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My Shadow


My father's house is the same house he grew up in. When my grandma died he moved back in and I moved with him. I have always been able to feel energy and always felt something odd about this house.

It started with me hearing whispers while I would try to fall asleep and then the whispers grew to loud shouting that would drive me insane. Until one day I heard them say my name and they would say it over and over.

Over the years of living in this house lights and sinks would turn on and off by themselves or doors would close or open. I never herd anything unless I was trying to fall asleep and I never actually saw anything for years.

Until one night I went to get water and as I was leaving the kitchen right by the stairs there's a hallway and in the hallway stood a shadow of a man that was almost as tall as the ceiling. I have had moments where I thought I saw something dash across the room but was convinced it was my imagination but this was real. I stood there for what felt like a minute and it didn't move or go anywhere. I eventually grew the courage to run past it and go upstairs to my room. I have never in my life felt that type of fear where it literally stops you and takes your breath away.

I told my dad the next day but he always get angry at me whenever I try to tell him what I feel and experience and I'm convinced its because he feels it too.

After that I saw my shadow man almost every week. It was finally allowing itself to be seen and when I saw it, it wouldn't move, it would stay where it was and let me stare at it as long as I wanted. I wasn't really scarred any more for I didn't feel evil when it showed itself.

While all this was happening my grandpa lived with us but was very old and sick. One night he asked me to look in the garage because he saw a man in there. I knew he was talking about shadow man.

He got worse and really started to lose it. He told me one night that there was two men sitting on our couch staring at him. Of course I didn't see them and then again he said that little children were pulling on his clothes and taunting him. It was when my grandpa passed when it got bad. After he left, the shadow man changed. When I saw him I was afraid and could feel anger.

Then one day I was home alone and heard my father's voice say "honey" loud and clear as day. I knew it wasn't him because I was alone. I was so afraid I couldn't move and then I heard it again but louder and it sounded angry. I ran outside and called my sister to come over because I left my keys in the house but didn't want to go back in.

The shadow man watched us and learned about us to the point of being able to mimic us. It frightens and amazes me how intelligent these forces/spirits/demons can be and don't you think for a second that there's no such thing as ghost.

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Seraphina (7 stories) (147 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-24)
Hi, Danaka. Thank you for sharing your experiences with YGS. Do you have any theories about why the shadow man became angry and threatening after your grandfather's passing? ~Seraphine

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