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It All Started When I Was Younger-shadow People


Since I was about four years old I have always had strange things happening to me. I wasn't the average baby either, I never wanted to be held or comforted. I always played by myself as kid. And I also had night terrors. That's where everything started. I don't remember them very well because I was so little but my mom told me that I would be screaming in my room as if I was being murdered. And when she came running in, I'd be screaming weird things like "let me out before he gets me" or "he's watching Me" and I'd point to places in my room. Or sometimes id be banging at the door. And It was always a man, and I was afraid. My mom actually thought someone had been hurting me, but no one was. This never happened when someone else slept in the room with me. Suddenly, they stopped. Until one night when I stayed at a hotel with my family and friends. I slept on the ground and all I can remember is my mom waking me up by the door late at night. Apparently I had been banging and clawing at the door screaming "let me out before he gets me" and stuff like that. My mom told me after this happened about all of my night terrors as a child. I haven't had another one since then and its been about 4-7 years, I can't remember.

Another thing that happened was I was reading a picture book when I was little and was sitting up tucked in bed with my legs straight in front of me. I had one of those spring mattresses where you can push up underneath the bed and the mattress will go up off the springs. Well, all of a sudden it was like someone pushed up on the mattress underneath and my legs went up. And then it went back down. I screamed for my dad and told him. But when he looked under the bed, nothing was there. No one else was in my room.

My family likes to move every couple of years, and around age 12 I had just moved into this really nice house in a sub urban neighborhood. That's when things started happening again. I would wake up at almost exactly 2:30am every night for no reason. And I wouldn't even remember waking up, I would just suddenly be sitting up in bed. And Id have this weird feeling every time. Then one night I woke up and I could barely see around my room but my dog was sitting up with me for some reason. And I had this really odd, creepy feeling in my stomach that something was wrong. And I get this feeling a lot, even to this day. Well I was looking around my room and suddenly something caught my eye behind me. It was the shadow of a man on the wall where my bed frame touched. No, I did not have barbies so it definitely wasn't it. But unlike all the other stories I've read where the person only saw this for a split second, this shadow just stayed there... Staring at me. I could feel it's eyes watching me, but it had none. It was just a shadow, and I couldn't see its legs. It was like they faded away into my bed frame. And it was terrifying. I did not feel safe and actually I stared back at it for what seemed like forever. I froze. And then I scrambled for the light and slept on the couch for about a week.

Strange things like this happened all the time around the house. Long after I saw this shadow, I heard my name in a raspy voice before going to bed. In the same house where I saw the shadow. Lots of things like this happened, where'd id hear mirrors breaking but when I checked, nothing had happened. And since that time, I've had things like this happen to me all the time. Over time I learned to ignore it. But everytime people get close to me they start to see things, like a man in the room or shadow people, or things that I have seen before. And I talk to myself, all the time. But not like a normal person, I talk as if I'm having a conversation with someone else in the room. And its kind of weird. I thought it was normal until someone asked me about it. I don't know what this is, but I'd like some advice?

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ResearcherOfShadows (6 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-17)
Hello Lost,

What you describe sounds like a combination of a couple entities. But the shadow person sounds like a "Watcher".
I actually just finished composing an entry about them.
Feel free to read about Watchers on my Discord,

The short version is that watchers do exactly that, watch. They want to know how you'll respond to them. Evil entities are attracted by fear and will try to scare you, but can actually be scared away by a burst of courage from yourself. Choosing to confront them and even yelling helps. Although it can be embarrassing if others hear it sometimes.
You also have a disembodied voice that the watcher has recruited. Those sometimes speak, or sometimes just mimic sounds such as the breaking mirrors you're hearing.
If you want more information, please join that Discord where other researchers like myself can help. And other people like yourself can share their experiences and get answers.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-20)
Hi again Lost,

Glad you responded and I'm so sorry about what happened on the other website! Sound like an abuse of power!

Firstly, I would be far more concerned if who was following you and your friend down every road that evening WAS a living person. As scary as ghosts and paranormal events can be I am more afraid of the living. If this ever happens again, keep your phone handy and ready to dial police. Or better yet, don't walk around that neighbourhood after dark.

This tall wolf like creature is intriguing. When you encounter this being is there a feeling associated with him? What I mean is do you feel it's the same individual or otherwise that this individual shares the same intent toward you? It's natural to get scared by someone following you down the street, or seeing a huge wolf type man just hanging around. But putting the fear aside, do you feel these are good or bad beings?

