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Haunted Dark Place


It all started when me and my best friend went to a trip of one week to a place which was extremely beautiful but we didn't know that it was haunted unless we experienced it. We were staying in some sort of village or something, cause the view was amazing. I had brought my pet dog Rex with me. There was a old abandoned house which was half broken down but one of the rooms of the house was still standing at that place. We didn't actually go there for these paranormal things. We were actually staying because of the view, okay well let's jump into what really happened there. Everyday when I tie my dog's leash near the balcony of our room he just stares at that one room cause like we were staying right in front of it and keeps barking. Then I usually wake up and close the door of the balcony and tie my dog on one of the sides of the bed. Then he'd stop barking. But at the fourth day when I again tied my dog on the balcony he started barking wildly. Then I took a random look where he was staring and barking at. At roof of the room I saw something jumping more like a monkey and I thought it was one because in that kind of area it's common to see a monkey. I just kept watching it and I don't know how he just jumped down and it started rising tall, it was wearing some kind of long coat or something, and started to come near our room. After that I turned back and took my dog with me, I closed and locked all the doors. I woke my friend up and told her everything. We suddenly heard someone knocking on the door, then the window and then the balcony. We were hiding under the blanket but my dog won't stop barking. After a while it was almost sunrise and we didn't see or hear anything. After the sun rise we went to see what really happened where that room was. When we came near to the door there was horrible smell and also near the door was a dead cat. The door seemed like if you kicked it once it will become like dust, but we kicked it so hard and it didn't open.

After all of this we decided to go back to our home we took our luggage and went out of that place. After that nothing ever happened to us. Our routines were back to normal.

Thank you for reading...

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