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Haunted House in Maine


Once I lived in this house in a small town in Maine, it was an older house. I do not know any history behind it and I most likely never will, but it was an older house. We had a basement and 4 rooms, the usual old house style. The kitchen is where most of the "abnormal" activities would take place.

Our front door had an entrance, with another door, a heavy wooden door with glass window. The way the door sat, you would have to push hard to open it and then you would be in a small porch type which led to the front door. Quite often the front door would swing open but yet the outside door would remain closed.

You could sit in the living room and watch our kitchen light turn on and off. The kitchen light we had was old fashioned, it had a florescent bulb with a metal pull string. Once you pulled the string, it came on. Well, my mom put a piece of yarn on to the metal string so us kids could reach it. You could actually watch that string being pulled. This happened every night and we got use to it very quickly.

I have always assumed that the presence was an old lady and so did my family. We have no idea why we just felt that. Us kids would go to bed with our windows open and blankets off, because in the middle of summer it gets hot. We would wake up our windows closed and bundled up in blankets. Now we had talked to my parents about it often and they said we were at that age so they didn't even need to check on us. We were never frightened by any of this, it all became normal even to our friends. But one day, and I will never forget any of this, my mom went to go turn on the kitchen light with the yarn on the end of it. She went to turn it on and she was shocked so bad it dropped her to her knees. Now I really am not sure but I am almost positive that you can not get electrocuted by yarn.

Awhile after that, we moved. We just figured that she liked to play with us, it seemed like she liked to tease us.

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Mark67 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-06)
Hello Sandy, I live in a house in Parkman, Maine. Your story is spot on to what we experience on a daily basis. The house is an old Mill/Farm house built circa 1840's. Do you remember the town in Maine?
Scott Grant CMPI (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-20)
Hello my name is Scott Grant from Central Maine Paranormal Invesigation Team. I am working a Story section of Haunted Stories, frm anywhere,
I was looking up stories I noticed yours.
Would mind if I put your story in our forum for people to read.

Please look us up at

Thanks for your time
Scott Grant
PR Officer and Asst. Tech Manger/Photographer
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
16 years ago (2007-02-03)
Hey Sandy, what makes you think that the spirit is an old lady? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just saying. Well, that's very abnormal that the kitchen light pull string shocked your mom!! That's not supposed to happen. I wander if the spirit had anything to do with it, it probably did. You moved, how long did you live in the house before you moved? It does seem that the spirit likes to tease yall, but not purposely try to harm yall, except for the part about the string shocking your mom. That really is wierd. Well, keep telling more of your stories if you had more experiences and keep on the lookout for more ghosts to the new house yall moved to.

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