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Haunted Hospital In Chandigarh,india


This is a government operated hospital in Chandigarh (India); I have been to this hospital several times in the day and night; and have experienced similar instances over and over again. I am sharing my first experience, it took place in November 2019.

I was working with a MNC in Chandigarh, and they decided to shift me to Delhi in April-2019. I would often visit home (once in 2-3 months) to visit my parents in Chandigarh.

Towards October-end and November first week, there is a great deal of pollution in Delhi (National Capital Region). I had lived in Chandigarh for the most part of my life and have always had access to fresh air and clean water; it was my first experience of Delhi pollution, while most people would do just fine with a N95 mask on - I couldn't eat, sleep, stay awake or do anything at all. Anyways, long story short, I was told the pollution would last a month (big lie) and so I took a month off and came to Chandigarh. Took me 3 days to recover and I was fine.

Coincidentally, my father developed a medical condition and he had to be admitted to GMCH-32 (Hospital Name) for a hernia surgery and as I was home on leave, I decided to take care of my father at the hospital for night duty. The surgery went well and post the surgery, my father was in observation at the trauma ward, patients in adjacent beds were being treated for accidental injuries or very severe injuries or treatments. It was difficult just being there and witnessing the pain all around.

First few days, I would pass out in sleep around midnight and then wake up the next morning and continue with normal hospital support chores. 4-5 days passed and I had gotten into the cycle of night shift (sleep during the day and be active at night), on the sixth night that I was in hospital, wide awake, I stepped out of the ward and saw 2 male nurses on duty at their respective desk and so I went further to take a walk. It was all normal until sometime after 1:30 AM and around 2:00 AM, suddenly all the doors started banging hard and it was a panic situation. I thought the hospital was on fire or some other emergency. I rushed towards the ward where my father was at, no smoke, no signs of any panic and yet the doors continued to bang. I called a nurse sitting nearby, he was scrolling through his phone and no response from him.

As the doors continued to bang, I went close to one of the doors and saw that it was bolted and locked from outside, the lock was jumping as the door was being banged from the inside. I was scared (AF) and there was a room (private room near the ward) that had its door open, I could hear the fan running on full speed, the curtains in that room were flying (and indicated the fan was indeed at full speed; it was November, it gets very cold in Chandigarh during this time) and I could hear someone in that room calling for help, saying my name. That was when I was completely scared and approached the nurse in person and told him, that as I went to that side, I could hear voices calling for help. He answered with a straight face, all this will continue until 3:30 AM and fade away by 4:00 AM; he turned away and left while I replied, I don't understand.

As he had mentioned, the banging continued until 3:45 AM and the doors suddenly stopped banging and that was it. I was shook with this experience, and so I waited until the morning when staff would come to the hospital and open the doors that were banging all night. I was curious to see what's in there. It was morning and it was time for me to go home and sleep, however, I stayed back a few hours as I could not sleep without knowing what's behind that door. Finally, around 9AM, that door opened, it was patient's kitchen, there was no one inside and it was a small room with a washbasin in it, meal plates and big utensils that are used to serve food in hospitals. Nothing else in that room.

The next night I was there again, 1:30 AM again, doors started banging again and this time, there was a new patient in the ward that I was in; he was a UP native, he was recovering from a physical trauma surgery and kept insisting his family members (who accompanied him) to light him a cigarette. His family kept insisting that it's a hospital ward, the nurses warned them of stringent action if the family members did so at any time and this went on for a while; until it was late night, the family members gave in and lit him a cigarette inside his quilt (so the doctors would not find out). He smoked half a cigarette, smoke escaped from the quilt, the nurses rushed to the ward and as they lifted the quilt - the patient was dead. So, they replaced the quilt with a white cloth and kept the body at the ward until next morning.

Doors continued to bang that night, however, I was scared to step out of the ward as I could not understand how these things work. Also, with the cigarette patient, there was so much drama in the ward that could barely focus on anything else.

Next few nights, I stayed at the ward and during peak paranormal activity hours (1:30 AM - 3:30 AM), I knew there were things around me that I could not see, but feel and while respecting those beings, I would take walks around the hospital at night and ask around nurses if they find it normal - one of them responded, "that it is what it is - we cannot control it; we are here to serve patients and so we will just focus on that." It didn't help me understand what was happening around, however, it helped me accept it that these things do exist and we must be mindful and respectful of their existence. I remember coming across a room with a glass door, a semi transparent curtain at the door, I could see inside a lightbulb was turned on, fan running at high speed, curtain flying with it. There was no one in that room and the door was banging non-stop.

In that moment, I accepted that for as many days I am here on night duty, let's just go easy with this, there must be many spirits who may have passed away at this hospital and learning from the nurse's response, let's just focus on what we're here to do.

Looking forward to your comments on this experience; I visited the same hospital 2 years later and the night experiences were the same; however, I was spiritually mature at this time and didn't give it much attention.

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brewsingh (3 stories) (3 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-06-10)
[at] Linjahaha - No idea what could have led to this haunting, as many people that I asked replied in a rude manner as if they did not want to be a part of that conversation or a conversation on this subject.

I'll keep looking for more information on this.

Apparently, as I keep giving these instances much thought - recently, all the wall clocks at my home (recently shifted, another place in Chandigarh) stopped at 2:00 AM and as I could relate it to the hospital haunting timing - it was scary. Felt like I've been visited whoever used to stay here, spiritual tenant verification.
Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-06-08)
I can't imagine how it must have felt for you, and the others in the hospital are so used to it like it's the most common and natural thing to experience, but I wonder if it's a resident spirit or something more.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-06-08)
brewsingh, I whole-heartedly agree with L.V... Something very traumatic must have occurred for this incident to keep happening [at] the same time night after night. Some COULD be residual, & some could be intelligent. It's hard to determine [at] this point.
I have worked in more than 1 haunted hospital myself. However, nothing to the extent that you reported in your account. I confess I could not be so indifferent to that particular event happening every night. I would seek employment elsewhere, lol! However, this was a very frightening, &, yet fascinating read. Let us know if you learn anything new about that hospital!

The Best to You! 😁 😁
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-06-08)
Hello brewsingh, a great story, I can understand how unnerving it must have been for you and I give you a great deal of credit for being able to maintain employment in such a place.

I too would be curious of the history of the place. Since the phenomenon occurred at the same time every night, something rather traumatic had to have happened in the past that is being replayed at that time. How much is actual haunting, and how much is residual, I'm not sure. I'd definitely need to know more to even have a shot at determining that.

The fact you had the thought of a possible fire (I wonder if it was even your thought, or if you picked up something more) and even the incident with the patient and cigarette, make me wonder if it was a fire in the past. Perhaps patients were trapped in their rooms and unable to flee the fire? They banged on the doors for help. Something that emotional and traumatic could definitely leave an imprint!

The responses of the staff involved, is not surprising. As in any kind of traumatic event, it's a kind of coping mechanism, an admission that it's going on, yet trying not to give it any attention, on some level makes it more bearable, perhaps gives them some feeling of control over the situation.

In either case, if you research the hospital's past, that could yield your answer. Thanks for sharing!
Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-06-07)
brewsingh, This is a fantastic account. Albeit frightening, & I give you a lot of credit for coping with it.
Did anyone ever reveal what could be behind all the door banging? Does anyone even remotely know the history of the place? There 'has' to be a reason behind that haunting. I assure you that it is a haunting, but caused by what? That's my question.
If you ever learn anything in relation to this incident please post it here. I, for one, would be most interested in reading about it. Very good read!

The Best to You! 😁 😁

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