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I've had a few incidents happen to me since my last posts, mostly two years ago (can't believe it's been two years already), feels like all this happened less than a year ago).

In 2014 I was staying in Westdene-Melville near the Westdene dam, my favourite place in Johannesburg- very artsy-fartsy the nightlife's amazing. It has lots of art galleries, pop up restaurants, thrift shops and book shops. It's basically hippie heaven.

I was at that time working as a Casting Director for a casting agency (fun times) which wasn't far from where I stayed. There was also a University close by so most people turned their houses into boarding houses for students and young professionals like myself.

I'd just gone through a nasty break up with my ex (I stayed at his place), meaning I had to quickly find a place and move out. Lucky me, I found a very cheap one bedroom cottage with a beautiful yard, bay windows in the lounge and bedroom that ran from ceiling to the floor. I'm not great at describing layouts but I'll try. When you entered the cottage you walked into a very spacious lounge with the windows to your right. The left hand side was a small kitchen with a sink and fridge. Very small cupboard space but I lived alone and had sold most of my furniture when I moved in with my ex so it was fine. When you carried on straight there was a step you took that led to the bedroom. In the room again the windows were to the right and on the left hand side was a shower and next to it a toilet and tiny sink. There was a sliding wooden door that separated the bedroom from the lounge. It was perfect for single me.

Okay on with the story...

I moved in and nothing seemed amiss for the first couple of weeks other than the place was unusually cold and dark considering the windows ran from top to bottom along the entire right side walls. I dismissed it as the cottage's position, it faced away from the sun. I'm not sure when it exactly started but I started feeling a presence in the house after a few weeks. It was just a lingering presence at first but as time went by it too made its presence more pronounced. I always closed the door when I slept because it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. When lying in bed I'd feel it was standing in the lounge facing the door trying to figure out who the new occupant was. Then it started pacing up and down the lounge. Just walking up and down.

I remember one night I was in bed reading, I had the lounge/kitchen lights off and the bedroom lights off, leaving the bathroom light on. I never felt scared, only uneasy. As I was reading I felt the urge to look up into the living room and when I did I saw an elderly white man. He was solid but not solid if that makes sense. It was like he was in front of me and in my mind's eye at the same time, I can't explain it. He was expressionless but I felt he just wanted to make himself known to me. He was wearing a brown knitted jersey, white or cream shirt and I think his trousers were brown or gray, not sure but he was definitely a 'boer' man.

After that night I didn't feel as uneasy and he also seemed to feel more at home (again). He still paced but when I was sleeping I'd hear the tap water open and it'd be like he was washing his hands and I'd feel him move towards the towel and dry his hands. I always just kept my eyes shut and listened. I mean I know he's there but seeing him once was cool enough for me. There were times I'd get scared though and when that happened I would say out aloud, "You're scaring me now" and the feeling would go away.

I had one friend, my best friend (he passed away same year, that's another story) who was gifted in a way and he seemed to sense him more than me. No one else did. Sometimes while we're sitting and chatting he's turn to me and say, "Tell your old man to stop being a nuisance." He always stared at him (maybe not used to gay people:D) and eavesdropped in our conversation which I guess annoyed my friend.

Sorry this was long but I miss the old place and hope whoever stays there now gets along with the old man cause he was really harmless, even comforting sometimes cause I was really going through a rough time. Sadly after a year of living there I has to move because I developed pneumonia from the cold and dampness of the house. I have other incidents that have happened, nothing major though. One involving my best friend who passed away.

Funny how I always wanted to live in haunted houses, now it seems like every place I stay in is haunted. Talk about being careful of what I wish for.

Thanks for reading.


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Temilicious (7 stories) (99 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-08)
Good evening guys,

Thanks for liking my encounter,


I wish I had included a picture just so you could see how beautiful the place was. Like I commented on my other post I have a way of just not letting them bother me, as long as they're not scaring me we can live in peace. Weird how now all the places I have lived in have been haunted by a spirit that has made itself know to me. It's like they're saying I know you know I'm here, this is me and then it's back to the footsteps and rattling noises, banging doors etc. Lol, they're weird people.

Manafon and Mustapha:

Glad you guys got it. Was worried it wouldn't make sense but guess it does. Mustapha although I don't dispute what you encountered my have been a djinn playing tricks on you, mine was really just an old man who wished to show himself to me. Why he chose that evening I don't know. Maybe because I rarely had the door open when I was in my room especially with the lights off. I mean I know he's there but I'll try by all means not to see him you know. I don't think one ever gets used to seeing ghosts no matter how benevolent they are.

Red wolf:

My friend was just a drama queen, I doubt he meant anything bad by it. Lol. He was more intune with the other side and from what I gathered he was okay with the old man too. Knowing him he would've said something if he sensed anything off about him. But he never did and he was protective over me.

Thanks and Blessings
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-29)
I liked your story because of the attitude towards the old man. You both seemed to co-exist without any problems. I am sorry about your friend I truly am. What I don't understand is his attitude about the old man, saying he is eavesdropping. I doubt the old man is going to say anything to anyone.
_Mustapha (1 stories) (11 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-28)
I just want to say that my theory of mental projection is based on an experience I had a long time ago, when thought about again I became convinced that what I saw wasn't real and that was partly in my mind and in front me in the same time just like you describe, i heard my name being called once and it also felt the same, like it was inside my mind and yet it was coming from a corner of my room, it was a female voice, for a nement I felt hypnotized, when I turned around I found nothing
_Mustapha (1 stories) (11 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-28)

I liked your story especially the part where you said that the apparition that you saw was like he was in front of you and in your mind's eye at the same time, I think I have an idea of what that means, those entities have an ability which I can only call it "mental or psychic projection" meaning what those enteties (the Djinn as they are called) do is that for a brief moment they can have effect in your perception of reality or consciousness, which allow them to make you see anything they want, usually something that's familiar to you, I don't think what you saw was human or that the form of an old man was his real shape, I think it was just a mental image, it probably wasn't even in the living room, it could be anywhere in the house and they can make you think it's in the living room, just like in a dream when you think you are somewhere else but you didn't even leave your room. Or TV,something happening faraway and yet you see it in front of you.
Manafon1 (5 stories) (696 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-27)
Temilicious--I really enjoyed reading your account. It was nicely detailed and I can picture the old guy in my mind. What I found of particular interest is when you state, "It was like he was in front of me and in my mind's eye at the same time". This really seems to provide another nice example of what is described as a telepathic apparition. It is rare to read of someone actually stating that they could see an apparition both in front of them and in their mind.

You seem exceptionally perceptive and your account provides details that are very intriguing. Thanks for sharing.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-27)
Hi Temilicious,

I really enjoyed this and I love your attitude. So often people talk about ghosts gone 'bad' on here and I wonder if some are merely a generational thing. As seems the case with your farmer man's attitude toward your friend. My condolences for your friend, he sounds like a great guy. ❤
It sounds like a great neighbourhood to live in, I can relate to missing old homes and places too.

I'm going to read your other experiences, thanks for sharing. 😊

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