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In 2010, I was living in a very small town in northern Michigan and had a few friends up there who lived right near me, on the same road. We were always hanging out together, playing on the beach right near my house in the summer and sledding down every possible hill in winter. One day, though, my friend who we'll call Beth, brought up something rather interesting while we were eating lunch at a pizza place in town. She said that her mother had found a Ouija Board in her basement, and that she was allowed to use it. This excited all of us, because the forest I lived in and the beach right off that forest had some stories tied to it about being a paranormal hotspot.

So we decided to use the board that night, after my parents fell asleep. We planned for our group (Beth, Jonathan, Michael, Tyler, and I, note that those are not real names) to come to my place at midnight. Being a small town, it was pitch black after 9 o'clock during summer, especially near my house because I lived in a little cabin alongside about 7 others in one of the forests within the city limits. So they had to bike through these desolate roads surrounded by thick forest, which actually had a large amount of coyotes, so I'm sure they were spooked a few times by some. Note that, though it was in the forest, it was only a 20-minute bike ride to my school, which was in the heart of the city, so they probably only biked for like 10-15 minutes.

After they arrived, we set up the board under this tree I called the "Halloween Tree," a really crooked, knobby pine or something of the sort, that curved towards the top making the tip nearly touch the ground, forming a little alcove. From what I can remember, it grew from the water, so the alcove was half water/half sand. There was a really big, flat rock that we set the board on. There was also a small dock that was in the shade of the tree.

We decided that Beth and Jonathan would use the planchette first, and the rest of us sat on the dock waiting our turn. Beth wanted to use the planchette every time, so we'd just take Jonathan's place, or whoever wasn't Beth at the planchette.

Beth and Jonathan tried for a while, getting nothing from the board itself. But 10 or so minutes into them whispering questions to spirits who clearly were not going to answer at the moment, a large branch fell from the tree. Not a little one that could easily fall on its own, but a huge branch almost three feet long. It hadn't been loose before, but we thought that it probably was, we just hadn't noticed.

Next up was Tyler. He'd used a Ouija Board before, and he said that he and his brother had really good luck. He wasn't lying; once his fingers were on the planchette and he began speaking, the planchette began moving slowly, in circles on the board. We thought that it was just him, and we all got really mad, but he insisted he wasn't. When he asked it its name, it said "no". Not by moving the planchette to the word "no" on the board, but by spelling it out, which confused us. When we asked it how it died, once again, it spelled out "no". We asked it its birth date, who its family was, if it was good or evil, all the generic questions. To each one it spelled "no". When we said that it was dismissed, it moved the planchette to "goodbye".

I was nervous by then, looking over my shoulders all the time, trying to get Tyler to say that he'd been moving the planchette, but he wouldn't admit to it, or he really hadn't been. It was supposed to be my turn next, but I refused to use the board. So we put Michael in place of me. When he got on the board and asked if there were any spirits there, it responded with a spelling out "go" multiple times. I was scared out of my mind, so were Michael and Beth. Beth asked, "Who do you want to go?" and it moved the planchette towards Michael, who yelped. He asked where the spirit wanted him to go, it said "line". It knew we had an order. Michael asked if it wanted anyone in his place, and it spelled out my name, "Aide" multiple times. I was nearly in tears by this time, but I walked over to the board. Michael and I carefully traded places on the planchette. When I was sitting at the board, the planchette promptly moved to the letters spelling "smile". I didn't know if it wanted me to smile or if it was smiling.

I didn't smile, I couldn't, I was really afraid. I said "hello" to the spirit. It replied with "hi". I asked its name, to which it responded "your" very slowly. Nothing followed the your. I silently screamed, and started bawling at that point, which is when Michael came up to me and hugged me from behind and said "it's okay," and I kept going.

I asked it more questions, and found out that the spirit was a boy who died in 1998, the year I was born, on the same day I was born, the 12th of December. I tried dismissing it, it responded with spelling out "no" over and over again for nearly two minutes. I said, "You are dismissed, goodbye" again, and it responded with "okay" then slowly worked the planchette to "goodbye".

I cried really hard after that, along with Beth. My parents heard us, along with one of my neighbors, and asked us what had happened. I couldn't answer. Michael and Tyler tried to explain. Beth and I were hugging and my mum was comforting us. Jonathan was putting the board back in the box, saying that this was a bad idea, screaming at Beth that we should throw the board into the water. We didn't though.

My parents normally would have gotten us all in trouble, but instead took pity on us. We drove everyone home and I slept with my parents that night, not asking about a boy who had died when I was born.

