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Small Town Hospital, Big Time Hauntings Part 2


This is the continuation of the first part of my story about the small town hospital that I work at in upstate New York with several ghosts and spirits locked away in its many departments. If you have not yet read it, I suggest you do, it contains some pretty wild goings-on, but to us who work there, it is just another day in the life of us hospital workers. So after a while, we learn not to draw too much attention to these happenings, but that does not mean we forget either.

In the first installment, we covered the history of the hospital and the land on which it sets (battlegrounds, farm settlements, and plenty of sickness and death), and then focused on the second floor, home to many offices, the Medical Records department, the Sleep Center, and the Pediatrics unit, as well as a former Medical/Surgical unit. Second floor is considered to be one of the most active and creepiest (especially at night, which is the shift I work).

I know many places do seem eerier in the dark, especially when you do not know what is around the corner, everything is quiet, and you know nobody is around sometimes but yourself, but when a place is extremely haunted, it does admittedly have an entirely different feeling to the atmosphere and adds an extra sense of uneasiness for most people. For me, it can be exciting, but I have also learned the hard way that it pays to learn how to sense the energies around you and tread carefully, or curiosity can kill the cat. What do I mean by that? Well, I just wanted to add a quick addendum to the 2nd floor story before we move on, as I had left it out of my previous installment and I feel it important not only to the story, but also as a warning to anybody who not only likes to read about the paranormal, but actually go and investigate it as well (lest they wind up in trouble like I did).

As previously mentioned, I had said the Medical Records department on 2nd floor was probably the most haunted spot on 2nd floor. My wife, a psychic, healer, and metaphysical researcher, actually performed a crystal-dousing experiment down there one night, on her own, because she had suspicions of demonic activity. Her crystals revealed the truth to her, that there was, indeed, a demon present in that department.

Previous to this taking place however, she revealed to me in a later discussion, that one night she was headed to the Medical Records department, where outside the department door hangs a few old-time pictures of past doctors that have worked the hospital. One of them is an old black and white photo, quite large, and front and center among the photos, being the one that usually attracts your eye first. This demon purportedly in the department learned to recognize her presence (demons, while not being generally friendly in the first place, tend to grow angered or cowered in her presence, depending on the demon, due to her psychical/cleansing abilities to sense them and her knowledge on how to fight them), and it would usually wait for her and try to intimidate her away from it. But when you have a job to do, you have to do it, regardless of what remains to be seen.

It was on her approach to the door to Medical Records that her eyes focused on the picture of that one doctor, whom she noticed, did not appear as it normally did, but rather, had crimson eyes in black of his normal, stern black and white ones. Nothing else down this way was reflecting any light off the glass of the frame, it was rather dark, and no red lights were anywhere nearby, so this anomaly was unmistakable: a warning. She still does not like to go near that portrait until this day.

As for my own personal experience with this entity, I never paid it any mind, even when my wife warned me to do so. No such beings generally seemed to bother me, as I naturally project an aura of confidence and willfulness around me, which protects me. However in the world of the extrasensory there is a practice called 'grounding' yourself, something that I was not aware of so I generally did not bear it in mind at any point.

Much like a grounding prong on an electrical plug protects the user from electrical shock, grounding your spirit and energy protects from any malicious energies that may try to attack you. This particular practice was lost on me, so one night while I was there, I went poking around parts of the Medical Records department I do not usually look in, not to go snooping, of course, I am a healthcare professional, but for paranormal snooping purposes, to see what I turned up. A little more than I bargained for, was my answer, because I went all around the part where the demon reportedly frequents and when I left the department, I noticed I felt different. The ghost I always noted that travels in a loop from the Sleep Center doors to the elevators had a different feeling about it, as if it were ushering me to move, to get away, and almost felt like it was going to pass me, which it never does, but is normally like a little friend that keeps a slower pace behind me and just escorts me down the hall. I was a little unnerved by the energies it was giving off, almost like it was fearful of me, but at the same time, was trying to protect me by making me hightail it out of there.

Later that night, I had a dream, which seemed a little ridiculous at first, until something showed up in it that stuck with me for several days. A face, in the corner of a room, large sharp teeth, fierce eyes, and an evil smile. So just a strange, bad dream right? Well, in the subsequent days, I just could not shake that image out of my brain, no matter what, it kept coming back to haunt me and I began to feel restless and drained of energy.

I told my wife what I had done and about the dream and the face, so she asked a clairvoyant/psychic/reverend who was older and had more experience under her belt for help and brought me to her. She did a psychic reading on me and sensed that I had an attachment (a spirit or entity that has latched onto your energy is following you wherever you go), so she gave my wife and I some instructions on how to cleanse and rid myself and our home of it and how to make sure it did not happen again. After we did what she asked of us, it was like an instant uplifting feeling and I felt suddenly lighter and like I had been sick and just got over it, and nothing had bothered me again down in that department. But a word to caution those who would dare tangle with such entities, ground yourself, use caution, and understand the risks before you make your decision.

