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We Shouldn't Have!


Greetings! This is another experience of mine regarding the cemetery (please read my first story BABY CRYING OR WAS IT HER? Which will give a gist regarding the cemetery which is exactly opposite to my house).

So, it was in 2011, when I had my summer vacations on, and my cousin Aishwarya and her parents had come at our place for a two weeks stay! Me and Aishwarya spent almost the whole day together, playing and going for outings etc. Aishwarya does not like ghost related stuff, as she gets very scared at night, and she also never liked the window of my room as she hated getting the view of the cemetery.

She, being my only cousin, she is very close to me and I pamper her alot, and I fulfill all of her wishes, even the stupid ones. Now, you all must be knowing the cemetery about which I have mentioned earlier. It is a very huge one having two large gates, the entrance gate and the exit gate.

Me and my sister were just chit chatting when she told me that she craves to have a chocolate pastry from a nearby shop (the pastry shop isn't that far from my house, but the road leading to the shop has the exit gate of the cemetery adjacent to it). She knew I would say a yes, and I did!

We left from our house to go to the shop (walking). As soon as we reached near the exit gate of the cemetery, my sister tried not to look (because she knew she would get scared at night), but then all of a sudden, she asked me "aga...apan jaaycha ka cemetery madhe?", means should we go in the cemetery? On that I said "jaauya nakki... Pan nantar kadhitari" means surely we will, but someday later. She nodded positively and we went ahead.

We came back home within an hour. The cemetery thing still in our mind. It was hardly 5pm and the sun hadn't yet set. So we both decided to ask our parents if we could go in the cemetery... For a while. My mom and Aishwarya's parents didn't agree to this and we were disappointed.

The next afternoon, we decided that we would lie to our parents that we are going to my friend's place, and instead would go to the cemetery. We did the same and our parents agreed.

I still remember the time... It was almost 3pm. We reached near the exit gate of the cemetery. The gate was slightly open (I mean one door was shut, and the other was slightly open) and as we went near the gate to enter the cemetery, a small girl came and stood before us. She perfectly fitted in that gap between the two doors of the gate, so we couldn't enter.

I asked her to move aside, but she nodded negatively and did not even move an inch. She said "nahi...mat jaao"'t go...

But we somehow managed to push her aside and we entered the cemetery. It was a beautiful place, very peaceful, full of trees, cold wind. Birds chirping etc etc. Aishwarya, who hated this cemetery, was so happy being there. We waited for almost half and hour, when all of a sudden the watchman said "jaa ata ghari... Khup vel thaamblat" means get back home've been here from a long time.

Disappointed, we left but were happy! We came home... Rested for a while. Later in the evening by almost 7:30pm, as we were watching TV, Aishwarya complained that she had a headache which we took it as a normal one. We continued watching TV and we heard our respective mothers talking to each other about today being an amavasya (no moon day) and stuff related to it. And that is when we felt a bit scared, but we shook the thought off.

Later after dinner me, Aishwarya and my mom were having a small walk after dinner. It was around 10:30pm and we were walking through the same road (leading to the pastry shop). As we almost reached the exit gate again, I started feeling a bit weird (to be frank, scared). I somehow could feel that there is someone watching us from the cemetery. I asked my mom if we could get back home immediately, she said a yes (thinking that I was tired) and we got back home. I told Aishwarya about that feeling, to which she told me "nako vichar karu" means...don't think much.

We slept by 11:30pm in my room. It was 1 am when Aishwarya got up and started crying, she woke me up and I got up, she hugged me tight like a small baby and cried alot. I asked her why was she crying. To which she said that she saw a man wearing a black blazer, with a french beard standing near the door of our room. I tried to convince her that it was all of her imagination and there was no such man. She somehow stopped crying and slept again. The next day went quite well, we didn't tell anybody about her crying as we didn't thought it was that important. The night followed after this day was the night when I saw something.

We both went asleep by 12am. It was around 1:30 am when I had the urge of going to the washroom. As I was about to get up, I saw a shadow of a man on the wall which was besides the door of my room. I could literally see it moving. That is when I was terrified and I woke my sister up. But by the time she could get up and see it... It was gone. But she believed me and we decided to tell our parents about all this.

Our parents were extremely angry on us. But my mom and Aishwarya's mom took us to a nearby place which helps people get rid of ghosts (I would not like to mention the name of the place for obvious reason). There was a priest, to whom my mother told that something bothered us and asked him to guide us through this. He then told us to sit in front of him. We did the same.

He gave 8-9 small black dolls to both of us. He told us to hold them all and told us to take the lord's name and apologize if we had done anything wrong unintentionally. As soon as we touched those dolls and closed our eyes and started praying, mine and Aishwarya's head became very heavy and we felt very uneasy, yet we did what was told to us by him. After that we opened our eyes, and saw the priest who had his eyes closed for a very long time. Then he opened his eyes, gave us ash to apply on our forehead and told us that we had gone to the cemetery (which we had not mentioned about) on a no moon day and as were walking on the paths made in the cemetery, we happened to cross a spirit's path which made him angry, and that is the reason we could see him during the nights.

After that we left that place, and promised our parents to never do such a mischief again.

Sorry if it was long.

All views are welcomed.

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Slyester (guest)
4 years ago (2019-02-16)
Hii harsha thanks for sharing your experience it was really great and you narrated it well. Don't go to cementry again those places are full of negative energy
Pragya (5 stories) (68 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-28)
hi harsha, I really liked the story... It reminded me of my summer vacations with my cousin sis and all the naughtiness we did.:)... I am happy you guys managed to get out of the sticky situation and got the lesson of listening to your parents...:)
marrie22 (6 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-21)
Hi Harsha,
Cemetery are a bad place to hangout at. I was once told if your love ones pass away it not very good to visit them at the cemetery alot. It was told that the dead can not rest in peace if you keep going visiting they grave. So let them rest.
valkricry (47 stories) (3207 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-10-20)
Hi Harsha,
I for one, love cemeteries, and am so sorry you had such an experience. But you learned a lesson (listen to your parents!) and are none the worse for wear.
chapulin1234 (guest)
7 years ago (2015-10-20)
Hi Harsha,

Thanks for sharing, I wouldn't like living near a cemetery, 😭 one of my uncles used to live near one and we (kids) hate it there, just not a good vibe... Never saw anything spooky tho..., they moved after a few years but not sure if they did or not have any paranormal experiences there. 😳
Be well,

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