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Who Or What Is He?


I'd like to hear your guys thoughts on this one because I'm clueless and no one I have told about this seems to have an idea on who or what this could be.

2012 my ex and I were visiting my sister and her fiancé who stayed in Fourways Johannesburg. It was probably around 5am because the sun hadn't fully come out yet although the sky was blue, let me just say twilight. I was lying in bed in the guest room with my eyes closed just listening to my then boyfriend's breathing when I heard someone walk right outside our window. He was wearing heavy worker boots and first walked passed the window towards the kitchen door. Stopped, walked back, stood right outside our window for a couple of seconds and seemed to shift his weight from one foot to the other before walking back towards the kitchen and then the footsteps stopped abruptly, not faded, just stopped. At first I thought nothing of it because my sister's unit was by the main entrance and we often heard securities on their walky-talkies, but then when he came back again and stood outside our window for a couple of seconds I decided to take a look because although the securities often made their rounds, they walked on the pathway and not right outside the units.

When I looked I could hear this man shift his weight from one foot to the other but what freaked me out is there was no shadow/silhouette. He was standing so close there should've been an outline but there was nothing. I nudged my boyfriend who mumbled in his sleep and when he did the footsteps moved away from the room. They were odd footsteps too, very loud and heavy like the owner was a giant. As they were walking away I peaked out the window and there was no one. They just seemed to stop. I looked around and saw two security guards so I got up, put on shoes and went outside. I asked them if either one of them or anyone had just walked past our unit and they said no and that they had been sitting there for a while now.

I let it go cause nothing had really happened, until nearly a year later. Again I was visiting my sister but a different complex now, still in Fourways. This time I was alone in the room and again I head the up and down heavy pacing of the booted man. This time the car was parked outside my window but on he marched. Again no silhouette of the man but I could make out the car. This time I made it a point to act faster and look out the window- nothing. It was around the same time, 5am.

Fast forward to 2014. I am now living in Westdene. I hear the heavy footsteps again but this time it's around midnight and I know it wasn't the old man living in the cottage with me. Unlike the first two times I was too scared to look out the window, it being nighttime and all so I just grabbed my Bible, opened Psalm 23 and placed it under my pillow. Again when I asked the tenants from the main house (two guys) if they had any visitors over last night or if they'd been anywhere near the back they said they had gone out and come back much later.

One thing I should mention is on the last encounter it felt like this man or whatever it is was facing outside my window when he stopped and shifted his feet and wasn't looking in. That's when I realized that the other two times had been the same, identical to the T. He walks passed, comes back. Stands for a couple of seconds then walks off before the footsteps disappear completely.

Has anyone ever experiences or heard of this? People say it could be a guardian angel but honestly I don't know how I feel about angels. I don't think it's out to hurt me, I just want to know what it is. There could be a logical explanation but the fact that such a tall, heavy set man could walk around so loudly and yet remain unseen makes me believe otherwise.



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Temilicious (7 stories) (99 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-08)
*not bother me. Please excuse the typos. I know there are a lot more than just that one. Using my phone and the screen's cracked
Temilicious (7 stories) (99 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-08)
Good evening everyone, sorry for taking so long to reply. I'll try to answer as best I can.

Rook & Tweed

Honestly I can't remember what was happening in my life the first time it happened. All I can recall about the third time I heard 'him' was I was going through a really lonely period in my life having broken up with my then boyfriend of four years and my best friend had been found murdered in his apartment and his mom said I had something to do with it so you could be on to something there. Not sure about the second time either sorry I know I'm not being helpful but my best guess is because I was sleeping alone I might have already either broken up with my then boyfriend or the relationship was rocky because we were always together; we lived together, worked together spent time with either my family or his friends/family... Think maybe that's why 3 years later I still haven't gotten over him.

I also can't think of any relative because most of our active ancestors are female from my maternal side. My dad and maternal grandpa have passed on but they weren't really there for me in life so doubt they'd come back now that they've passed on.

I had a chat about it with my sister again, I had asked her before when this was happening but forgot to add it when I was writing this encounter. She has also experienced it but only once after me. It was in their first complex where I had my first encounter with this 'man'. It was also around the same time but the only difference is with her 'he' was actually inside the house pacing right outside her bedroom door. It was closed. Her bedroom window was at the back of the house facing the yard so I don't know why it decided to pace inside the house with her and always outside with me. Her fiancé and I had gone to the Eastern Cape, where we grew up and because of work she couldn't go. I will ask my grandma if she may know of a relative who's passed on that could fit a the description you've provided because it makes the most sense and my sister has had weird, not really ghostly but weird experiences in that unit like hearing a growls or the one time she said she when she was home alone she heard a demonic voice curse and call her names over her earphones when she was litsyeninv to music through her earphones but when she played the song back it would play as normal. Her daughter, my niece who's 12 has also had a similar experience. She hated being left alone in both her places but other that those footsteps I don't remember feeling scared when alone there. The second one did have a sort of presence or feeling in the kitchen and passage but it seemed to linger around there and never set foot in the lounge or bedrooms. Scared my sister to death but I tried not to let it bother me...
This is totally off topic but what is it with passages and corridors? I hate sleeping with doors that open into the hallway/passage because I always feel like somethings going to stick it's head into the bedroom.


