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The Time I Saw My Grandma's Spirit


I was visiting family in a country for the first time 3 years after my grandma passed. We made it to my grandma's house and there were 6 family members waiting for us at the house.

I saw a lady that looked like my grandma peeking around the kitchen door smiling and waving like she was happy to see us also. When my uncle said that "good to greet everyone" I was like " no, there's one more in the kitchen" then I decided to go to the kitchen. I went to the kitchen to see the lady I saw - there was no one there. The only door there was the one I came inside and they were all like "There is no one left just us".

Like I swear I saw a lady in there that looked like my grandma. A few hours later we were all talking on the porch bench and I decided to bring up the lady I saw peeking through the kitchen again. My aunt then asked me "What was she wearing?" and I described what she was wearing and it was the same clothes my grandma passed away in, I was shocked. My aunt wasn't freaked out that much, all she did was nodded yes. I mean some were shocked when I described what she wearing, so I guess my grandma was happy to see us safely coming to her house. I can't believe I actually saw her spirit on that day we arrived.

Apparently I am not the only one who experienced paranormal activity in that house, my family members there experienced the tv turning on by itself, shadows, etc. They get freaked out whenever that happens but I actually did witnessed the tv switching channels next to them. Strangely enough the movie that played after it switched was the conjuring movie. There's my story of when I saw her spirit. I still can't believe to this day and love it when my other family members get shocked when I tell them about this.

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Arturo (10 posts)
2 months ago (2024-05-01)
When my grandfather died, we kept his ashes for a while because he wanted his ashes thrown in the ocean and we didn't leave near it so my mother combined the trip with school vacations. Weird things happened while we had his ashes, Like the tv or the radio will turn on by themselves, my sister says one time she was walking by the room where we had the ashes and she heard music from the 1940's playing, she was really spooked. The worst was seeing a shadow from time to time. We were never scared, but I think my grandad was making sure we don't forget because everything stopped as soon as we fulfilled his wishes. 😊
Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
4 months ago (2024-02-12)
I'm sure your grandma must have been very happy that all of your'll were there at her house, she probably wanted to spend some time amongst everyone for a while.

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