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Disturbance In The House


This happens to me last year 2015. It happen 3 nights straight.

|First Night|

As usual my grandmother, my sister and I were in the our room. It was around 11.30pm, my parents already asleep in their rooms, except for me, my sister and my grandmother. We were still chatting while listening to station radio 94. 2 Ria FM (Malay radio station). Usually when my grandmother came to Singapore she will sleep with me and my sister, one thing my grandmother like was listening to the radio until she fell asleep.

So the first night, my grandmother wants to go to sleep, so I asked her to switch off the radio, so she did. My sister also wants to go to sleep since tomorrow is a school day. So I'm the last one to go to bed, because I was on the phone talking to my boyfriend. You know teenagers, they always sleep late at night. While I was talking to my boyfriend, at about 1.15AM in the middle of the night, then I decided to go sleep, since I will be going to school later in the morning. So I put down my phone, when I was about to sleep, the radio on my side table, suddenly switch on by itself, and it was not the same radio station that we heard earlier, it was a Tamil radio station. I was so scared, so I pull my blanket and cover my face with a pillow.

The next morning, when I was about to go to school, my grandmother asked me if I did switch on the radio last night after it was off. I told my grandmother I did not. But I told my grandmother what happen last night. And she scolded me for sleeping late last night.

|Second Night|

We were about to go to sleep, my sister is already in the room as well as my parents in their rooms. Except for me and my grandmother, still in the living room, preparing to go to bed. So I was switching off the TV & locked the doors, My grandmother was switching off the light, and we will on a dim light. While we both were doing all that, suddenly in the kitchen sink, like there is someone turn the tap to make the water running. I was shocked for a while, then grandmother goes to the kitchen and turn off the tap. It was really scary, how come the water tap can turn by itself. After that me and my grandmother ran into the room and sleep.

|Third Night|

As usual, my grandmother, my sister and me, were in the room talking and laughing at each other. Then I decided to go to the kitchen to get some water, because I was so thirsty. When I open the door of my room I can see my dad's road bike, the light was switch on and it's blinking. Then I wonder the light was not on, when I'm going to the room with my grandmother earlier. Only after we were talking and laughing, I opened the door I was shocked that the light on my dad's road bike is blinking. Then I told my grandmother that the light on my dad's bicycle was blinking, then my grandmother when outside to the living room to switch off the light and went back into the room. It's freaked me out that it happen 3 nights straight. Why is that thing in my house disturbing me and my grandmother? Wierd.

From that night onwards until now, I'm not the last person to go to bed. I will got to bed earlier than my sister because I was too scared.

So that's my stories, I'm sorry if its not scary for you guys.

Thank you for reading.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1081 posts)
5 years ago (2016-11-26)
Mods and Admin:

The ability to respond to this person's story is impeded by the editing program, which considers her screen name "vulgarity." We did have this issue when she posted previously; I recall having written out a response of moderate length (only 4 or 5 paragraphs), but when I looked for a response the next day, the entire story had vanished.

Q'est-ce que ce passe?


P.S.: I included the French to see if that'd get past the editing program. Of course, now I'm tempted to see what else will cause it to object to a comment...

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