everywhere and scaring the lives out of me and my boyfriend who were still in the room. 'Tell me that wasn't me picture!' She screamed down the hall, to which I replied 'you said you wanted a ghost didn't you!'

Now a frame, especially a heavy frame falling off a wall is hardly paranormal, but the thing is, the top of our fireplace is quite wide and comes out a fair distance from the wall, enough so that if the frame had fallen had it bent the nails or slipped off then it would definitely have hit the top of the fireplace on its way down then hit the floor but no the frame had not hit the top of the fireplace at all and the nails were not bent. We could find no reason as to why it had come off the wall. I pointed out that it had not hit the fireplace no one else could figure it out either but would not listen to me that I thought it was paranormal. It would have had to moved away from the wall then dropped to have smashed how it did. And is it just coincidence that my mother wished to have a ghost at the same second it fell? (I understand this may not be paranormal but it freaked me out so if anyone else can explain please feel free.)

My next set of experiences occurred after I moved back from uni so I would have been 20 at the time. Now after I moved back my younger sister who we will call Amy for the sake of a name had also started noticing things around the house. She became afraid of my room (I had never told her anything that happened in my room so she had no reason to be afraid.) She refused to sit in my room if I was not there and said she would hear my bed creak when she was upstairs by herself (my bed only creaked when someone sat on it) and would hear what sound like someone moving around in my room. On several occasions she thought it was me and would go into my room to see no one there.

Due to a change in circumstances Amy then had to move into my room to share with me, which she was less than pleased about although she never had any experiences when she was in the room, only when she was passing it or in the bathroom she would hear noises.

Amy went to stay at a friend's house one night which left me alone in the room and this was the first time I experienced this. I was laying down trying to sleep when I felt a big chill come over me. It started at my feet then made its way over me, it felt like someone had lay on top of me or had crawled up from the bottom of my bed over me. I was instantly terrified as I somehow knew this wasn't a normal chill, then I began to feel myself being pulled down the bed (very slowly) as if whatever it was was teasing me, trying to scare me. I was frozen with fear and couldn't move then suddenly it stopped.

This happened I would say 10 times, only when Amy wasn't sleeping in the room. On one night I remember trying to scream and nothing coming out, then when it stopped a squeak sound came from me even though I was trying to scream. When I turned 21 I moved out of the house and that is when it stopped and although I now live there again it has not happened again (thank god) but I am in a different bedroom. Amy became to scared of the room and moved into another room (my current bedroom) a few months before I moved out of the house.

My final story is not my own it is Amy's, it was her first major experience. This happened before I moved out in the room that is now my current bedroom.

Amy was in the house alone as I was on a night out, my dad was working and my mum was on holidays. She had gone to bed and was laying on her phone facing the wall, when she heard something breathing behind her, she assumed it was our dog as she would usually take the dog upstairs if she was alone in the house so ignored it for a second or two, then she remembered that on this night she had not brought the dog upstairs and started to get scared as the breathing was clearly happening behind her in the room. She managed to gain the courage and sat up in the bed and looked across the room.

The second she sat up the breathing stopped and there was nothing there, and she began to calm down, (in one of my previous stories I mentioned that we all have an attic door in each of our rooms as our upstairs is an attic conversion, well Amy's was on her back bedroom wall.) She then began to hear a knocking coming from the attic door, so as anyone would she panicked and jumped out of her bed to run out of the room, but then realised her phone was dying and she needed her phone charger (only she would think of her damn phone instead of running away lol.) So she was trying to get her charger but it was tangled up, she said that the more panicked she became the faster and the harder the knocking became, she said she was expecting the door to fly open with the force of the knocking.

She eventually got her charger and ran out. She said that as she was running out of the room she got a strong feeling that something was following her out but was to afraid to turn around so ran down the stairs (which lead into our kitchen.) When she was halfway across the kitchen she said she suddenly became stuck on the spot and could not move anymore although she was trying to.

She said she could just see the top stair and that she could see something standing there and she could hear it breathing really heavy as if it was angry. She said she got the impression that whatever it was it couldn't come down the stairs as if it was trapped upstairs. She was then able to move and she ran to the living room and put the TV on really loud and phoned her boyfriend. She stayed awake the whole night until I came home the next day then told me everything.

When she was halfway through the story we began to hear footsteps upstairs and we both looked at each other and I said just ignore it and tell me the rest. When she got to the end she said, 'You don't understand it was actually knocking at the door like this' then she knocked on the wall to show me and as she knocked something knocked back upstairs (her bedroom was above the sitting room) we both freaked out and I called my boyfriend and told him to get to the house asap! But of course he didn't believe us and neither did our parents.

Amy also said that her experience was the first time she has ever felt that whatever it is actually wanted to hurt her and she feared for her life because she believed it would have hurt or killed her had it got to her.

Nothing has happened in the house since I moved back during the summer this year (fingers crossed) although I can't sleep unless I keep the tv on because I am scared in case I do hear anything.

I will definitely write again if I experience anything else (but I hope I don't.)

Any advice would be great.

Thank you for reading

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demonshauntme (1 stories) (29 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-09)
Hi, don't know if I'm late to comment, but here it goes. Blessing the home is a good idea (atleast I think), christian or not, I believe Gods grace is not limited to christians, it is granted to all, who act in good faith. Speak to your pastor Hope I was usefull. Best wishes.
Scarylolly123 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-04)
i so enjoyed reading your story, it felt like I was there, get your house blessed and lid candles they say it keeps the spirits away, I get a lot of dreams since childhood where I feel numb and if someone is lying on top of me, I'm so scared no screaming comes out but when I get to my senses I always call upon the name of Jesus, then it all disappears. Keep your room holy with the bible and verses, its all demonic attacks I believe
always4got10 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-04)
Ive had similar experiences and they just get worst the longer you allow the entity to stay it is best to have yourhome blessed and no not only catholic bless homes I believe any pastor, preacher, priest, etc will. I lived in this house 15 years and it only revealed itself to me from full body apparitions to hearing them talk whistle etc to being held down to feeling them near to seeing shadows capturing photos not able to use phone or internet if it was to seek help or talk about them and finally after 15 years it attacked my mother and she talked to our pastor he blessed the house it went away it comes back and tests us from time to time but we read the warfare prayer and it leaves
bizzjoe (1 stories) (162 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-01)
I also heard breathing in my room, I was lying on my bed, and I knew if I looked around it would disappear... So I just listened in amazement, and after 15 or so seconds it just faded away, like someone turning down a radio... I enjoyed your story...

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