Well, enough about 2nd floor, moving downstairs to the 1st floor you have a wide variety of areas, from the lobby and the switchboard operator, to the Registration department, the Operating Room, the Emergency Room, the Intensive Care Unit, the Laboratory, the Diagnostic Imaging Unit, the Nursing Administration Office, and many other smaller places. Do not worry, the stories I have to offer will not encompass ALL of these areas, mainly because many I do not spend a lot of time, nor do others I work with, but I certainly do have a few stories worth the telling, as do some of my coworkers.

Needless to say, in such an old hospital, many old-style apparitions have been spotted. I have worked with two nurses that have been gifted with the ability to see such phenomenons, both of who have spotted these old spirits on the 1st floor. One nurse was down at the end of the hallway near the Nursing Administration Office one night and saw three men walking down the hallway, full figured, yet transparent, dressed in clothes that could have been early 20th century, walking down the hallway towards her, talking to each other, completely unaware of her presence. As they approached her, she stood aside to allow them to pass, and eventually they turned a corner and disappeared. For this woman, visions such as this were commonplace, as she used to tell us frequent stories of the things she would see, but this was the one I remembered from 1st floor. Another nurse who was adept at noticing full-bodied apparitions was standing near the lobby one night, at the base of the stairwell, talking with the nursing supervisor, when suddenly an older woman, dressed in clothing certainly not of this era (though she never did happen to notice from what era it may have been from), came walking up out of nowhere and passed right in between the two of them without saying 'Excuse me' or even looking at them.

Now, this nurse, who was so enveloped in her conversation that she did not pay too much mind to this woman, gave her a look as if to say 'How rude!' and she said aloud 'Oops! Excuse me!', but this older woman still did not look at her, just turned the corner and disappeared. Imagine the nurse's surprise when the nursing supervisor gave her a confused look and stopped talking to ask her "What do you mean 'Excuse me?'". The nurse looked at her and asked 'You did not just see that woman walk directly in between us without saying a word?' Well, as a matter of fact, she had not seen that woman, which surprised the nurse and she always remembered that experience and told it often when the subject came up.

From what I know, the only other place on this floor that I have stories from is the Emergency Room, primarily because my wife, the psychic, works there on the overnight shift. To wrap this up, though, there are only two I really recall worth the telling. Being in a hospital, there is no shortage of spirits, and anybody who has been involved with a highly active place in the past can say that some of them can be quite mischievous, like touching people randomly and banging things around.

One such ghost has scared my wife on two separate accounts right at her desk. The first time, she was sitting, minding her own business, when suddenly it felt as if someone slapped their hand down right on her shoulder. It made her jump and spin around, and to her surprise, nobody was behind her at all.

Another time, she was again sitting at her desk, when an unseen force made such a loud ruckus by slamming down on her desk abruptly and it shook her up a bit. Oddly enough, for as loud as she claimed it had been, nobody else nearby heard the slamming noise.

As a matter of fact, the only spirit in that area that has not frightened her was the apparition of an old woman, which was actually not full-bodied, but actually just the head and upper torso, transparent and floating in midair. It appeared at the opposite end of the nurses station, floated right down the aisle, unaware of anyone else, right in front of my wife's desk, and disappeared into the wall. Talk about spooky.

Well, it is about time to end this extensive segment of the tale, and I thank you for following alone yet again. Please feel free to comment and look out in the coming days for the third, and final, installment to this series.

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MFoutch (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-02)
Chapulin1234, I am the healer that is described in this story, I am this writers wife. I do apologize as I am a bit leery of giving out my personal contact information, but I am able to perform long distance reads and you are very open my dear. What I sense for you is that this entity is not a positive one, but if you ignore it this entity will stay out of your way but on occasion try to get your attention, but don't give it what it wants even when it throws its temper tantrums ignore it. This entity has not only been with you in this life but all your past lives that is why you feel it and it has grown in strength from your life struggles. I feel a lot of holes in your aura and sense a constriction almost of your spirit and a discomfort. My best suggestion to you is go find a reiki healer, they are awsome! I also suggest relaxation techniques, before bed especially, also some daily meditation and tell this entity it has no control over you even if you have to get angry, it's a very childish entity and will respond if you make your demands clear. Good luck and god bless.
chapulin1234 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-10-20)

I just wonder who the healer was and if I could have her contact information please?, I think I have something "stuck" with me since I was little but I can't get rid of it 😢
I even had this lady at a bus station come up to me to tell me that I have a lot of envy around me, and I do know I have something, tried many things to no avail 😐, thank you.
gfoutch17 (2 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-20)
To all who read Part 2, Part 3 has been submitted for publishing, although I accidentally submitted it under my other username, glfoutch17. If you see Part 3 but notice the username difference, it's ok, you do have the right story. I'll be sure to pay closer attention next time.
gfoutch17 (2 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-14)
To Bonifaz: It is all good, as I would not have believed I was being tormented by a demon myself at first. As to why it feels the need to hang around this area, who can say? A lot of death and grief has taken place on this land and in this building for centuries, and who knows how long it has been there.
Bonifaz (2 stories) (51 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-13)
Hello gfoutch17,

Remember when, commenting on your previous installment, I doubted the presence of a demon? Well, you've certainly convinced me now. I only wonder why that thing prefers to lurk in the medical records department instead roaming around freely? Or is it that he is happy with tormenting the souls over there and feeding off their energy?

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