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*Hello! I'm a big fan of YourGhostStories site, I've been reading stories her for three years and this is my first time sharing my own story. Hope you enjoy!

One night after dinner (7PM), I got bored from scrolling through my social media feeds so I decided to turn on the TV while my Dad was also busy using the desktop-- just googling random stuff. As soon as I turned on the TV, the KMJS (Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho) show appeared. The show was about a guy whose health has deteriorated due to an unhealthy lifestyle, one factor that caused it was due to his mobile game addiction called "MOBILE LEGENDS"-- it is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game that has become popular in Southeast Asia. It really is very famous and is still widely played by the majority to the point that it's almost abnormal if you don't play it (I don't play it though; Youtube is lifer for me haha).

This guy (the one from the KMJS show) was too hooked up on his screen all day causing him to eat only once a day. This unhealthy routine went on for two years which eventually gave him numerous bad effects on his health ushering him to the worst situation no one would ever wanted to be in-- to be diagnosed with cancer. In his case, it was colon cancer. DISCLAIMER! I'm not trying to say that the "Mobile Legends" game can cause cancer, it's just that his accumulated bad habits (caused by his mobile game addiction) such as countless sleep-deprived nights and unhealthy eating patterns were two of the factors that had contributed to the worsening of his physical condition.

My Dad overheard (I could see him glancing back and forth to the TV while using our desktop) what the show was revealing about this famous mobile game and upon hearing this, him being this strict and against-materialistic-stuff kind of Dad immediately told me to call my younger sister whose in her room playing "it" and have her watch the show along with us. After the show has ended, my Dad started saying his concerns to my younger sister, that she should've stopped playing the game by now since the stuff that happened to the guy (ML addict) could've happen to her too anytime. Later on, my Dad's concerns turned into life lessons then turned into scoldings.

Since things are heating up already, I decided to go to the kitchen to wash the dishes and let My Dad scold my sister-- which I am in support of. Later on, my Dad's scoldings turned into insults (my Dad could've just said those maybe due to anger and his utmost concern towards my sister's addiction). So while my Dad's doing his inappropriate disciplining in the living room which is just adjacent to our kitchen, I butted in and yelled "Angela, adto na gud ug kwarto!" which in English means "Angela go to your room, now!". Without hesitation, my younger sister obliged to my command and went immediately to her room. Seconds after, I heard my sister sobbing in her room, like loud enough to be heard from the kitchen which was just 5 meters away. Upon hearing my sister cry, I got triggered and scolded my Dad (ironically) for being too harsh on Angela. I told him that he should use gentler words next time and not insults which could lead your child to do the opposite from what you were lecturing on.

I can still my hear my sister crying so I stopped my chores for a bit and went directly to her room. As I entered her room, the crying stopped. I saw her laying in bed, both hands on her iPad and guess what? She's still playing the game (that's what parents get when they don't do good parenting) so I lay beside her and voila! I looked at her face and not even a single tear was shed. Though she's teary eyed but that's all. Me being confused asked her "Did you just cry like sobbing kind of cry?" and with her feisty tone, she replied "of course not! Why would I?" (but then at the back of my mind, I was like meeeeeeehhh maybe she was just lying since I'm assuming that she's just acting as if she's not affected since she don't want to ruin her pride).

Then, I told her that I heard her crying from the kitchen that made me visit her in her room but after a while I noticed that her facial expressions were slowly changing. While I was still talking and insisting her to admit that she cried, she suddenly shouted "Tama na ba! Ate ba!" which means "Stop it, Sis pls!" with a frightened look on her face, that's when I knew that the cry was not of my sister's since she we getting pale and I can feel her getting chills too.

Up to this day, I'm still baffled where did the sound come from because it really sounded like my sister's-- the rhythm, the tonality, the timbre and the uniqueness of her cry, it really was hers. A voice doppelganger, perhaps?

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brinton28 (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-05)
Hello sender are you from cebu? It show's you know how to speak cebuano I am curious...
lovebugs16 (5 stories) (43 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-19)
Hi there! I'm from the Philippines as well and a huge fan of the game:) The only reason why I happen to read the story is because of the title which I found somehow misleading. I thought that the story was really about the game and all so yea. Anyway, I love the story. I used to hear cries around our house so I can totally relate to this. Looking forward to read more of your stories. Cheers!:)

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