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Haunting Of Surrey Part 2


Hey good people,

Sorry it has been a while, I have been moving and busy at work, but as promised here is part 2 and I hope you enjoy.

As of an early age into my teens, soon after my mother passed, there were strange occurrences happening in our family home. My father's bedroom was downstairs and me and my brothers was upstairs. A lot of these experiences would happen at night, my father would hear like a smacking noise against our fridge and often the kettle would turn on.

The lounge was definitely the most eerie and haunted place of the house then the dining room, where I once saw my dead grandmother, which is in part 1. I would very rarely sit in the lounge alone, same with everyone really.

Fast forwarding a few years to my late teens/early 20's.On occasions my brother's friend would stay over after a night out and sleep in the lounge. He claims he experienced very disturbing times in that room, so scared he couldn't move to another room. He would see figures vaguely and hear noises, and this was on more a few occasions.

I never felt safe when I was alone in the house, I could always feel that was something behind me, a spirit for sure, I would always look behind me countless of times every day...

One evening on pancake day we were all downstairs making pancakes, was about 7 in the evening. We all heard a huge bang upstairs, which all startled us as we were all in the kitchen... So we went upstairs and looked into my father's office and all over the floor was my father's folders and books, no windows were open and the folders were stored properly on shelving...

Another night my brother and I were heading out to a party and my father was staying at his girlfriend's. During the night my father returned home to collect something and he called us while at the party. He asked if we had been in a fight, and of course we hadn't, so I asked why... He said there was smashed plates and glasses between me and my brother's room. When me and my brother returned home it was how he explained. This was on a landing which connected to my me and my brother's bedroom and the toilet at the end of landing.

One night near to this time, me and my brother were asleep and my dad was in the bathroom, he heard loud footsteps coming towards the bathroom door. His initial though it was one of us two, but he checked into our rooms and we were fast asleep...

Well that is part 2...I hope you enjoy, and looking forward to your comments, I do have a part 3 and possibly 4.

Many thanks.

Your friend


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chapulin1234 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-11-11)
Thank you Alex for sharing part 2 - I don't think I would stay in that house but besides the mess, it doesn't seem to be dangerous towards your family so... 😭

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