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Kota (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-30)
You might be a reincarnation of that boy. If you were born the same day he died, then you are or could be his reincarnation if you ask him how he died (which I do NOT recommend doing) then that could have been how you died in your past life.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-27)
So y'all want to hear my theory of the best use of a ouijia board? Ok, so I did a little research and discovered that Michigan had a problem with child deaths. Averaged 2,000 a year, until 1998 when it went down to 9,950 something. Most of the deaths were from fire, next was car wrecks, then SIDS, improper gun use, and sure enough fetal mortality. So it could very well be a child spirit trying to conect. And actually Tris didn't go very far out on the limb, I've heard of many cases of sibling deaths in the womb that didn't get mentioned until late in life, including one sketchy one the doctor just didn't mention. Not saying that's the case here, just saying.
Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-24)
And now I've found an excellent videogame recommendation. Thanks, guys! 😁 I love this site.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and voice the opposite of the others: Ask your parents if you had a twin. It's not uncommon for one to survive to term while the other doesn't. In fact, I have a dear friend who is of a set of triplets, and one of his brothers nearly died in utero, multiple times. (Apparently one brother was stealing all the nutrients, starving him out.) Lots of medical intervention was required.

My father, to this day, does not know my mother miscarried once before she became pregnant with me. Some people are very good at keeping secrets.
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
jynnantonnix (2 stories) (21 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
My first thought was one of reincarnation, but that wouldn't make sense because if the soul was in a new body, it wouldn't also be speaking from the beyond at the same time. Which is kind of too bad, because I've always been kind of fascinated by reincarnation stories.

So, given that, I would tend to think it might be the friend's idea of a prank, especially seeing that you were rattled by the idea of using the board in the first place. It really wouldn't be hard to manipulate.
elnoraemily (guest)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
The game was Beyond Two Souls and it is amazing.


Ahem. Anyhow. 😆
elnoraemily (guest)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
Thank you for the explanation! That cleared a bit up for me.

Do you think that maybe it could have been a friend messing with you? You did mention that one of them never wanted to leave the board and then it asked for you. Do you think its possible that they were trying to trick you using information that they would know about you and then freaked out when you became disturbed by it?
webkinzlid (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
I've heard of a game like that, where the boy has a twin who's living in him or something and it eats him alive from the inside. I might be thinking of something else, though.
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
Again another Ouija story... But I agree with elnora basically hitting all the nails on the head apart from the scolding.
Would be freaky that you had a twin if that were the case but again, I am assuming it would have come up by now. Kind of like that video game that was super popular about a year ago... Two of us or something like that.
pumpchick15 (2 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
[at] elnoraemily I was a bit confused about that too. But she probably meant because the boy had the same birthday and everything, he was like her twin but no biologically related. Like, my friend and another guy in my class are the same age and have the same birthday and they were born on the same hour so people call them "the twins" even though they aren't related. That's probably what she meant.

In terms of the story I really enjoyed it. I've heard a lot about spirits who enjoy speaking to certain people. Me and My godmother used the board once and the spirit wanted to talk more to her because she was shy. Then after my godmother loosened up, She wanted to talk more to me then to both of us. The child might've just wanted to connect with you because you both were born on the same date. I probably would've been curios and nervous.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
webkinzlid - I agree with elnora's assessment on hiding a twin pregnancy. Someone, somewhere over the years would have let something slip.

My home is surrounded by woods on three sides and limbs of all sorts of sizes fall all the time. Young limbs, old limbs. Limbs fall for many reasons.

Either your friends were playing a trick on you, or something else is going on here.
RitaCMW (2 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
Ouija boards are not good, as anyone on this forum will tell you. Please stay away from them. In regards to what happened, it is possible it was your imagination as it seemed to talk to you. As long as you have had no other experiences, I would put it out of your mind. Remember, ouija boards can be dangerous.
webkinzlid (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
I was using "twins" as something kind of like a metaphor, I guess. Like a death-and-birth twin, but that obviously happens a lot, as people die and are born every day. And I didn't have a twin, my parents would've told me (I hope).
elnoraemily (guest)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
In fairness, large branches tend to bread under their own weight quite often. Once they hit a certain length, the strain on the branch becomes too much for it to bear and it will break. They won't necessarily be lose before they snap. I think that may have just been a badly timed coincidence. Gravity can be mean.

I'll skip the obligatory "Don't use the board" scolding.

Are you assuming that this is a secret twin, based on the title and the not asking of your parents? That is a pretty difficult thing to keep covered up and to lie about, especially for you happen to have family photo albums showing the pregnancy and shortly after birth (just using this as an example because my parents have a photo book solely dedicated to my mother's pregnancy with both of us). Especially since you did not ask them, it will seem odd to assume that this is a twin. At least, I think that is what you are implying.

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