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This has been going on since I was around...I'd say nine years old and it still continues bugging me to this day. Ever since I was small I was afraid of the dark. I'd run to my parents room if I heard any little sound at night. Here is how the shadow nightmare started.

One night... I had woken up and was really thirsty. Being the scared child I was... I turned on my room light and headed towards the kitchen. The kitchen in our old house was straight down from my room. You'd pass the living room then you'd take a left. I slowly made my way down and suddenly a shadow of a man peeked out from the darkness of the kitchen and stood there. You know how shadows work... You need light so you can see them. Well the light from my room did just that and the shadow stood there on the wall in front of me just staring. I remember shaking so bad I ran to my parents room next door and jumped into their bed. I woke them up and told them what I saw. Like all scary movies go... They went to the kitchen with me and what I saw was gone. No more shadow man on the wall. Ever since that I had a couple more incidents where I'd wake up, want to go to the kitchen, turn on my room light on, then I'd see the shadow across the hall on the wall, staring like usual. I'd just keep the light on and go back to bed trying to forget about it.

Fast forward a couple of years to where I was eighteen. I had just graduated from high school and I was able to get a dorm for college. A few months passed and I saw this shadow thing again. Not on a wall like I did when I was a kid but in my dreams. I'd have dreams where I'd see the outlines of people on the walls of my dorm just standing there. They never would attack me and in every dream it was a different person. I shook the dreams off at first but I'd have a dream like that about every three months or so. Eventually they stopped.

I'm now 21 and still in college. I'm typing this story because just right now I awoke from the same dreams I've had except this time in the dreams... The shadow people move and follow me around. I don't know if I suffer from some sort of sleep disorder or what. I just want to know out of all the things I could have nightmares's always been these harmless shadow people on the walls. I've never been afraid of the dark... Well as a kid I was but... Now In fact I prefer pitch black rooms to sleep in. It's just weird how I keep seeing these shadows.

Thanks for reading my story. Sorry if it's rushed. Like I said I just woke up and wanted to share my history of these shadows.

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elfstone810 (227 posts)
4 years ago (2016-12-14)
"he yelled, "Get out, foul spirit!" To which I slapped him really hard."

I'm sorry but it's like the Three Stooges had a seance. Except there were only two of them. Unless Curly was playing the part of the ghost?
Infikiran (1 stories) (15 posts)
4 years ago (2016-12-08)
Hi Deciduous,

Thanks for sharing. I shared a story myself with my experience with shadow beings as a child, and rest assured it scared the crap out of me. I don't have the experiences or dreams as an adult but it was a reoccurring dream I had as a child. Of course I'm pretty sure the house I was in was haunted: (. I'm no expert by any means but I do believe that children are more sensitive to the spiritual side of things than an adult. I believe this in part because children haven't had any life experiences that have taught them that ghost don't exists. Children are also more easily frightened, so if the shadow entity fed off of negative energy, it is more easily obtained by a child that scares easily. It could also be that while you were in the kitchen and saw the shadow entity, you may have not been fully awake, which I think can have an effect on your ability to see the physical and spiritual world.

Again these are just educated theories of mine and I don't know for sure. Since recently this is all happening in your dreams instead of when you're awake, like others have said, it is most likely your sub-conscious re-living a previous fear. Try to release some stress in your life. If nothing else try an herbal tea before sleep:).
Tweed (28 stories) (2287 posts)
4 years ago (2016-12-07)
Hi Deciduous,

This will depend on whether or not you're female or not. If you are, the three month average for these dreams could align with your menstrual cycle. If you suffer from PMT, PMS, or whatever the heck people are calling it lately, it sucks, and if you get it, there may be a link between these dreams.
I often have a restless night a night or two before the painters arrive. But it's only one or two nights max, then back to normal. During those nights I often have scary dreams.

There was an encounter on here not so long ago about a shadow on a wall, which was seen multiple times by someone, in the same house. This encounter didn't turn into The Shining, like most don't. Perhaps these dreams are a way for you to process the bizarre thing which happened to you many years before, as everyone has said.

Damn, can't seem to find the other encounter I was thinking of, or I'd link it. N'mind. Rest assured, I'm sure it's nothing bad.😊
twelveam (74 posts)
4 years ago (2016-12-07)
Hello Deciduous

I believe as well that Curly is on to something there. These dreams that are happening to you every 3 months or so may be coming out of your subconscious from the fear you experienced in your younger years. Many people I understand have recurring dreams now and then and usually stem from a fear they experienced as a youth and may be embedded in their subconscious. Myself, I always had a couple of recurring dreams that terrified me, but occurred less as I grew up. I still have one of those dreams now and again (being chased by something evil and I can't run away fast enough) and I know usually when I DO have that dream I notice it is during times I am under extra stresses in life. YOU on the other hand are having dreams of something that ACTUALLY took place when you were younger when you saw the shadows while awake, so I'm guessing that fear of this happening again is buried in your subconscious and may be the trigger for causing these dreams. I sincerely hope this gets better for you nonetheless and I extend my blessings to you. 😊
spiritwaiting (41 stories) (833 posts)
4 years ago (2016-12-07)

I agree with Curly_1lack.
Not getting enough sleep period can do harm to your health.Mentally,physically,and emotionally.
Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying anything is wrong with you.
Being afraid of the dark, can Rob any one of sleep.

But on the other side of things no pun intended, Have you ever thought you may be Sensitive?
To the paranormal is what I mean.
Being able to see them since childhood, it could very well be the case.

Do you only see these Shadow people or shapes in your dreams now a days? Or do you continue to see them in your wake state?

Thanks for sharing

Curly_1Lack (2 stories) (21 posts)
4 years ago (2016-12-07)
What I meant to say is that recurring nightmares are a sign that you're not getting enough deep sleep.Also,there are lots of truly good people on this site who can help you. Thanks for sharing your story.
Curly_1Lack (2 stories) (21 posts)
4 years ago (2016-12-07)
Hi Deciduous,
I really can't help with the paranormal part but I do know a lot about the dreams. I think the newer dreams are from memories of your real encounters buried in your subconscious. Those dreams happen during REM sleep. This also tells me that you are not getting enough deep sleep, which everybody needs health wise. Things that can rob you of deep sleep are room temperature, bad pillows, excess outside light getting in your bedroom,etc.
Anyway, sorry to ramble on,Deciduous.Hope I helped in some way. Good luck and sweet dreams! 😁

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