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Sounds In The Night


All of this happened at my brother's house. This is the first time I publish my experience on paranormal. I have experienced few things at my own house that I plan to publish them later. My English is not very good so I apologize for any mistakes in my grammar.

I haven't researched about ghosts before and information is hard to find in my country apart from religious books, and I love my religion as the next guy does to read them. Only after this incident I started to research and came across this website and a documentary in YouTube called The Entity. I learned a lot, but some stuff just does not do well with logic.

It all started when I had to spend nights at my brother's house for a few months because he and his wife decided to move to her home town for a few months due to her father's failing health. They did not want to leave the house unoccupied and asked me to stay there for a while. Even thought I did not felt very comfortable about the idea, I agreed. That house always made me uncomfortable no matter I was alone in there or I was with someone else. It's not an old house. My father built it just for my brother and his family and it hasn't been even five years since they moved in.

First few days were normal apart from few sounds that woke me up. I thought it was normal here and ignored it. Few days later while I was watching TV, I heard a tapping sound. It was like this "tap...tap...tap" and it stopped. Again I ignored it and kept watching TV, only to hear that tapping sound again. Three taps and stopped like before. Again I kept watching TV but after few times hearing this sound I finally decided to investigate where this sound coming from. I thought some kind of animal was trapped inside the house, likely a mouse and it might be the source of this sound.

Tapping sound came from the store room and I was expecting to see a mouse when I turned the lights on but nothing was there. The store room is very clean. I checked inside but nothing was out of place.

That night I lay awake for a very long time and I can hear that tapping sound. Even next day I heard that noise but I was unable to find the source. I had no idea what to do except keep wake and soon I found out this tapping sound starts just as the clock hits 10. 30 pm and it continued until 3.00 am for every ten minutes during that time.

Two weeks later I woke up by the sound of footsteps and sound of the door opening. I knew I am the only one in the house and I closed and locked every other door. Only unlocked door was the door of the room I slept and it stayed the same way I left open before I went to sleep. I remained in the bed just in case if it actually was a thief, it was better to stay unharmed than risk my life.

Next morning I checked the house for missing things but nothing was missing and doors I locked remained as it is. I was unable to find any sign of forced entry. I was scared that day so I called my brother and asked him if he ever heard any sounds at night in this house but he assured me there wasn't.

But things did not get any better. Just after 10. 30 pm that tapping sound starts and after that between 11. 00 pm to 1.00 am footsteps and sound of doors opening and closing. It was scary to stay alone but that was not the first time I had to live like that, so despite this all I stayed there.

After few days I thought I might be imagining things because I was alone in that house and my feelings of fear. That was a very good combination to play tricks in one's mind. So to do some tests I invited one of my cousins who live nearby to stay for few days in that house with me and I didn't say anything about the sounds or anything. In fact, I made it sound like it was very fun idea and needless to say he agreed.

First two nights I observed. We watched movies until late at night and I was waiting for something to happen and just as the clock hit 10. 30 pm... Nothing happened. That night I did not hear any sounds of footsteps or doors slamming.

For next five days I stayed with my cousin, nothing happened but I am not done yet. To make absolutely sure I did not imaging things I had to let my cousin to stay few nights alone. I persuade him to stay without telling anythings I am doing. Though I am not proud of what I did, I had to do it to make sure I don't have a wild imagination and to get answers.

After the third night, he said to me he was going his home and don't want to be in that house anymore. When asked why he said he couldn't sleep because of noises and described he could hear doors opening and closing. That scared him and did not wanted to be there anymore. He did not say anything about tapping noise or sounds of footsteps. I did not say anything I experienced in there to him just in case he might get angry.

So, after he left, I again stayed at night that day. Tapping noise started at 10. 30 as usual. That night while I was sleeping I can remember dreaming something but suddenly whatever I was seeing, it changed. I can remember it clearly than anything. It was like seeing from my own eyes. Yet I knew straight away it was not from my own but through someone else. I know that sounds like a scene from the Harry Potter but that was real. I would not believe it if someone else said something like this. But to actually happen to me, well that was scary as hell.

Anyway, I saw as my point of view walking out from the store room and continued to the room I was sleeping. Door was open the exact way I left it before I went to sleep. I entered to the room and saw me sleeping on the bed.

Suddenly I moved so fast towards my sleeping form with arms stretched to my sleeping body. Just as the arms about to touch my neck, I woke up. I felt someone is on my stomach and trying to strangle me. I tried to speak or move but it was like my body was too shocked and scared to do anything. I was scared. I thought this is the end. I am not going to make it to next day. I am a Buddhist, so I tried to say Buddhist prayer to save myself, believing this must be a spirit, but I could not move my mouth. So I prayed from my mind. It took about a minute or so though it felt like forever. Then I was released.

It was about 2.00 am and I did not feel like sleeping anymore. So I turned on the TV and turned the volume up so that way I cannot hear that tapping sound then left the house at 5.00 am. I called my brother and told him what happened and promised never to return that place until he performs a cleansing there which he did few days later. Only after that I came to that house.

I decided to stay one night alone after the cleansing to test it actually works. At 10. 30 pm... Nothing happened. Waited and waited but no sound came. Nothing happened that night or the next.

While searching about this in the internet, I found out this thing called sleep paralysis and I want to believe this is what actually happened because that made sense. But that does not explain the tapping sound or the sounds of footsteps or doors opening or closing when I know they are locked. I am not the only one who experienced this. My cousin did too. That is something I cannot find any explanation.

It has been few months now after the cleansing and whenever I come to stay alone at night, I did not hear any sound there. But still though, I get this creepy feeling when I entered the store room. Maybe that's because of that dream. I am not going to find out.

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buthaya (8 stories) (41 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-26)
I grew up in a haunted house. There were many sounds and stuff happened there. It was scary, but the sounds is something I got used to. You will too if you grew up like that. But it is scary.

I understand what you saying. More I think about it, more it seems like paranormal. Before this I have no idea about something like this possible. It never happened to me before. Sleep paralysis does makes scene if I try to look at this from a logical point of view. But that does not explain the sounds. In the story I said I want to believe this as sleep paralysis. But deep down I know that is not the case.

Thanks for reading guys... This is my first story.
Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-24)
You are a brave person. I would have noped out of there real fast. I don't have nice dreams when there's a lot of thumping of doors going on. I get too paranoid about intruders. And if I convince myself it's safe, what if there is finally an intruder and I've trained myself to stop paying attention? Nope.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-24)
Hi, Buthaya... Really a creepy incidents you have experienced... Oh God! How you manage to stay there after listening that unexplainable noise. You've mentioned about sleep paralysis. I want to say something.

As per my knowledge there is a thin line between sleep paralysis and paranormal activity. My mom also experienced a paranormal activity where one of ghost living in my mouse tried to tangle mom's neck. So this is paranormal and recently I also experienced neck tangle but that was sleep paralysis.

Do you know the history of that land?

Your brother and his wife also experienced the same?



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