Also is there a park or woodland near by? This being could be a land protector and simply making sure you aren't up to mischief on its turf.

The best way to know what you're dealing with is with your own gut feelings. I think someone has already suggested to keep a journal here, not sure. Well if not, a good place to start is with keeping a journal of all things that go bump in the night, and day! Just jot down anything unusual, even if it turns out to be nothing. You'll start to build up a picture of what you're dealing with.

In my experience an entity's appearance does not relate to its intentions toward us. All individual entities and manner of haunts are different.
For example; a couple of weeks ago I saw a shadow person for the first time, after only reading about them. Let me tell you it was one heck of an encounter, I didn't expect them to look like *that*. Anyway, aside from all the tales of woe I had read involving everybody seeking solace in fresh underwear. I felt extremely calm and felt a sense of intrigue from this formidable entity staring back at me. It was a lovely moment. But I've had years of practice and years of freak outs to get to this point. If this being wanted to do me harm I would have crapped myself.

A journal doesn't have to be long, just a few sentences will do. You may have more than one entity around you and they may have different intents. A journal will help you determine this.

I must admit there is something about following someone in the dark that I just don't like. But maybe there's something about this entity that doesn't understand our human perception of 'scary'. So I'll keep an open mind all the same.

Here is the link to the cleansing/shielding method that Redwolf mentioned:
Http:// scroll down the page for the instructions.
You can do other methods if you like, this is one which is popular on this site, a lot of us use it. This is a good idea whether you're bothered by anything or not.

Please keep us posted and ask any questions you may have!
Take care.
Plshelpiamlost (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-20)
oh and I chose the name lost because well, it literally says it in my Username... So it only makes sense right? Anyways, I am lost:-)
Plshelpiamlost (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-20)
Hi everyone, lost here! Sorry about not responding. I was told to wait a few days before checking. First time here. To start things off, Biblio I am a wee bit older than that. I'm 17 and I have been experiencing this since I was around two. I don't know if it has to do with stress, but I can tell you that I have had these things happen to me when there really is nothing going on in my life. So I have no idea. Things have slowed down since I've been in high school and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that with school, work, and other things keeping me busy, I don't have a lot of time to pay attention to things and I sort of shut it out. When something does happen, I tend to ignore it and pretend I didn't see anything at all. Some things that people have seen around me are the same things I've seen. And I used to draw and doodle when I was in elementary school. I didn't know what slender man was, and I'm not saying he exists because I don't buy into that stuff, but I ended up drawing a man that was a tree at the same time and one of my friends came up to me and told me about him. Let's just say I threw that one out like all the rest of my stupid drawings. Back to what my friends have seen. One person who started hanging out with me saw the same figure I did. It was a figure, like a man. We were both outside and when she looked down the street she could see him on the road, walking towards us. He had no features, just a shape. It was late and yes;, it could have been a person. Except it was following us. As soon as we'd turn around it would be down the street on the other side. It kept moving towards us but it never got close enough. This is based of the things she told me. We tested it out on several streets and it kept happening so we ran home. I wouldn't have believed her if I hadn't had the same thing happen to me. The same shape, except it was closer to me and it followed me in only one direction. Both experiences happened on the exact same street at night. And we saw the same things. Another time I was in the car and my friend and I saw the same thing at the same time. It looked like a wolf creature sort of thing. Standing on the side of the road. It was like a man, but it was huge and it reminded me of those wolf-man movies. It was all black and It had no features that you could really make out. I didn't say anything to my friend because I didn't want him to think I was crazy... Until he asked me if I saw that. I don't know what to think about everything, and last time I tried to reach out and tell people about this on a different site and my post got reported by someone and deleted... For no reason? I was very confused. Which is why I came here, because I am lost.
Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-07)
I really like ALL of the suggestions.

Now, call me crazy, and I have been called far worse. Trust me. What if this guy is some kind of a protector from other bad stuff?

I, too had night terrors. After a while, they do become a learned response. And very small cues can trigger them. But then what can happen, is a whole bunch of stuff, good and bad, can get lumped together. I really like Biblio's idea of a journal. Really explore how you feel about the situation. When do you feel threatened, or is this complicated?

Food for thought...

RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-06)
Welcome to YGS. I agree with Biblio and Tweed but first you have to go to the source that can help you untangle your younger night terrors, your mom. Ask her about you screaming help me ne is trying to get me. Maybe you can find out who he is. Let your mother know about seeing the shadow person and tell her you need help. First tell this spirit to leave you alone and to get out of your house. Normally spirits will leave because they don't stay where they are not wanted. Do the cleansing/shielding method that is on Rookdygins profile page. Until you get around to doing either of these things ignore,ignore,ignore this shadow person. If you see it just go about what you're doing without giving it a thought. Malevolent spirits gain strength from fear but lose strength if you don't fear it. Sort of like a bully leaving you alone if you stand up to him/her.
You may have to do Rooks cleansing/shielding method more than once, and it wouldn't hurt to talk to a therapist to find out why the heck you are stressed.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1082 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-06)
Why has no one ever seen us in a room together? Hmmm?
Oh, I know: You're an Australian living in England, and I'm a Englishman living in the U.S.; conspiracy theorists confounded by the Atlantic!
Just going to commend your succinct approach, as opposed to my more verbose attempts to diffuse any tension.
I think I prefer "plshelp" to "Lost," too, damn it; I'm always a bit "off" on Mondays. We'll just have to see how she abbreviates her screen-name when she responds.

This isn't what I meant by talking things out. We are concerned for your wellbeing, and once you give us some definitive responses to our initial trouble-shooting, we can explore the paranormal alternatives with you.

Take care,
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-06)
Oh man, it seems Biblio and I are playing 'snap' again. Our comments overlapped this time. One of these days people are going to accuse us of being the same damn person.

Plshelp, I do hope you respond and any further information you can provide us will surely help us help you. We are all ears. 😊
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-06)
Hi there PlsHelp and welcome,

Before anything else I'd like to ask you if you've ever talked to a doctor about what you've experienced. You don't have to answer this if you don't want to. That question was more advice, then a request for an answer. It's very important to first rule out any physical cause for the paranormal activity you've described.

What have the people around you experienced? Is it in any way similar to what you've had happen to you?

Look forward to your response. Hopefully the lovely members here can find some answers for you.
Take care.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1082 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-06)
Greetings, Lost.

Welcome to YGS, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us. We tend to discuss ideas and questions a bit while we try to rule out "normal" explanations first. I do hope you don't mind if I play "Bad Cop" in a reassuringly quiet and British manner? I'm even drinking tea...

Do these events happen at particular 'crisis' moments in your life, such as when your family moves house, takes a long trip, has a financial setback, or suffers a loss? Do they coincide with schoolwork that seems overwhelming and insane? Don't just respond; take a few minutes to see if you can remember what else was happening peripherally to the 'haunting' phenomena. If you discover that a lot of other normal but upsetting "stuff" was piling up in your life, it could be that what you are experiencing now is a learned trauma-response to profound stress.

You'll notice I've not tried to dismiss any of your claims, as I have no idea what provoked your night terrors (my little brother used to get them, so my parents did try to find a medical cause) when you were young. You may very well have been -or continue to be- a particularly susceptible victim of a creepy ghost. My concern is that your mind is behaving normally and you MAY be repeating old patterns when you get stressed out. (Stress is often why drunks drink, gamblers lose their savings, and peiple's brains do all kinds of crazy stuff. Even doing "Fun" activities can cause stress, especially when they require planning, travelling, depending on other people/vehicles/weather/hotels...)

Doing the math, you're about 14?/15? (Not even going to discuss hormones: don't panic) Right at that traumatic point when you're looking at course selection for Sophomore year, all the adults you know ask what you want to do for the next 60 years of your life, and all you can think of is there's a movie being released in 8 days, then there's the concert the next week, and maybe your parents will let you go to the bonfire at the beach if you show how good, helpful, and mature you can be...

If there is a correlation to stressors, you need to sit down with a guidance counsellor, therapist, or social worker. To unload your stress through confidential conversations; this will help you to clear your head and to focus upon dealing with the important stuff in life first. Now, if there is no correlation to outside factors, you'll need to take a very different approach, which I'm certain the YGS community will provide (meaningful glances at Rook, Miracles, Tweed, Hecate, etc.). If you honestly can't tell if there is or not, start keeping a journal to chronicle each experience: it may be easier to do if you keep the journal with just a few key words in the same place you keep your social calendar or homework assignments.


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