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As previously mentioned in my first account, I have seen "things" my entire life. As I stated my parents have told me I would just stop and have conversations with the thin air, coming up with details no child of 3-6 ever could. I have no real memories of this, but am told I stopped doing this at around 6 years of age. Other than seeing things but having no real interactions with them I had no experiences until I was 19 almost 20. So this took place late in 2001, and there I just gave away my age LOL.

At this point in my life I was working in the hospitality industry in Surfers Paradise and living with family - my father, 2 brothers aged 18 and 16 we will call them L & K, and a sister aged 13, in Southport on the Gold Coast. We were living in a large battle axe block; the house was situated right at the front of the block, fairly close to 4 story block of units that was situated directly on the street front. The two properties shared a driveway with the unit going into an underground car park. The main entrance was set back from the street front, with a mid-sized garden in front of the main door, this garden had a large tree in the middle of it. The door itself was one of the metal and glass security doors used by this style of building, it automatically locked when it closed as a security feature. As it was about 10 years old or so it made quite a noise whenever it opened or closed.

My brother L and I had made several friends in the units and knew most of the other residents that lived there by sight. One evening after we had finished work (so around 5:30ish) L and I were visiting one of these friends in his apartment, which was on the ground floor. There were a few of us visiting, around 6, so we were all on the balcony, which was a 2 foot (60 cm) drop to the garden bed previously mentioned. We were having a drink, but having only just started none of us had even finished our first beers.

From the corner of my eye I noted movement near the entrance to the building, someone had exited the building and was walking down the path to the driveway. Turning to see if I knew the person, I saw a woman that I did not recognize, dressed in a very old style all white dress. Now at this point I realized that I hadn't heard the door open or close and as I said it was quite loud. A few steps later she stepped from the path into the garden, walked past the tree going behind it and disappearing. After she failed to reappear from behind the tree I noticed that my brother and two of the others had been watching her too.

We went looking for her, the two who didn't see her, not believing us so staying to finish their drinks. We checked in the door, to see if she had somehow gotten back in without us seeing her. We checked the car park, the street front and down to the block that I was living at, as that was the direction that she had gone before vanishing. As we went down the driveway we saw my father, sitting outside having a cigarette. We asked if he had seen anyone come down the driveway in the last 5 minutes or so, to which he replied that he had been sitting there for about 15 minutes and that no he hadn't. We didn't find her anywhere.

Over the next month or so I did some research into the property and the area, and never found out anything to suggest who she may have been or why she was there. I lived there for another 18 months and saw her on 8 other occasions, different lunar cycles and no pattern that I could discern to predict her appearances. Every time she disappeared behind the tree. Whenever any of us tried to talk to her she never acknowledged that she was even aware of us. Some of the others attempted to use a spirit or Ouija board to contact her, I never joined that having seen too many horror flicks and knowing that it never ends well LOL, and as far as I know they never contacted anyone. I have always thought that this was a cool experience, and have never really tried to explain it in anyway, just wanted to share it with all of you, Thanks.

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Tbeartuff (3 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-26)
As I said in my post I did some research and her clothing seemed to be of the late 1800s era maybe 1880s. And yes the tree was quite large I think that may be why it was not removed when they were building. It did appear old but I don't know much about botany lol, so cannot be sure. Really appreciate your input it has given me something to think about.
Really intrigued by your mums theory, cannot wait for the post, it has made me view several experiences of my life with a different "filter" won't be posting those as still unsure if they would be true accounts or me reading too much into things. Thanks for the input much appreciated.
After reading Tweeds comment I too will be keeping a sharper eye out at bus stops. Thanks for the input.
No problem thanks for reading.
Sorry to you all that I took so long in replying, the life of a student/father/full time employee, I am sometimes amazed that I remember my own name lol.
Tweed (33 stories) (2475 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-21)
Temilicious, sorry I just read your comment now. Yeup, I'll share that, I started to half type it up ages ago and never finished it. I'm very good doing at that! 😆
Temilicious (7 stories) (99 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-18)
Cool experience indeed.

I don't mean to be rude and ignore your post, but I just want to quickly ask Tweed if she can't post her mom's experiences with the bus ghosts?

Think they'd also be really cool experiences.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-17)
Greetings, Tbeartuff.

You've got great details in this narrative, which is very compelling in the "ordinary-ness" of the haunting you collectively experienced. You were relaxing with friends, a woman walked past, three of you noticed that she disappeared completely.

You are not the first person on YGS to have described an event in which an apparently-solid spirit vanishes into thin air, but I'm beginning to think that I must be oblivious to the subtleties of paranormal manifestations and evaporations. I'm going to have to be a lot more nosey when watching strangers in public spaces, unless that's creepier than spectral disappearances.

Tweed (33 stories) (2475 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-16)
Hi Tbeartuff,

Erigh So glad you submitted this! 😁

I can't explain it but I know EXACTLY what you mean. My Mum has a theory that ghosts travel on buses then get out of buses only to disappear behind trees. I thought she was reading too much into things until I saw what she was talking about, I agree it's way cool! I've only seen this happen in Australia (Melbourne) Her old house had a bus stop right outside, she's since moved, but she saw many odd things while gardening.
I saw a woman get off the bus carrying a lot of shopping bags. Because of the bags I thought 'nah, not a ghost', then she didn't come out from behind the tree. (I kind of started 'ghost watching' the bus stop) The tree had a small trunk and the woman was quite large. There was simply no where for her and all the shopping to hide, even if she wanted to. The thing is, she interacted with those around her. She exited the bus, made way for someone to pass her on the path. Then headed for the tree and was gone, it was very odd.
Another time there was a man with a guide dog who were both there one second gone the next. The dog stopped to pee on the grass, the guy took his sun glasses off and looked around (not blind) then changed the harness thing for a dog lead. At first I thought 'Is this guy a con artist or what?' You'd just never know any of these were ghosts if it wasn't for their neat vanishing act. There was some guy waiting for a bus who was equally intrigued by this dude taking his glasses off and changing dog leads. He got spooked and got out of there haha.

If you're still in that area would you be able to ask around if anyone else has seen this woman? I've thought a lot about those two odd things that happened outside Mum's, and all the things she's told me about. I know the first reaction is to think residual, indeed the woman you saw could be this, but all those people hanging around the bus stop seemed aware of everything around them. I wonder if those units and that bus stop are particularly active areas or if it's just a case of ghosts going unnoticed any old place. It's so intriguing thanks for sharing, going into faves!

Oh and the tree thing, I get the impression ghosts use things like trees to maybe camouflage their disappearing act, if their attempting to blend in that is.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-16)
I wonder if it was something to do with the tree... Maybe she hanged herself there or is buried there. Since she never reacted to you and always seems to have been doing the same thing - it could have been a residual haunting... So perhaps it was during her lifetime that the tree had significance to her leading her to visit the spot over and over. Perhaps, her child or someone else very significant to her is buried there or died there. Or maybe it was the place where she was supposed to meet someone who never came. Was the tree very large? I.e. Did it seem as though it might have been there during her lifetime? You mentioned she was wearing old fashioned clothes - any idea of era? If you're not sure, tell us what you remember of what she wore - what gave her clothing away to you as being out of date - and maybe one of us can come up with a theory:-)
Awesome experience!:-)

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