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My Clear Shadow Being Sighting


I have seen shadow people many times, mostly while waking up from sleep paralysis with the feeling of someone is in the room.

I don't want to make up stories or memories but many times I felt that this thing that was in the room was not human and evil. It usually looked so dark, without any defining feature just a darkness (which was more dark than night darkness).

Every time I would awake from a nightmare or a sleep paralysis, I would see that darkness in front of me. But once I get fully awake it would disappear so I just forgot about it until I came in front of a site about shadow people.

When I read the stories I became dazed for days. It wasn't until later that I saw one very clearly. I was reading a book late at night when I noticed something from the corner of my eye. In those days and I still sleep in the ground or in the floor, I just don't like sleeping in beds. When I turned around to see what it is, I remember very clearly seeing a grey ball of smoke or what can be described as a grey orb as the size of football, more smaller than a football. It was transparent, almost invisible. When I looked at it, it quickly ran away and hid in the darkness behind a cartoon box where I used to put my books in. It looked like it was floating and running in the same time because it was so close to the ground and it didn't make a sound, it was so clear. I thought it got startled because I saw it.

I still feel them from time to time but I never seen them as clearly as that one. The last time was about six months ago when I had a sleep paralysis. When I opened my eyes while still in SP I saw like shadow moving very fast. I left the TV on that night because I felt they were around but just before I completely woke up I heard very clearly a growling coming from one of the side of the room. The closest sound I found was the growling of hippos. They were two consecutive ones but at much faster pace than hippos.

I couldn't come back to sleep so I kept listening to the Qur'an the whole night before I came back to sleep.

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_Mustapha (1 stories) (11 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-22)
Hello Rudy,
The story of your friend is somehow is similar to some of mine, the way that it was moving in a circular motion, I got attacked by dogs one time, they didn't bite me but they circulate me and they started to move in a circular motion around me, shadow beings act like that, one time before I slept I felt a shadow being hovering above me also in a circular motion, I even felt heat coming out of it, I also got paralysed I little bit, how can that be harmless, I believe it was just different type since there is a lot of type of shadow beings, (the orb- looking ones, the ones that look like clouds, the hooded figure, the hat man,,)
Their hostility also differs from one another, but that experience that that woman had is not completely harmless since she was paralysis when she saw it, shadow beings can cause sleep paralysis.
_Mustapha (1 stories) (11 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-22)
Hello rookdygin, yes I did chech where it did go, after I it went and disappeared in the shade behind that cartoon box (which was about less than a meter and a half away, less than four feet) I got up and and went there I put my hand in there, for a moment I thought I will touch something but there was nothing, I quickly pulled my hand back, I returned to my place, I didn't see or feel anything that night, but I was sure about what I saw that I had no doubt that it was a djinn, and it knew that I saw it,that's why it run away. And by the day, I know that this shadow being that I saw didn't take look humanoid but from what I know that shadow beings which I believe to be Djinn (evil djinn,demons) can take any form there is even Hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh) where it is mentioned that demons which I believe those shadow beings are can get as big as house and as small as a fly, I even read a story once about someone who saw a black or a grey (I can't remember exactly but one of those colours) orb flying in the air and then taking the form of humanoid figure and even people seeing shadow animals.
_Mustapha (1 stories) (11 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-22)
Hello Tweed, about the growling that was a different sighting after a week of constantly feeling being watched I had a sleep paralysis when I was waking up and opening my eyes I saw a very swift (humanoid) shadow passing by like it was circulating around me, it was then then when I heard the growling, it wasn't an animal since with don't have any animals (like dogs), it was from inside the room, it was also coming from one of the side of rooms, and it wasn't the TV like koolruud suggest because the sound of the TV was almost down and the growling was so animalistic and loud to the point that I was knowing in the moment that I was hearing it from exactly where it was coming from, the growling came from my the right side, behind me a little bit while the TV was in front of me, in my left side there was only the wall. I had no doubt that what I just heard was a demonic growl, I also didn't want to mention that I woke up smelling a bad smell like something rotten, something that I usually smell when I feel that they are around.I've read stories about that (shadow beings associated with bad smells)
_Mustapha (1 stories) (11 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-22)
Hi everyone and thank you for your comments, I will try to answer your questions, first I want to say that I don't believe in spirits I believe that what I saw that night was a djinn, they are creatures who live with us in this world but they're normally invisible to us except to certain people and in certain circumstances, I believe they're behind many paranormal phenomena including spirits since the djinn can take any form and some Djinn (the Qareen) the Acompaniers are a spacial type of demons that stay with people and black magicians and sorcerers use them to get information about people especially a deceased person, those demonstake the forms of the deceased person and since they know almost everything about a person they can take his form and even mimic his behaviour, there is even hadiths of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that say that some Djinn can know the future by eardroping or spying on angels, there is even some verses that speaks about that and it desctibe how demons eardrop and being shot at by shooting stars after that, I believe that djinn are different in shape and sizes just like people are in those things, the shadow being that I saw was round in shape, its colour was grey (the closest colour to it is the colour of the smoke of a burned tyre except it was lighter than that), after I saw it I had the feeling that it was spying on me because I caught it from the corner of my eye just like when you catch someone sneaking on you, when I tuned around unconsciously without even thinking, I saw it very very clearly as floated and run away so quickly, it went straight ahead and then it turned right and disappeared in the shade of a box where I used to put my books in, I don't believe it was a spirit I believe it was a djinn, since that was not the first time I I had "encounters" with them, since I was a child I used to have sleep paralysis, I used hear my name being called while i'm alone in the house, I always used to feel being watched when i'm alone at night, now I know that I wasn't imagining, one time I woke up in the middle of the night only to see the cartooncharacter Goofy (literally Disney character Goofy) in the bedroom coming to my direction, I know that I wasn't asleep but I was scared, I still even remember its face, it had a somber face, like a face without emotions, I believe it was hallucination from the Djinn, it was with colours just like in TV and it was transparent, when I saw it coming to me I ducked under the blanket, I thought that it was going to pull away the blanket away from me at any moment now but it didn't,after a while when I looked to sif it still there I found nothing,that's all I remember from that night. That sometimes makes me thing about what people who say that they have seen "spirits",they could be just like me, the Djinn made them see those "spirits"
koolruud (guest)
8 years ago (2016-05-15)
Hello Mustapha,

