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Parnormally Inclined I Suppose


I grew up in a house with my parents and six siblings in a house that I believe had more than one ghost. One was a small boy and we just referred to him as the boy in the blue and white striped shirt, the other other one was a tall man who we never really seen but felt.

My first memory is sharing a bedroom with bunkbeds with my younger sister and we were afraid to look in the doorway and the closet. The closet always seemed that it didn't have an end to it. I get scared just typing these memories down. The little boy was not really scary, he was just a nuisance. He took things and hid them or put them in different places, which caused a lot of arguments.

We had a long mirror on the wall in the foyer that was 6 or 7 feet tall and we always would see shadows quickly pass by them. Our toilet in the kids' bathroom would flush at 10:13 every night. If we needed to go during the night we would ask someone to go in with us.

I have to also add that we lived across the street from a two acre abandoned farm that had a farmhouse with two big windows and there was someone in one of them no matter what time you happened to look at it.

Our kitchen faced front of the farm and there was a sink at the window. I was 10 years old when I realized that my brother, who was 9, was seeing the same thing as I did.

During that time my mom decided that it was time that we started washing dishes and my first night washing I happened to look out the window and a car pulled up on the gravel curb next to the fire hydrant. It was an older car, about 1930ish, shiny and black. A tall woman would get out of it wearing a long wide hoop dress, she had red curly hair and it moved as if she was standing in front of a fan. She would look up and as soon as she took one step to cross the street she would disappear.

The next night it was my brother's turn. The next day I asked my mother could she cook dinner before it got dark and she said no because my dad worked late and we always ate together. My brother started crying, begging mom to let him not ever wash dishes again. And I was like, "You see her too?" Needless to say we never got out of the duty we just never looked out the window doing them.

I lived in that house until I got married at 25. We continued to have the tall man and the small boy frighten us under the covers and never wanting to be there alone.

I was 21 years old and fell for a guy who came to pick me up for a date and he said that when he came into the house someone grabbed him by the throat as soon as he sat on the sofa and would not let him get up. The next day he called and told me his mother told him not to go to that house again, because apparently her sister was murdered in the house. She was a beautician and she had added a large room on the end of the house that was my brother's bedroom and it was also the room that our dog Smoky would never go in. He would just stand at the doorway and growl or bark ferociously.

By the time I got married, I had a daughter who was just talking when my husband left to go on a year assignment due to the military and I elected to stay with my parents for the year. The first thing that she learned to say was "What's that?" It frightened all of us.

It was her first Easter and I had bought her some cute little white patent leather Sunday shoes the Saturday before Easter day. We looked everywhere for those shoes, every closet every drawer, under beds, in cabinets, everywhere and never found them.

Fast forward five months later, my husband comes back from Alaska, we move to Alabama and my mother calls me and says, "You won't believe what I found in one of my jacket pockets today - the baby's Easter shoes!"

My younger sister ends up having 2 children and was going through some things, so my father decided to give her the house and move to another one. She never had problems, nor did her children but the time my daughter was 7 we let her go back to Phoenix for the summer. My husband and I did the long trek to pick her up and I walked into my sister's home - my childhood home - and I heard a loud booming voice that said, "Welcome home!" My sister says have a seat and I said no let's go outside.

There are many stories I could tell you but the few I have divulged stick in my memory bank. Perhaps I will write again sometime.

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Mda61 (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-31)
Thank you all for reading and commenting on my story. I was afraid no one would like it at all. You have inspired me to write again!
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-29)

I also grew up in a haunted house, but the entity in the basement didn't like me at all. Your story is going into my favs. I can't wait for your next story.

ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-28)
I enjoyed your childhood memories. Its going to my favorite. You write so well that I can see your house though it sounds very scary. 😊

Thanks for sharing and do share your other experiences here!
OCGirl (4 stories) (64 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-27)
Hi Mda61:

I enjoyed your story. That must have really hard to grow up frightened all the time like that. When you heard "welcome home" was it a voice you ever heard before? Regarding the lady & the car, that almost sounds residual. Maybe the lady had lived in the area or that house. With the big hoop skirt it makes me think of square dancing. Maybe going dancing was a favorite activity.

Thanks for sharing
SPiNX (1 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-27)
To clarify I did not get a great look into the hooded figures' face but some strange tiny bone hands and something slightly poked out from the head it was a a strange head bobbing notion in my dream kind of like motion of the ocean feel whil being manipulated and force choked... Very strange... Your story encouraged me to give this feedback of my random experience. It's very emotional. Tough to pull yourself out that hole and explain it to yourself sometimes... Let alone share it with others. I respect everyone intently for sharing their stories. Thank you.
SPiNX (1 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-27)
Cloaked hooded figure! Pointy nose or almost like a abstract pointed jaw... I had a lucid dream encounter. I became lucid in my dream (laying down sideways on a couch) I began floating slightly in a fetal position in mid air floating around a corner inside a house. Beyond the corner I reach a room where I see "it" to put it into visual perspective (around 3 ft tall floating in the air with a the flowing cloaked hood, classic ghostly blackish tone to it. No bottom to him, it, just floating there showing off basically) what I mean is I was lucid floating around but then stopped beyond my control. The little creepy dude had me "hooked" you could say... I began to struggle to breath to the point of suffocation... All while staring him down. And that's when I wake up. My nose was a little stopped?...not much to say for rational explanation beyond that. I am not afraid of supernatural phenomenon... But this one time... I had fear in my dream of having something intervene... Or rather sabotage my lucid dream to the point of limbo. I woke up with curiosity as my true mature mental state is clear. I find it interesting... It's like it showed off to me that I can be afraid beyond self control... But it was a cheap shot... And I know it was not a creation of my own self through simply dreaming. I never had an encounter like it before... In other words... Someone wanted to prove something to me or just "Fnck" with me since I was going through a lot of personal transitions of my mental health having to do with anxiety and such... I was lucid Dreaming... Not awake... I'm not sure why but whatever it is clearly wants attention for reputation beyond its realm of counciousnes or frequency... Ghost stuff... It's complicated.
yomomma (11 stories) (81 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-25)
Hi Mda61! I enjoyed reading your story, so glad you chose to share it. Thank you. Your story reminds me of an experience, a two month experience my entire family had while living on an old plantation. I was about 5 but I remember it well. There was an abandoned house across the road. No matter what time of day or night a man in a long coat with a large brim hat could be seen standing in the window. My father went over there one day to check it out. There wasn't anyone or anything standing in the window.

I can't wait to read your next submission.

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