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The Negativity House


I have always been sensitive to noticing ghosts and the paranormal, so is my grandmother. When I was around 13 years (2007) old my mom got engaged to a doctor in Pretoria, so we packed up our stuff and moved there to stay in his house. The house was a house that his father built and the doctor continued to live there after his father passed away. The house always had a very negative feeling about it, I remember his parent's bedroom always being ice cold. It still had his father's shaving kit and suitcases as well as all of his father's old coats hanging in the closet. There was also a portrait of his father hanging above the bed, you know, one of those where the eyes feel like they follow you around the room. Apart from the parent's bedroom, on the other end of the house was my sister's room (right next to the study), my room, my step-brother's room and upstairs was the main bedroom. I remember that house having a lot of negative energy. At night I would stay awake for hours with an extremely unsettling feeling. I would often wake up from my younger sister crying saying she could hear someone opening and closing drawers in the study but my mom always told her it was the cats in order not to freak her out. Some nights I would stay in my step-brother's room, I remember that on these nights our Collie dog would sleep on the bed with me and no matter what I did she refused to leave the room or leave my side and the rest of our dogs would sleep around the bed. They never did this in any other room of the house. The energy in the house started to become very negative with my mom and her fiancé fighting more and more. I feel it important to remind you that the doctor's parents spent most of their lives during the apartheid era and his mother who is still alive would often make pretty racist remarks which would increase the negativity in the house because I hated it and it caused a lot of fights. I always suspected ghosts in that house because of the noises my sister would here, the behaviour of the dogs in that specific room and the ice cold chill in the parent's bedroom. It wasn't until we had a certain guest stay over one night that my suspicions were confirmed. My mom had this beautiful friend Kedi who worked with her and she was in town on business one night. She stayed in the parent's room because that was the guest room at the time. The next morning she thanked us for our wonderful hospitality but mentioned that she couldn't sleep because of the old man with his two dogs that stared at her all night. She had seen an old man at the end of the bed scowling at her with two dogs at his side. This is when the doctor informed us that his father had two Corgis which he adored. It was clear that the doctor's father was still in the house and very upset that there was a black woman sleeping in his bed. I don't think he liked any of us because after that the incidences became worse and started happening more and more often with patio doors opening during the night. Our dog drowning in a pond it had no way of climbing into itself and the over all negativity in the house getting out of control. The kettle would switch on by itself at exactly the same time every night and I would also hear footsteps through the garden. Every time I think back on the times I had in that house, I struggle to think of one peaceful night I had there. It gives me chills.

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