Welcome to YGS!

And Hello Tweed and Rookdygin. 😁

I have a heard of a similar experience that happened to a friend of mine.

One morning she realized she is in Sleep paralysis and could barely open her eyes, but by what she could see, she described it as some smoke moving in a circular motion a few inches on top of her. After a few mins, she woke up from it and opened her eyes only to see the shadow move quickly into the washroom and turn on the water tap. That was the first and last she saw of it. It was a harmless experience.

From what I read in your story, it too seems to be harmless and it may be wanting your attention for some reason if you keep feeling its presence again and again. About the growling sounds, I'm assuming, it could have been some show running on your TV since you mentioned that you left it on.

I have read somewhere, I am not sure if it is exactly true. Whenever you feel someone or something around, simply ask "Who is this please"? A face or a name will come to you. Try it once and see if it works.

Anyway, as Rookdygin mentioned, YGS is a wonderful site where you can get all the help so keep posting. 😊

Take care,
Tweed (33 stories) (2475 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-12)
ooohh, Mustapha I think I misunderstood your description. When I read this a second time it sounds like you mean it was an smokey coloured orb type shape you saw while reading. I agree with Rook, that could be a ghost attempting to manifest, or something entirely different. There was a guy on here last year who saw some smoke traveling along his floor, he and his wife felt this was their cat who'd passed, because of the way the smoke/cloud thing behaved.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-12)

Welcome to YGS, I see Tweed has already introduced herself... (Hello Tweed 😁)

Might I suggest a Journal? It seems you may have a couple of different things happening in or around your home... You stated...

"Every time I would awake from a nightmare or a sleep paralysis, I would see that darkness in front of me. But once I get fully awake it would disappear so I just forgot about it until I came in front of a site about shadow people."

A Journal would be helpful in determining if what you are experiencing is really S/P or if a spirit is interacting with you. Another way (unless you have done so) is to ask you doctor about having a sleep study done) By ensuring that you truly suffer from S/P some of your experiences can be attributed to natural causes. However if it is determined that you do not suffer from S/P then the Paranormal may be considered. That covers the 'shadows' you see as you wake up... On to the next...

You also shared this experience... You were reading a book (i.e. Fully awake) when...

"I remember very clearly seeing a grey ball of smoke or what can be described as a grey orb as the size of football, more smaller than a football. It was transparent, almost invisible."


Unless you have Killer Dust Bunnies in your home AND one of them got blown around in the breeze this may have been a 'spirit/entity' attempting to materialize. Notice the differences between your 'dark shadow, possible S/P experiences and this one. With your 'I saw something as I woke up, you have described them as 'Dark or Black Shadows'...but in this experience its grey fog. Do you check to see where this went, or did you just say a prayer and leave the room?

You mention playing the 'Qur'an' after your last 'S/P' episode... That makes me want to ask this...

What do you know/understand about the Jinn, mentioned in that 'Holy Book'?

Things to do, determine (unless already done) if you truly suffer from S/P:

Start a Journal, compare any and all 'weird experiences' see if there is a common 'thread' between them.

Study local folklore, see if any of its descriptions 'match' what you have experienced.

ASK questions, YGS is a wonderful resource with membership from around the world, we will try to help you the best we can.


Tweed (33 stories) (2475 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-11)
I forgot to say about the growling, do you think it could've been an animal? We get occasional growling at our place but it's just animals in or on the roof, or in a tree etc.
Tweed (33 stories) (2475 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-11)
Hi there Mustapha, and welcome to YGS.

I found your description of the smoke very interesting, as I experienced something very similar last year. I have a couple questions I hope you can clear up.
Was the shadow person you saw upon waking a human sized shadow person? Also the smoke apparition was this a small figure which ran, as small as the football sized smoke you describe? What a strange thing to have happen!

Perhaps in your culture these entities are considered bad in some way, heck they are in my culture too! Personally I feel they're not there to cause trouble. However weird/scary they may appear.

The shadow thing I saw had a smoke type cloud thing at it's feet. The smoke was the first thing I noticed. I don't like to seem like I'm forcing my own experiences on you, but if you're interested here's the link:
I think it's very intriguing that we both saw a smoke type substance with these beings.
Hope you're not worried about these figures, my husband and I have taken to calling that shadow figure 'smoke machine guy' as a laugh. My husband saw a shadow figure from a distance when he was a teenager, out drinking when he shouldn't have been. For years I thought these shadow figures were the result of too much alcohol or not enough sleep haha. These days shadow figures have become a bit of a research topic for me.

You're probably aware there are loads of other experiences here about shadow people. However, yours is the only one, apart from mine, that I know of which describes that smokey stuff. Very interesting!

Thanks for sharing.😊

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