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Ghost From The Cemetery


This incident happened in the month of August 2014. I was a fresh graduate and started my first job at a telecommunication company. I had to work about 8 hours a day. In busy days I had to work until 9.30 PM. So if I'm getting late, I usually ask one of my family members to drive me home from work. On that particular night, I asked my boyfriend to drive me home. He picked me up from my working place around 9.40PM and we started driving towards our home which is about 15km away from my working place. My boyfriend's house is on our way and he said he need a minute to stop by. My boyfriend always takes a short cut road which runs through an old cemetery. Actually the road was build long after the cemetery and when u drive through that road u can see the tomb stones on both sides of the road.

Still In my country some people like to cremate their diseased family members' bodies using wood. They usually build a pagoda using polythene or fabric and put the body inside before starting the fire. So when we were passing the cemetery we could see a body burning about 20meters away from the road. It was full of smoke and we could even smell the body burning because usually the pagoda burns first and then the body starts to burn. It was an unpleasant feeling for both of us. We just kept looking away from it and passed the cemetery within few seconds.

After about 10 minutes my boyfriend stopped the car near his house because he had to give some groceries to his mother. I had to wait in the Car. About 1 minute after he left I could hear the back door (right side) of our car open and close. I'm pretty much sure it opened and closed within a second. When I looked back I didn't see anything but I could feel something was not right. In a minute my boyfriend came back and we started driving towards my home. I told him what happened and he looked so scared just like me. He's not a person who believe in ghosts and it was strange to see him scared.

He dropped me at my house and went back home. I kept him on call until he enters his house because we both were so scared. We talked about that incident few days later and we believe we had an encounter with a ghost or a spirit because we both experienced an uneasy feeling after passing the cemetery and as I learnt later, a cremation invites lot of spirits together.

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