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This story is not mine but I heard it from my mother, and believe me she had goosebumps while telling it to me. My mom got married at an early age. She got married when she was 18. My dad was in the hotel industry so would often come home late and therefore my mom was instructed not to wait for him and stay up late. The room in which mom slept was faced to the road side. She slept in that room so that if my dad came and no one could answer the door then she would.

One day when my mom was in deep sleep, she said she was waken up by a voice. At first she couldn't understand what was it but then when she listened carefully she heard my dad was calling her. She thought he must have come and was going to answer the door when she turned to the other side and saw my dad sleeping by her side. She was astonished and then got scared. So scared that she pulled the blanket over her and covered her face fearing that whatever it was would grab her in no time (remember her age) If it wasn't her husband calling then who was it.

The next day she said this thing to my Granny (mom's mother-in-law) and she said that it was by the grace of God that she didn't answer the voice. Because in our urban legend there is a kind of ghost called 'NISHI' which calls you three times making the voice of someone close to you and if you answer it, it snatches your soul. After that incident she got so scared that she refused to sleep in that room anymore.

I personally do not believe in urban legends but I guess that would have really freaked her out. Keep reading and I swear I have still lots of my eventful life incidents to share with YGS.

God bless you all

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cloudy (7 stories) (39 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-15)
oh, I just had an experience like this last week. I woke up from my fiancé calling my name, he was sleeping still, but we live in a small studio so I could see right away that there was no one else there. However I always have very vivid dreams, so I think it was just that. Spooky legend either way, thanks for sharing!
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-14)
Has your mother ever considered the possibility of her experience been only a dream or perhaps one of the neighbors actually calling her in the middle of the night?

Was her experience scary? -Yes, it was.
Was it unexplainable or paranormal? -Not really.

...just my opinion.

Thanks for sharing.

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