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I saw that there was a story on here already which was similar to my own, but seeing how long ago the last response was, I decided to start with my own story.

I'm 36 years old now and I've always wondered about the experiences I've had. I was just never sure who to tell or how to look it up. It all started for me when I was around 4-5 years old. I've always had problems sleeping at night, insomnia is just something that I've been used to living with.

The first thing that I can remember happening, was occurring nearly every night. I would be lying awake in bed, and all of a sudden, this feeling of something appearing across the room. It gave off a very negative feeling like I could just tell it was bad. As soon as it reached me I'd feel this tickling across my torso, immediately the kind of ticking like it's gone on too long. I'd feel like I was weightless or something like this butterflies in the stomach, it's always been difficult to describe. My parents would hear me freaking out thinking it was nightmares, as soon as they came through the door, it stopped. I wasn't dreaming it I remember very much being awake.

Around this time also, I was again awake in bed, and I felt something in the room which this time I wasn't afraid of. I felt something brush against my face, soft like fur almost, and it said to me "I was your friend, but I'm dead now". It went on to say more but that's all I remember.

Throughout my life I've experienced things, which I'm not sure how to explain. Other than the possibility of ghosts spirits or something like that. The TV flashing on and off really fast, I woke to see someone kneeling next to me, I woke up to my bed completely covered in bugs. I'd often get the feeling that someone was in the room with me.

One night I felt this particularly strong, and right when it felt like it got right up to me like it was on top of me, I heard a tapping come from under the bed. My ears rang a little bit and I could hear sort of a buzzing sound, like an electronical type of noise. One night I watched these shadows on the wall move around on their own in ways that they shouldn't have been able to. Melting and waving around.

Nightmares were a nightly thing when I could sleep, extremely detailed vivid dreams full of details. I've had toys go off on their own. I was actually afraid to keep stuffed animals in my room because usually, my nightmares were about them coming to life and attacking me. One night I seriously thought I felt something move under my blanket and when I reached down there I found this stuffed dog toy. I wouldn't keep them in my room.

Over time I found that the only way to make this stop is to stop fearing it and ignore it as much as possible. Still I wonder if it affected somehow, having had that stuff happening to me so young. I'm also worried it could start back up again at any time. I have no idea what to think of it. No one else in my family has experienced anything at all like I have. It seems to follow me. I'm afraid mostly of the thing coming back that touched me. I'm not sure I could handle that now.

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FalseProfit (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-17)
I just try to exercise often to help with the insomnia. Avoid caffeine and all the usual habits, such as watching TV or using the phone before bedtime.
The reason why I'm worried about the activity picking up again is that it's been on and off all my life. And when I look back at how I was effected physically, that's what creeps me out, is knowing what could happen. That it is possible. I was about 5 or 6 years old when this thing, whatever it was, would come into the room to harass me. It's all still pretty clear in my mind too.
Lately I've hardly had any problems with this stuff. Aside from a few noises I shrug off. There is though, this house I've been doing some work on recently. A flip house I'm working on for a friend. A couple weeks ago I went into the basement to get something and as I was reaching down to pick it up, a light turned on next to me by itself. I ignored it thinking I had everything shut off and locked up when I left for the night. An hour later this friend was texting me, mad at me for leaving the lights on in the basement. I didn't think he would believe me, so I just apologized and said I'd be more careful next time.
The next day he text me again asking if I was back over there at the house. I said no I don't have a key. I guess somehow all the lights in the house were turned on when no one had been in there, so I told him what happened when I was there last. He said that he works there alone at night and hears strange things. Tools go missing when he turns around. I'm just hoping that I don't get followed. That's what I think has happened through my life. No one else in my family noticed anything besides me, there was no pets in the house when I was a kid.
My parents did say that they did experience some things themselves but that it was when I was too young to remember.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-30)

Your experiences had me thinking.
About my childhood experiences.
None of the touching or tickling, but definitely being afraid of what would possibly come next.

Because you have suffered from and are still suffering from insomnia, I recommend trying to find a doctor that could help you straighten that out.
Help you to sleep, a little more. Sleep deprivation can do many crazy things to the mind, and body.

I'm definitely not saying your experiences aren't real or haven't happened, but try to get help for your sleep and see if that helps a bit.

Now for the tickling, that would freak me out!
Do you have any pets or other family members that have noticed any occurrences in the home?

When you were younger, its sounds to me as though you were very perceptive of other world goings on.
Especially with what you describe as what to me sounds like white noise.

I can tune into it when I meditate, and it tends to calm me. But in your situation I can understand why it wouldn't.

How long ago did all of this happen?
And is it still happening to this day?
If so, have you tried reaching out to anyone you trust enough to maybe help you?

Thank you for sharing
FalseProfit (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-26)
There's a lot of other small things I didn't mention that also happened. The one thing that can creep me out the most though, is that I hear this loud banging against my TV, like someone is hitting it. Which I thought is probably just the parts heating or cooling, expanding or whatever, and making the sounds. I decided to pay closer attention to it though because it's loud and very noticeable. It only happens at night. I've had it on during the day and not once did it make any of the banging noises. It seems to be more active than others some nights too. I'm still trying to test it out and make sure it's not anything paranormal but I don't know what to think when late at night, I'm getting tired, and the sound of something smacking the TV wakes me right back up and I'm nervous.

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