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Paranormal Experience In A Dream Come True?


My name is Shruthi and I'm 16 years of age and the paranormal experience that I'm going to share may not be paranormal because I'm not sure, so that's why I'm here to share my story to maybe find out. This incident happened in 2015, when I was sleeping in my house. During my sleep I got a frightening dream, which I believe was a male figure entity that was scary who tried to rape me and all of sudden scratched me on my hips. I felt pain in my dream, but woke up after the scratch and still felt the pain. My hips were hurting really badly, so I checked the side of my hips where I got scratched in my dream and there were scratches on my skin. It pained so terribly that I wasn't sure if I might have scratched myself in sleep or if there was actually a ghost that scratched me?

Another incident happened in my house when I was taking a shower in the bathroom that sometimes I could feel the presence of someone near me (If you know what I mean...) and after getting out of the bathroom I closed the lights. Afterwards I went back to the bathroom and the light was on and I tried to remember to make sure if it was me who might have turned on the lights, but I remembered that I surely turned off the light. My family members weren't even in the house at the time and the switch on/off only occurs when I'm home by myself. This incident happened a lot in 2015, but so far has stopped happening. Please comment on whether you think I'm experiencing a paranormal entity or not because I have doubt.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-31)
Its a pretty big 'Jump' between the attention seeking action of 'turning lights on/off' to physically touching/scratching (or possibly more as your experience indicates) and the order you relate them in shows a 'regression' rather than a 'progression' of activity type.

Ummm... Would love to be delicate and yet its hard to be so when certain 'events' are described, so I will just jump right in, please I mean no offence...

Has someone you know recently experienced being 'raped' or maybe someone close to you has revealed something of that nature occurred to them in the past? That may have triggered your nightmare... Your nightmare may have been a random one as well... In either case our minds can cause our bodies to 'manifest' symptoms if it thinks/feels something was very real... Things like scratches and/or bruises being the most common (at least in my opinion) You had this nightmare, it seemed real to you (you said so yourself) and because of this the scratches manifested...It's my guess they looked like welts rather than the 'bleeding claw marks' from a cat, am I correct?

The other option, as unfortunate as it is, as bad as it sounds, has to be pointed out...

Suppressed Memory... Something actually happened to you... Physically in the real world and your mind is 'coping' with it by making you thing it was a nightmare.

(Sorry, but it is a possibility... I have never been one to 'tiptoe' around things.)

I do not suggest that lightly, nor even place it on the top of the list of possibilities but it has to be considered.

Hauntings, for the most part start small and progress to 'bigger' things. IT IS A RARE case indeed that goes the other direction.

Please try my cleansing/shielding method, or find one of your own... Say a prayer... Do whatever you feel you need to do.

Thanks for sharing.


mythem (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-31)
Hmm I think there may be a negative entity in your house and it seems to like preying on you. Or does it? Have you asked any of your family members about it? Have they experienced the same things? Either way, you might want to do a cleansing. Check out Rookdygin's (I'm like 97% sure that's how it'spelled) method, it's a pretty effective one. Aggressive ghosts are never good.

Best of luck,

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