When I say I'm not sure about angels I didn't mean I don't believe in them or a Higher Being. I'm open to anything honestly because there's just so much out there that nothing can ever be ruled out. I've had an encounter where I was helped by two siblings in high school who seemed to have disappeared into thin air although they were staying a street away from me and I still stay in the same suburb. I chose to call them angels cause I lacked a better word and well they were kind to me but for me and my culture my guardians are my ancestors and then tend to come to me in dreams but like I said, am open to anything and everything.


Thanks for taking the time out to write out your mantras etc but I doubt they'd work for me because we are from different religious backgrounds although I have noted a lot of similarities in the Indian and African world's of magic from reading people's posts here. I hardly ever comment but I'm here guys... Watching... Waiting. Lol.

Seriously, thanks though. All of you.

Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-04)

Glad I was online when you posted this.

If you read Temilicious's other ghost encounters, you will find that this is not someone who is particularly 'scared' of ghosts nor are they in need of any means of ghost repellent.
I respect you have your own beliefs and traditions, but not every tradition/belief fits every person. You must take this into account when you recommend whatever it is you're recommending. Please understand this community is made up of members who come from all walks of life, including those who aren't afraid of every paranormal occurrence.

mikado-isha (guest)
6 years ago (2016-06-04)
Dear Temilicious,
I have had many, many ghost encounters and have gone through a few exorcism rituals. You see I'm from a part of India where there is a lot of "Maya" and inspite of being 17years of age I have had experienced a lot of demonic encounters.
The "he" is a negative entity that had caught up with you when you went somewhere or in this case your sisters place? Or in the way to your sisters place.
I'd insist you to ask your sister if she had any similar experience or her fiancé if he had heard any "footsteps".
Many a times during a journey or while going somewhere we attract a lot of negative elements, (unknowingly).
These elements or entities might perhaps seem harmless but when you feel tensed about it you must know that it is due to the negative energy caused by the spirit. So it is something to be worried of. Have you watched "the conjuring"? Well when they said the soul in the doll was trying to possess the girl, it was all the truth. I have had same experience as you, (not exactly though). If It would be lingering around you, it would have one clear intention to possess you but the time from 4am is thought to be 'not the time of negative elements' anyways I insist you to have faith, courage and brightness in your self, be like the candle which uses its own fuel to keep its flame. You must take the name of the "mother" when you feel the negative entity's energy, by taking the name of mother I mean "mother Kamakhya" or "Kamakhya Ma" according to our Assamese language. Well, there is a mantra for it, a very powerful one, always protects me. "Sidho Gurur Pao rokhya korok kamrupor Kamakhya Mao" you say it 3 times and each time you blow your breathe down to your body and leave the breathe facing towards from where you hear the sounds. Or just blow it throughout your body. Tell me if you didn't understand this process, cause I know am very very bad at explaining... And ask me if you need guidance on pronunciations. Keeping the bible under your pillow is also a good idea.
Thank you
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1081 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-31)
Greetings, Temilicious.

I'm not sure about angels, either; IF God exists -or if a whole pantheon of Gods exist- angels seem to be the embodiment of divine will acting in the world.

I know three individuals who have had "angelic" encounters; in each case, the "guardian angel" has been almost completely ordinary-looking, has made a minimum of sound, and has spoken in a firm, reassuring voice or has not spoken at all. (Two of these individuals don't know each other, though both of them know the third person.) While I'm not a religious person, the friends and the relative are all religious; I believe each is being honest when telling me the events she experienced. I don't recall anyone writing about an "audio-only" angelic visitation, but there are plenty of audio-only haunting phenomena. Additionally, angelic visitations impart a sense of wellbeing, peace, and comfort during difficult or terrifying events; angels -even warrior or messenger angels- tend to AVOID causing the innocent to feel fear. Haunting phenomena can cause fear, panic, surprise, or alarm --even when the entity is trying to comfort or to reassure the living person.

My guess would be similar to Rook's guess, but I'd like to know if you've discussed the events with your sister to see if she has experienced anything similar to the footsteps. If so, this may be a protective family member or friend; if not, there may be a spirit with police/military experience who thinks you need protection from some other individual (s).

Protective spirits very seldom cause the individual to feel threatened or frightened. As this visitation did inspire fear on the third occasion, I'd recommend being cautious whenever you experience similar events in the future.

Take care,
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-31)
lol gotta love that character limit.

Hi Temilicious,

My thoughts echo Rook's and I had the same questions regarding stuff happening in your life around those times.

You asked if anyone had ever experienced or heard of this. Well, yes and no, heard plenty footsteps but nothing like the uniform nature you describe. It reminded me of someone on patrol, someone with army training or something. Maybe someone who was inspired to walk around by the presence of security guards, just a few thoughts.

I know of a couple people who experienced regular 'uniform' footsteps. I can't go into specifics about them because they're not my experiences to share. However, in both these experiences, which spanned years, the 'experiencers' ended up copping a full on apparition of 'the walker', after many years of 'audio only'. Different ghosts, different experiences, neither were connected in any way. Both 'haunts' were innocent, 'intelligent' and not much else happened.
However, others heard these steps as well when they sounded.

The difference in your case is so far you're the only one who hears the footsteps. Which brings me back to what Rook says about this being a relative or something.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-31)
That should read 'WEAR' not 'were'...



rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-31)
Very first thought, top of my head...

Did an elderly relative, who has passed on, were work boots? If so what relation were they to you?

Second; What was happening in your personal life at these times? Could something been upsetting you? Were you worried about something or some one? Scared of something or someone?

This may have been a relative that felt you needed some 'extra' watching over for whatever reason. Not a Guardian Angel... But a protective relative, looking out for a Family member.



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