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And So It Goes On Continued


So, after my mom, brother and sister moved up north I went and lived with my other brother and our dad. It was located in a neighbourhood that was built in 1948 and has been known to be the first project in North America. Anyway we lived on the 13th floor (yes there was a 13th floor) and everything when I first moved in was ok I guess, I had to sleep in the livingroom on the pullout couch because there were only two bedrooms, and I wasn't allowed to sleep with my brother (even though every night I snuck in there and slept with him anyway, when you read more you'll understand why). So, first let me tell you what happened in this apartment before my parents moved in: a couple lived there with their son and the man came home one day to find his girlfriend cheating on him, he slit her throat and then he jumped off the balcony... She lived and he didn't. I would say that the stuff started happening about a month after living there, I was sleeping in the livingroom on the pullout and something in the kitchen woke me up, I could see the kitchen from where I was laying; and saw a man with a knife in his hand seeing as I thought it was my dad I asked what he was doing and he looked at me then disappeared. This is the night I started sneaking to sleep with my brother. My brother and I were and still are extremely close, so I told him what I saw the next morning. He shared with me that he too had seen things, one of the things he saw was a skull on the wall which scared him half to death, but he had also seen the man in the kitchen... My dad decided that I could fall asleep in his room and he would carry me upstairs to the pullout when he was ready to go to bed. I had told my dad I was too scared to sleep in the livingroom and I was surprised he even took me seriously, I was asleep in my dad's room one night, something woke me up and I looked at the closet which my dad had mirrors on; I saw a graveyard in the mirrors, now I'm 1000000% percent being honest, what I saw couldn't be unseen, but this is the one time my dad didn't believe me. A couple months later my dad turned the storage room into a room for my brother, and I slept in my brother's old room. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth before bed and I left the door open a crack, the door suddenly slammed shut and the lights started flickering on and off, this was the only time I was ever scared when a paranormal occurrence has happened. I huddled in the corner with my head covered; when I finally looked up everything was back to normal. While living in this apartment bad things happened to both my brother and I on a physical level at the hands of my stepmother, now I know people have their own minds, but I think she wasn't doing this with a sound mind. The final straw came when my dad saw what my brother and I were talking about for years. He was in the living room drinking a tea before work when we heard him say "who the f---- are you? And what are you doing here?" he told us the man stood there for a couple seconds then walked into the wall. We moved a couple floors down a little while after this and all things ceased, for them anyway. I still heard and saw things, but none of it scared me.

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