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The Anklets Sound And Scary Hand


That was my first experience, It happened when I was sleeping with my three younger brothers on our house open terrace, it was summer night, wind blowing nicely, we slept together on a mat, I was on the last corner. In the mid night my sleep was disturbed and again I was trying to sleep, I was sleeping in face down position, I closed my eyes, then it happened.

The wind started blowing so fast and fast, suddenly I heard Anklets sound, I felt like someone walking fast by wearing big size anklets,

The sound becoming louder & it seems like it was coming to me, but I have not opened my eyes, and a minute later, I felt like someone sat upon me (exactly above my hip), I felt like I was freezing and I was scared, and was thinking what is this? What it will do with me? I was trying to getup but I couldn't, I was able to breath and don't felt much weightier upon me but I was not able to move, I was completely scared and started praying, then the thing started moving from me. I didn't waken up immediately due to fear.

After few minutes I get up and shocked to see what happened, my youngest brother's pillow was burning, we kept a mosquito coil near our mat, he was a 6-7 years old, he moved up in sleep and his pillow may be touched to that and flamed, I waken him up immediately, if it was delayed for at least 2 minutes his face & body could have been burned, I waken up all my brothers and rushed immediately in to our home, my father and mother opened the door and asked me what happened?, I explained them the entire story they were also shocked. And we observed that my brother's hair was little bit burned.

Next day we discussed about that issue, after a deep thinking my mother remembered the words of her mother-in-law, she explained some one is here in the place from a long time, she couldn't appear to anybody, only the sound of anklets comes from entire home, and she also said it is not harmful. And she highlighted that the anklets sound only sounds to our grand mother, not even to our grand father and remaining family members. In the beginning when my mom came to this house newly she was also listened the sounds, but after some days it stopped.

Then we realized that she came to save my brother, if she was not came and not tried to wake me up we can imagine what could be happened to my brother,

From that day my mother and I felt that anklets sound regularly during night time, when I was in sleep some times I feel like someone touching me simply and it was same feeling like that night.

But I was not able to understand why she started to come again after a long time? Why she selected me, not even my brothers? And why she coming and touching particularly me?

After 2 years I moved away from my home for job purpose, here also I had same experience, she coming to here also, the city is around 1500 kilometers from my home.

I confused who is she? May be she is one of our family members or may be a goddess,

Need your comments...

Thanks for reading my story.

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Trischa_D (guest)
9 years ago (2015-05-19)
I think it's awesome that she was obviously looking out for you and your family. You may never discover who she is, but be thankful that she's around!
DreamOfMe (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-09)
The anklet sound I heard in my home was a frigging biatch! Female ghost in Malay she is called Pontianak, in nepal, it's call kiskande, in English it's called succubus.
A female ghost targeting male.
May God bless you.
WiniPu4 (207 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-08)

I wouldn't worry too much. She obviously used pressure without pain and sound to make certain that she woke you up in order to protect your family. You are probably more sensitive than the others, which is why she comes to you. If she is a relative, then she loves you and cares about what happens to you. She has already established a bond with you. It sounds like she is there in a caring capacity and if that is the case, I wouldn't overthink it. It may be best to simply accept that there is someone that cares for your welfare on the other side.
Kind Regards,
Vember (2 stories) (12 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-06)
Have you considered this was a malicious spirit trying to keep you distracted or detained while the fire started? I would think anyone trying to help wouldn't hold you down until you started praying.
sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-06)
Hello shafishaik! It was quite amazing to read how your brother was saved by that unknown entity. How you came to the point that she was a goddess? Although I do not believed in guardian spirits, but that incident do shows that someone/ something is definately following your family (specially person who have a special/ particular state of mind) .
Never the less, thanks for sharing your experience and please keep us posted.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-06)

The fact you're from India is good to know (the anklet makes much more sense, in my mind), but it was not mentioned in the original narrative; you can see how I made the mistake.

When I comment on a story, I write from personal experiences, extensive reading in many subjects, and from a rough knowledge of the culture of the writer when it is relevant. That way, I can provide commentary or suggestions within a framework of common understanding.

Other than the point that your family is watched by a guardian spirit who chooses to act by alerting the most spiritually-aware person, I have very little to offer. I shall, therefore, politely bow out of the conversation, in order that more helpful comments and advice may prevail.

Best Wishes,
shafishaik (2 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-06)
hi Biblio.
When the sound was coming many times me & my mom told to my remaining family members to pay attention, but they said no sound of anklets coming.

And I am not resident of UAE, I belongs to India, I came here just 6 months before, before I coming to here I worked in India, their it happened again as I mentioned.

Thank you for you review & valuable points.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-05)
Greetings, Shafishaik.

My initial reaction was that your mother and your paternal grandmother discussed this entity at some point in the distant past, and it took time for your mother to remember? Goodness, I'd tell everyone in the family to pay attention for the sound of anklets!

Just a quick review of facts presented:
1. This individual has been around for generations.
2. It can be heard, but has not been seen.
3. It was attracted to the danger of an open flame.
4. It woke you with the use of pressure & a change in temperature.
5. It was concerned about your brother's life.

As you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates, you are doubtless familiar with the legends surrounding djinn (good, bad, mischievous, and neutral). Hopefully you're aware of the analogous legends of the qarin, who are bound to individuals. Though I've studied a little about the djinn, I'm not well enough versed in Middle-Eastern folklore to know if it is possible for a good djinni/qarin to be bound to a family line or to a home, but that may be an avenue for you to explore. I know that in Muslim tradition, the Prophet said that everyone has a djinn who accompanies him or her, but I'm close to exhausting my knowledge of the source materials (besides The 1001 Nights). I also am aware that the western world has sadly confused the legends of the djinn, and most westerners have a horribly skewed idea of what these entities/spirits are.

In case my guesswork (based upon the 5 facts enumerated above) is useful, I'd recommend discussing this with whatever learned teacher, Imam, Priest, Rabbi, or similarly holy person to whom you feel comfortable talking. Perhaps, if you are self-conscious about this, you could simply begin by asking questions about the traditions and the legends.

Goid Luck,

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